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(Global Red Hot Super Best Seller) Hyundai HY2000si 2200-Watt Portable Inverter Generator.

81j3JlRG57L._SL1500_Impressive performance & value !,

What really attracted me to try this unit were two factors:

First, Perceived value. What, a 2000w Inverter Generator, ‘quiet style’ – for $600 ?

Yamaha & Honda are both at $ 1000 – making the Hyundai a bargain at a 40% discount !

And now that Hyundai is known as a ‘quality brand’ for their fine automobiles – probably their generators, too, yes ?

(South Korea’s Hyundai – are trying to outdo established Japanese brands. We consumers are the benficiaries of their rivalry. Nothing wrong with that !)

Second, It’s ‘above spec’ rating. What do I mean ?

This unit is an actual ‘2000 watt – 16.7 amp output’ – whereas both the Honda and Yamaha 2000 inverter generators, is actually only rated at 1600 watts – 13.3 amp.

The other specs bear this out, too – CC’s of engine displacement:

Hyundai: 125cc
Honda: 99cc
Yamaha 79cc (!)

Ok, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see which inverter generator should be able to muster more oooomph.

Recall that saying popular when we were kids: “There’s no replacement, for displacement !”

Now, the weight of the units gives a clue:

Hyundai: 70#
Honda: 50#
Yamaha 50#

Being that my main goal was to run my Lance Camper’s 13.5k BTU Roof A/C, (as well as the other typical RV loads), the slightly larger weight and thus power output, is a benfit, NOT a detraction.

I’ve read some reviews where some Honda 2000 owners were successfully running an RV roof a/c, usually they were running 2 units parallel.

Overly expensive proposition to buy & carry around 2 units, to me.

So, my goal was to get a SINGLE, quiet style Inverter Generator that would run my 13.5 Roof A/C.

I tried it – and with the right protocol, it very handily does run our Roof A/C !!

It was important to have the ‘Eco-Idle’ switch off at first, so that the unit didn’t stall – the rpm’s are higher, thus the unit is ready for the surge required to start the a/c compressor.

Once the a/c started up, I was able to turn on everything in the camper.

My Kill-o-watt meter went over it’s 15amp limit, ergo, this tough Hyundai 2000i must have been putting out it’s max of 16.6 amps or slightly more.

I ran it like this for 15 minutes, then switched off the ancillary loads, leaving the A/C running – in fact, switching it to coolest setting & high speed.

After running two hours like this, the camper felt like a walk in freezer.

How much fuel had it consumed ?

I refueled it after a 5 minute cool down – it took about 1/2 gallon of gas for all that. Not bad !

Fuel tank is 1.5 gallons, so around 5-6 hours of runtime @ this output.

Conditions were: Degrees were 95, high humidity, camper in full sun.

I’m impressed with the performance of this high output unit.

Even running with everything on in our RV the Hyundai didn’t act like it was straining.

I’ve enjoyed my smaller Yamaha EF 1000i for years, and the Hyundai seems very similar in design & build quality, on a x2 scale.

If it has the long term durability the Yamaha has displayed, I’ll be delighted.

My next step will be to change out the OEM supplied oil with a good 5/30w Synthetic Oil.

Keep in mind, my Lance Camper is 17 years old, so is the Roof a/c, and it’s said they’re harder to start as they age.

The procedure to start the a/c unit, is to put it on ‘max cool / low speed’ (more than enough cooling for a 10′ camper), start it with the Hyundai on ‘high idle (eco off)’ – then once started, hit the Eco switch, so that it maximizes economy.

The reason for leaving the a/c unit on max cool (thermostat) setting is so the compressor stays engaged, and won’t cycle & surge, which could stall the generator if the Eco-switch has been engaged.

I think this unit would be very good for a small contractor guy who wants to have power at a construction site, and this should run any single large power tool (table saw, small 1 to 1.5 hp pancake compressor).

OK, now any negatives ? A couple of minor ones:

1) Packaging – could have been better. I’d suggest Amazon use an ‘outer-box’.

The mfr did use a fairly tough ‘pretty display box’ with a inner stiffener layer, but this is a heavy unit. Mine came overnight & looked like it was bounced down the stairs on the way here.

