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2015 Alfa Romeo 4C 2-Door Convertible Spider Review

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C 2-Door Convertible Spider

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C
2-Door Convertible Spider, Rosso Competizione Tri-Coat

About this vehicle

Highlights of the model:

Superb allure, stunning handling, powerful turbocharged engine, lightweight construction

Changes of model:

The Alfa 4C is a brand new model of Alfa Romeo, recently reintroduced in the United States by Fiat and Maserati dealers. The 4C is a lightweight 2-seater sports car with an emphasis on driver involvement and precise handling. Despite the nature of car returns, it is a very modern sports car, using a lot of exotic materials and construction techniques, all meant to make the 4C fun and fast to drive.

Value of the model:

The 4C starts at a base price of $ 68,400, where it will compete with sports cars like the Porsche Cayman, and the Chevrolet Corvette. Rather than trying to do better than their competitors, Alfa Romeo has instead opted for an approach centered on finesse and beauty, which the 4C serves as a pike. With its lightweight carbon fiber monocoque construction, the 4C is one of the lightest cars sold in the United States. The result is that despite a relatively modest power, the 4C is still very fast in a straight line.

Model Preview:

The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C is powered by a turbocharged 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine, mounted behind the driver and passenger in the tradition of the best Italian sports cars. The engine is capable of producing 237 horsepower and 258 foot-pounds of torque. While this may seem rather modest for a sports car of this caliber, Alfa Romeo claims that the 4C is still capable of 0-60 times in about 4 and 1/2 seconds, with a top speed of 160 mph. The only transmission available is a dual clutch unit with pallets.
The 4C uses various exotic construction techniques, including a structure composed of carbon and aluminum fibers as well as composite body panels. The engine, already physically smaller than those used in most of its competitors, is also an all-aluminum design and, therefore, the total weight of the car is maintained at about 2000 lbs.

While the light weight of the 4C maintains competitive online performance, it also pays enormous dividends in other areas. With so little weight on the front tires, Alfa chose not to adapt the 4C to the power steering, which means that the car offers better feedback and more sense of direction than almost anything on the road Nowadays. It should also be relatively fuel-efficient compared to its competitors.

The 4C is sold in two basic versions, the launch edition and the 4C standard. Although the 4C tends to avoid the luxury features in its quest to keep the weight down, there are limits to this philosophy and the standard 4C is still equipped with motorized windows and mirrors, air conditioning, lateral acceleration G-meter and a 4-speaker sound system with USB and audio input jacks.

Launch Edition 4C include bi-xenon headlights, a slightly modified front panel, a carbon fiber spoiler, carbon fiber and leather interior accents, larger wheels, leather seats and a commemorative plaque.

There are several options available on the 4C.Cruise control added to a comfort package, an alarm and parking sensors, while a leather package includes leather seating and contrasting stitching. The undercarriage consists of a revised suspension, larger wheels and track-oriented seats.