Amazingly, the shipping abuse only loosened the front panel screws a bit, which I easily re-tightened – but I was gratified there was no real damage.

2) Gas cap location makes re-fueling tricky – not a deal breaker, though.

The fuel cap / tank entry is directly above the electrical control panel.

I found the 1 gallon can easier to be precise with – the 5 gallon can simply flowed to fast to not spill over & down the electrical panel.

So, no big downsides. Now I’ve got 2 tanks of gas through it, 15-20 hours runtime, all is well.

Noise level report: Quite acceptable !

Very quiet, about exactly the same level of noise as my Yamaha.

It’s significantly quieter than any ‘open frame’ generator, due to the sound attenuating design.

I will update this review after the switch to Synthetic Oil & as the hours add up.

It looks very promising, indeed ! Good Job to Hyundai for giving us yet another choice….

UPDATE: Ok, now about 10 tanks thru, some key issues:

Unit started to act funny, like not willing to restart when hot.

Would run AC & camper fully no problem, but when tank ran dry, would refuse to restart until fully cold. Perplexing.

I suspected something was amiss. I checked the Spark Plug – it was totally loose, due to vibration. So, after fully tighening, problem was resolved, it ran much more smoothly and hot restart was MUCH better.

Until…unit started spilling fuel out of the side of carb, pooling in compartment bottom. I’d press the primer bulb, and it would squirt out of what appeared to be a ‘check valve hole’ in side of carburetor.

Now this all suggested a stuck carb float – not a hard thing to check.

I simply loosened the 10mm bolt that holds the circular float bowl, and moved the float gently up & down. Sure enough, it was sticky in it’s movement. The plastic float had a bit of flange flashing edge (left over from manufacturing the plastic float) that was contacting the metal carb body, preventing it from moving smoothly up & down.

My ‘big fix’ was to move the float gently back & forth, expanding the modest range of it’s operation, so that when float bowl was full of gas, it would function properly, and not flood engine.

I put it back together & it stared flawlessly on the first pull.

I then proceeded to run it for a full tank on a 1500w / 13amp load and it ran beautifully, no fuel leaks.

Also, I shut it down hot & it restarted perfectly.

As it turns out, it was so much simpler to observe & fix the fuel leak, as described, than to try to return the unit or order parts.

All it needed was an adjustment !

Plus we use this Hyundai to power our Lance Camper, and the big weekend race event is in 2 days…this unit will be needed to run A/C.

Hope this helps if anyone has a similar fuel flooding issue occur.

Be sure to check your spark plug tightness, if nothing else.

BTW, the Air Filter is just a ‘sponge type’ that was quite dry & in need of re-oiling – probably they all need attention.

About ready for 2nd synthetic oil change……will update if any changes.

Excellent performance; better value than a Honda or Yamaha,

Bottom line: While it’s true that Honda & Yamaha are the top inverter generators, the Hyundai provides outstanding service for MUCH less money.

Full review: I needed a generator to have on hand for when the power goes out mainly to run a basement sump pump, freezer and other relatively low power drain needs. I also wanted something small, easy to use, quiet and portable. Thus, an inverter generator was the ticket.

Any search of inverter generator reviews will pop up Honda and Yamaha. They are both excellent generators – compact, quiet, built to last, and capable. They are also horribly expensive! Now, if I did a lot of camping or expected to use this a lot, it would be worth the extra money. But for my needs, I wanted something capable but less expensive.

I looked at a variety of brands, and the Hyundai caught my eye for three reasons: it was rated at 2,000 watts continuous/2,200 watts surge; it had good reviews as to build quality; and it was on sale for $499 (OK, so the latter point probably was the most compelling for me).

It was very easy to set up. Basically just add the oil, gas and fire it up. It started after a few pulls, and has re-started each time with no more than 2 pulls.

Performance has been excellent. It handles a ½ HP sump pump without breaking a sweat. I can run the sump, freezer and have enough power left over for some lights without triggering an overload. Even tried running a vacuum cleaner (12 amp) at the same time as the sump, & while the overload light flickered at the startup, the generator powered both without any issue.

I very much like that it has a gas shut-off valve, which makes it easer to prep for storage. While the oil fill port is recessed, the unit comes with an threaded extension tube that you screw into the oil port to make dumping out the oil a mess-less procedure. There’s also a spout provided for the included oil bottle to make pouring in the oil easy. (Tip: save the empty oil bottle – makes it easy to measure out the 420 ml of oil it needs when you do an oil change).

It will automatically shut down in case of a low oil situation, which is a feature not often found at this price point.

Other nice touches are a clearly labeled control panel, an extra spark plug, battery charging cables, rubber anti-vibration pads on the feet, and a clear manual actually written in proper English!

Downsides are few but notable. It is heavy – about 71 pounds with a tank full of gas. Not impossible to move, but no lightweight either. I put mine on a small hand truck and fastened it into place with some bungee cords to make it easy to roll about. The unit itself does not have wheels.

The noise while running is very quiet compared with a conventional generator, but a bit louder than a Yamaha or Honda. It has an eco mode that keeps the revs (and noise) down.

If there is an overload situation you have to turn off the generator so it can re-set.

Despite those downsides, given the performance and price I am hugely satisfied with this purchase. Works great, easy to use, reasonably quiet (and MUCH quieter than a conventional generator), uses inverter technology that produces clean power that won’t damage electronics, and reasonably portable. Highly recommend.
Hyundai HY2000si 2200-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Solar Powered Generator – 18 Kilowatts Max Output – 120/240 Volts AC 3 Phase – 30′ Trailer Config

Product Description

Solar Powered Generator – 18 Kilowatts output Max – 120/240 Volts AC 3 Phase – 30 ‘Trailer Config. Made in USA Complies SPG18KW-30-120 Solar Generator Power Magnalight is a towable unit powered electricity production and charged by solar panels containing 36 Kyocera high-performance, multi-crystalline photovoltaic modules. This machine offers 120 – 240 VAC 3 Phase, 18 kilowatts maximum output, the autonomous operation of calm, and incorporates features designed to provide long life and economical operation. This 18-kilowatt solar charging generator running 16 Sun Xtender Batteries that power 3 Outback inverter power system to provide 120V AC 10 amp – 50 amps, 240V AC and 240V AC Phase 3 mining tools, lighting and other electrical equipment . This unit also provides 12V DC it makes available via a cable connection, USB connection, and a connection port cigarette lighter practice. Maximum power is 18 kW at a constant rate of 10.8 kilowatts for four hours or 10.5 kW for eight hours. Compared to a diesel engine every day, this new solar panel can save thousands in few months. Taking into consideration the fact that the generation unit average power diesel costs about $ 6,000 per month to run & maintain, the SPG18KW-30-120 Solar Power Generator could pay for itself in just a few months by eliminating the need refueling. This solar generator is designed to provide 120-240 VAC for a wide variety of applications and is ideal for the Magnalight range of 110-120V lighting products. DC 12V capacity allows users to connect 12 volt DC LED lighting low, projectors, electronic and without the need for hardware.Especially in situations such as work areas, entertainment events, and other applications where equipment must be placed close to the benefactors, eliminating noise and fumes typically associated with diesel generators is a great advantage.
Solar Powered Generator – 18 Kilowatts Max Output – 120/240 Volts AC 3 Phase – 30′ Trailer Config

Magnalight Mega Tower 24000 – 2,400,000 Lumens- 50′ Height – Trailer Mounted

Product Description

Magnalight Mega Tour 24000-2400000 Lumens-50 ‘Height – trailer. Made in the USA The WCDE-49-16X1500 Mega Tower Magnalight 24000 is powered by a water cooled diesel engine to run a generator that produces four pole brushless 49/KW and 120 to 480 Vac lighting high power system. The six 1500 watt metal halide lamps included with this unit produce a total of 2.4 million lumens and light A10 + acre area continuously without refueling for up to 27 hours.TheWCDE-49-16X1500 Mega tower 24000 is, towable standalone package, high power light tower that produces enough light to illuminate an area 10 + acres in size. This unit also contains a water-cooled diesel engine powering a generator 49/KW, which provides forsixteen1 current 500 watt metal halidelights produce 150,000 lumens each, for a total of 2.4 million lumens of light. This unit can operate continuously for up to 27 hours without refueling and includes a telescopic lighting mast which can elevate metal halide lamps of TheFour at a height of 55 feet. This package of mobile projector is ideal for illuminating large-scale events, construction, mining, industrial, and wherever a full lighting power capable mobile system extended operation is required. Photo Click Photo to EnlargeClick to EnlargeClick to EnlargeEngine Photo: The Tower of mobile WCDE-49-16X1500 light includes a 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine John DeereTM that produces 80 horsepower at 1800 rpm mode and uses 4.0 GPH 15.1 GPH @ 100%. The key characteristics of engine electric start, a twelve volt electrical system, cooling water, air dry replaceable filter element and a complete enclosure for safe operation and protection against the elements.
Magnalight Mega Tower 24000 – 2,400,000 Lumens- 50′ Height – Trailer Mounted

(A World Class Premium Product) Caterpillar 3516C HD 2250kW Generator Set

3516C HD New Caterpjllar 2250kw generator
Manufacturer of the generator: Caterpillar prospects: voltage 12: 277/480
Power factor: 2250 0.8 kW Prime 2813 kVA
Generator rpm: 1800 three-phase 60 Hz

Product Description

Engine Model :3516C HD, Engine S/N :SBK Prefix, 2250 kW, 2813 kVA, 3701 Hp, 1800 RPM, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, Trailer Mounted, DOM : 2011, Power Factor : 0.80, Generator Manufacturer : Caterpillar, Standard grade Power Module, Horizontal radiator, 3 axle galvanized chassis, Duel wall fuel tank.
Caterpillar 3516C HD 2250kW Generator Set

(Top Product) 1250 KW Cummins Generator //60 HZ,Brand New Stock Available.Buy Now.

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Product description

This 1250KW / 1563KVA generator KCummins is available open or with silent canopy and was rated at 60 HZ. Our cooled liquid Cummins Powered Diesel generators provide a durable solution for mission-critical environments of mission ranging from medical to Telecom facilities and providers of wireless. All new Cummins engines come with a minimum of one year warranty in all over the world. Cummins 1250 KW – 60 HZ product information Cummins KTA38-G4 water-cooled engine Diesel single LVI634D wearing the electronic regulator alternator Stamford 1800rmp, 60 Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire 3-circuit breaker CALL 1-310 – 497 – 7374 today for more information ATS & control (optional) Information Panel for NEMA approved ATS catalog (pdf) Standard Control Panel: DSE3110 Digital Control Panel for DSE3110 INFO (pdf) upgraded DeepSea 5210 / 5220 for DSE3110 INFO (pdf) photo of open generator Cummins without canopy ‘offer’ optional.

Works fantastic! Powers my device’s end of the world with ease!

I recently bought 900.000.000 of them to feed my new death star. Works like a charm and preserves all load lazers and I had enough juice to manhatten for 7 million years. IM only good note 4 stars because none of them came in chocolate…with bananas That I like.
1250 KW Cummins Generator //60 HZ

(An Excellent Product) All Power America APGG6000 6,000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator,4 brand new stock available.Buy Now.

6000 Watt gas powered portable generator
6000 watt electric generator
291cc air cooled OHV engine
Does any dishes, pneumatic tires and handle
Manual start

Similar to Homelite, KingCraft, other brands Jiangsu Jiangdong

Note: This model no longer has a 240V outlet. Models to check carefully this brand and generators and its various other partners ‘clones ‘. Currently, here is a model on Amazon with 240V output:


This brand and the particular model is similar if not the same as Homelite, KingCraft, and several other brands made or powered by diesel and gas Jiangsu Jiangdong Ltd. engines. There are differences between this model and it was sold in recent years in the size of 6,000 watts, with 291cc to decal engines and the power of the sides of 9 to 13. so… It may be necessary to consider carefully. Based on my calculations 291cc version is probably close to 10HP and is one that I have. Yet the units which were / are sold with 328cc are not listed for more than 6000 watts. Perhaps the size of the unit of the generator itself?

In any case, I assembled mine with the wheel kit in approximately 20 minutes using wooden blocks to support. It is just a beast and take care. Once assembled, I put a gallon of gasoline inside and 1 litre of oil in the engine gas valve put the starter and it started on the first shot. 291Cc engine is quite a bit quieter than my Honda 5.5HP lawnmower. I was worried that I have to keep a distance from the House. But I tested it right to the top on our patio in concrete next to the patio door and closed doors, you can hear a soft drone, but way less than the lawn mower from my neighbor at 8 in the morning. I have let it run twice for 20 minutes each with two 1500 watts heating connected appliances and it worked very well. Even my wife she thought it would not keep us up if we were deprived of electricity for several days which would be required.

Buyers should take note that to connect properly this device up to your home, safety measures and proper installation is required. Here is a link from the State of Washington on various ways to connect according to the codes:

I recommend a circuit breaker interlock kit, with a trusted brand of 30amp outside outlet and L14-30 twist-lock Plug and connector coupling to compensate 10/3 with ground wire. Do a search on the net for “Generator Interlock Kit” and it is a helpful video on YouTube while those also. Depending on the distance to the circuit breaker Panel, you need maybe 50 ‘to 75’ of cable 10/3 with grounding also. For my installation, additional materials just to mention cost on an additional amount of $190, but I already had an ignition interlock device which is another $145 or more. Please don’t be unsafe and try and back feed power through a connection of jerry-rigged for the safety of yourself and your family!

That is all. After that I can use it if a failure occurs I’ll try an update. The quality of this unit is displayed as well as many name brands and, in fact, may be the same as the supply of some “House brands” at home and hardware stores.
All Power America APGG6000 6,000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator

(A Global Hot Unique Best Seller)Magnalight Solar Powered Generator – 3.240 Kilowatt Max Output – 19ft Trailer – 24 Panels – NEMA 4X Enclosure,Buy Now.

Made In Accordance With USA

SPG3.24KW-19-120 Magnalight solar power generator is a buoy tractable power generation unit powered and charged by sixteen solar panels from Panel. This device offers 120VAC, 3,265 kW maximum power, autonomous operation quiet and incorporates features designed to provide long life and economical operation.

This generator of 3,265 kW solar powered charging an included UG4 – 3AVR95 – 33 Unigy II battery rated at 2151Ah and provides 120 VAC to operate tools, lighting and other electrical equipment. Relation to a unit of diesel daily, this new solar panel can save the operator of thousands in a few months. Taking into consideration that a block of average diesel generator costs approximately $ 6,000 per month to run and maintain. SPG3.24KW-19-120 generator solar might pay for itself in just a few months by removing the need for filling. This solar generator is designed to supply 120 v AC for a variety of applications and is ideal for the Magnalight of 110-120V lighting products range.

Especially in situations such as the shows, work areas and other applications where the equipment should be placed close to benefactors, the elimination of noise and smoke, usually associated with groups diesel generators has a big advantage. Finally, solar generators provide a low maintenance generators diesel alternative to traditional powered which often require a qualified diesel mechanic service or repair.

This powered solar generator consists of a trailer, NEMA 4 x Note: enclosures, battery power, 24 VDC to 120 VAC inverter, solar panels and supplementary feed equipment current panels to batteries.

Generator: 24 135W Kyocera multi-cristal high-efficiency modules photovoltaic (PV), designed in an array of eight rows of module and grouped into (2) Panel 16 tables. These solar panels are pre-wired for operation 24V.

Controls: Morning star 60A, 48V, charge controllers with temperature compensation and LVD.

Batteries: Battery UG4 – 3AVR95 – 33 Unigy II power 2151Ah wired to 24VDC. The section of the battery is ventilated with louvered vents on stainless steel screen to keep the snow, insects and dust on.

Inverter: 5KW, input 24VDC, 120VAC output inverter Exeltech on 19 “RU.

Trailer: 19 feet long with floor in treated wood, electric brakes, spare tire and hitch standard draught. Each trailer is adapted to take account of the speaker’s table and battery solar panel with controls and endpoints. A set of system fasteners are included for additional wind protection.

NEMA 4 x housing components: The SPG3.24KW-19-120 patented: housing components is NEMA 4 X rated and a sealed compartment electronic features and includes a 19.5 “H x 24.5” L anodized gold bottom of basket on one side with a rack 19 “on the other side. Solar controllers, DIN rail mounted circuit breakers and terminals for solar, battery and load of 120 v AC are mounted on the backplane in aluminium, gap between the wall for heat dissipation. This enclosure is constructed from 1/8 in. aluminum on the door, wrapped with tips 3/16-inch aluminum and covered with a white powder highly reflective coating that keeps the more fresh batteries. Hardware tabs stainless steel lockable HASP and a copper grounding lug are supplied with the housing. A bulkhead retains moisture and gases to penetrate the electronic compartment. A gasket resistant Poron memory is included for sealing water from the battery and electronics compartments.

Advantages: No sound. No fumes. No mess or fuel expesive. No thermal footprint. Quick easy installation. Meeting American Standards. Quick reliable power. Lower maintenance.

Options: Milspec connectors. Run of punctures. Backup generator in propane.

Warranty: The SPG3.24KW-19-120 comes with a 5 year warranty. The batteries have a 3 year prorated warranty. Each solor powered is powered up and tested before shipping.
Magnalight Solar Powered Generator – 3.240 Kilowatt Max Output – 19ft Trailer – 24 Panels – NEMA 4X Enclosure

(A Brand New Global Red Hot Product) 1000 KW / 1250 KVA Cummins Generator //60 HZ

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Product description

This Cummins Diesel generator produces 1250KVA/1000KW to 60 HZ. Our liquid-cooled Cummins Diesel generators provide permanent solutions for critical environments, from medical equipment to telecom and wireless networks. All of the new Cummins generators are equipped with at least one year warranty all over the world. Product information KTA38-G4 Cummins Water Cooled diesel engine LVI634D-single bearing alternator electronic Governor Stamford 1800rmp, 60 HZ, 3 phase, 4 wire includes: 3-type circuit breaker, base frame 8-hour fuel tanks, AVM suspension system, Set mounted exhaust system, lead-acid batteries, carry on and complete the operation/maintenance/spare parts manuals in English for the engine and alternator open Cummins generator without optional canopy “super silent”: ATS & standard Control Panel control PANEL information (optional): DSE3110 Digital Control Panel click here for DSE3110 information (pdf)
1000 KW / 1250 KVA Cummins Generator //60 HZ

DuroMax XP10000E 10,000 Watt 16 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric Start.(Best Seller)

10000 Watts peak/8000 Watt continuous
8.3 Gallon Gas tank
Electric Start/includes battery key
EPA approved
Low oil auto shut-off

Product description

Safeguard your family as well as provide portable energy for work and play with DuroMax XP10000E generator gas-powered, that features an OHV air-cooled engine 16.0-horses that cranks out 8,000 watt running power constant (and a 10,000 watt peak; to learn more about the wattage needs below). It includes both a standard recoil start and easy electric start.
Outdoor XP10000E
Includes knobby tires never flat and flip-up handle

Recoil XP10000E
Beginning of recoil and electric start (enlarge).

This sturdy workhorse is ideal for construction sites where power saws, drills and other equipment is critical, but it can depend on it for emergencies at home-insurance that your appliances are running smoothly, reliably and without interruption. EPA approved is also safe to use in the national parks of the United States thanks to super quiet exhaust with spark arrestors.

Note for California residents: this model is not compatible with CARB. Units sold in California must conform to CARB.

Fully loaded Power Panel of XP10000E includes two 120 volt, 20 amp household outlets standard to supply power to all your appliances, and a powerful 120/240 volt, 30 amp output twist lock for high-powered tools. A 12-volt DC output port functions as a charger for rechargeable batteries and other devices. It also includes one from 120 volt, 30 amp twist lock exit and exit 120/240 volts, 50-amp heavy duty (NEMA 14-50 to 3 poles, 4-wire).
XP10000E Panel
Fully loaded Power Panel

The exclusive DuroMax RV Switch (voltage selector) allows you to get maximum performance from each of the containers from 120 volt as well as choose between simultaneously running the generator to both 120 and 240 volts or 120 only with full power.

Never Overload a problem with its double-33 amp switch. A voltmeter allows you to monitor the output range of your generator at all times, and the battery charge indicator light lets you know when it is charging the starter battery.
With an electric starter, it is easier to get this generator going as turning on your car. And if the battery is not fully charged, you can use the single-cable pull recoil to start the generator.

XP10000E features a heavy duty steel chassis roll cage with four fully isolated motor mounts points for smooth and silent operation. This generator is also easy to transport thanks to the wheel kit with a flip-up handle, stow away. The 10-1/2-inch all-terrain Tires flat, never offer the flexibility and looks like a pneumatic tire without the rigidity of a solid rubber-improve mobility through both soft ground and hard surfaces.

You’ll get up to 10 hours of operation (at 50 percent) by a 8.3 liter tank of fuel. Other features include a muffler a, a regulator (AVR) automatic voltage and a low oil protection system that automatically shuts off the generator to protect it from damage should short oil. Is backed by a one year limited warranty.
What is in the box

DuroMax generator; battery for electric start. wheel kit (with never flat tires and flip-up handle); Builder Toolkit; instructions for use

Your generator needs

To determine if a generator is suitable for your needs, you must first add the power of tools, equipment and engines that you want to run at the same time. Then select a generator with the running wattage to match or exceed the total load.

Keep in mind that the instruments and appliances with electric motors require additional power when starting impulse that can be double or triple the power requirement in normal execution. Look at the Watts peak demand and make sure that you choose a generator with enough additional power to start. (And remember that you are generally not leave more than half of the elements at the same time).

Here is a sampling of common appliances for powers.

excellent so far(Review)
I was worried about buying this generator, why not have a network of service centres … they tell you to take it to any small engine shop near you and contact him on charges in warranty. I called their cust svc and talked to them of the need for third-party verification regarding the parts needed and assured me that no one was required … I could fix it myself if I wanted to … Just call them and tell them what I needed and send. That seemed fair enough. It took a little over a week to get my and was delivered by freight USF Holland and arrived in excellent condition … hats off to Holland. I had the liftgate delivery and claimed that large seeds up to the door of my garage … took his truck and set the small ski was bandaged for the center of my garage … has not required any help … I never touched until he was gone. These are packed in a cardboard box and packing is well-designed … foam thickness all sides … top and bottom … all loose parts … wheel kit … etc … in their little corner in the foam. Is very heavy but you can get it assembled and working ski off alone … I did and I 62 years of age. I pulled the front until it dominated the ski about 10 “wheel kit Assembly and then pivoted a backside until radial and assembled who then blocked the strut rear strut with a 4 x 4 and off-road pulled the shoe and the other strut Assembly. I filled with good synthetic blend oil and put on a gallon of gas in it. I turned on the fuel valve … located a few inches to the right of the starter handle. I pulled the handle to choke all the way out and tried to start it with the key … the battery was completely dead. Took it out and put it on the charger and the battery locked outa my tractor in it and tried to start it. It was running almost before I could let go of the key. These units all have a Powermax minimum control over them so there is no speed adjustments of any kind can and none needed. Idles very fast … all LGs do … they must produce. It ran smoothly with no significant floating in motor speed. Then I took my voltmeter and checked the output on all Poles carrying current on all containers. I had a 119 volt constant everywhere. With a target of 120 I considered this is excellent … my current House won’t hold it. The reason that I bought this great unit was firstly that I had hoped it would start and run my air conditioner large window … is huge … 30 k btu. I connected the cable I had bought into the 240v L14-30 on the generator and ran inside the House and hooked up the cable conversion that I had going on tap 6-30 on the air conditioner and switched on. Fired up with no bogging down and I never noticed the engine the genny pick at all. I let it run a half-hour about … let the compressor on the air conditioner cycle off and on many times and seen the voltmeter on the genny. It is never moved … really never taken engine speed is so this generator works that great air conditioner effortlessly on it at all … I was very relieved. Other things that I plan to run during an outage did not approach even pulse requirements of that great air conditioner so that the issue was put to rest. It turned out that my battery was not okay … don’t hold a charge even a half an hour. I called and told them MaxTool and true to their word there was no hassle … they sent me a new battery FexEx and shipped at no charge. I was wondering if maybe I had been sent a generator that was sitting in inventory a year or so, but no … the data label on it indicates a date MFG of May 2007 … I bought at the end of August, so I got a brand new … just had a faulty cell. I tried the start pull several times and always starts one pull. I go out about once every two weeks and start it and let it run awhile to get good oil through it … keep a trickle maintenance charger on it all the time. I can’t speak to what will in time but outa the box is everything that was promised to be … I love so far. I almost bought a Coleman, but those units got horrible reviews … rampant with quality problems … gas spill everything … horrible vibration problems … etc … They also have no control idle and most no probably startup.
DuroMax XP10000E 10,000 Watt 16 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric Start

Champion Power Equipment 46539 4,000 Watt 196cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wireless Remote Electric Start (CARB Compliant)(Best Seller)

3500 Watts, 4000 rated Watts of maximum power. Outputs: 1-120V DUPLEX outlet (5-20R), 1-120V Twistlock (L5-30R), 1-RV receptacle (TT-30R)
Electric start remote control (battery included), powered by OHV 196cc Engine Champion with cast-iron sleeve. (CARB-California approved)
Runs for 12 hours on a full tank of gas at 50% load. Engine oil included.
Weighs 140 kg size: 28.5 inches (L) x 21.1 inches (W) x 20.7-inches (H)
CARB compliant

Product description
Now start the generator from the comfort of your home, camp or RV road …Remote works up to 80 ‘ away (generator must be positioned outside to start). Champion 4000 watt Portable Generator provides dependable power, portable for home, camping or in the pipeline. 3500 Watts, 4000 rated Watts maximum output. Champion generator can run lights, TVs, refrigerators and sump pump all at the same time. Great for running 2-3 power tools. Powered by champion 196cc OHV engine with cast iron sleeve will run 12 hours on a full tank of gas at 50% load. Electric Start Remote control (battery included). EPA/CARB approved for sale in 50 States. Resistant frame full functionality with portability kit w/8-inch wheels, 1-120V DUPLEX outlet (5-20R), 1-120V Twistlock receptacle (L5-30R), 1-RV receptacle (TT-30R), overload protection, low oil sensor and Intelligauge that provides volts, hertz and information hours of operation. Engine oil included. Dimensions: 28.5 inches (L) x 21.1 inches (W) x 20.7-inches (H). Weighs 140 pounds limited warranty of 2 years. Champion has the best product quality and customer service in the industry. All products are covered by our Champion free technical support for life and 2 year limited warranty.

Great generator for the price, (Review)

This review is from: champion Power Equipment 4,000 Watt 196cc 4-stroke 46539 Gas Powered portable generator with Wireless Remote electric start (CARB Compliant) (Lawn & Patio)
Works as advertised and the remote starter is a very convenient jewel of an asset. I live upstairs as my house is one of those houses on stilts (about 15 metres from the ground). Our downstairs is open and I tool sheds/barns under my house which is where this generator finds its home.

The remote starter works perfectly by checking the load startup so I really don’t need to remove anything at all, as it is handled automatically.

Leave only the shed door open so that emissions to go out of the shed and at the same time the generator running the carbon monoxide kills my mice/and bugs making their way in the shed.

I wired in my electrical panel through an automatic transfer switch and from my living room upstairs, I can start this thing without having to go downstairs (25 flights of stairs) outside in the rain (I am handicap so that it is difficult for me to do).

It seems to be very fuel efficient too. You can run some lights, well, septic, pump TV and my microwave so during an emergency, we have the basics that we need to be relatively comfortable. Can I also run my washing machine, septic and well at the same time (but turn off the microwave oven and maybe leave a light on only).

Be prepared for T-storms, hurricanes and other disasters and if like me you have mobility problems this is the low cost meaning Builder for you! To do it right you’ll need some 10 gauge copper wiring and a 30 amp RV plug, and a transfer to move to make it safe and easy to use during an emergency.

Your RV plug wire with some of 10 gauge wiring, run the output in your transfer switch and then transferred into your main electrical panel (which means the generator must be close enough to the electrical panel).

You should have an electrician run wires from your transfer switch to electric panel unless you have good knowledge about home wiring of course. Anyway no matter what always switch off the main switch at home before doing anything in the Panel of course as it WILL KILL YOU if you touch something there should not be touching.

Either that or run some 12/3 extension cords all over the place …

Great worked during hurricane Sandy, (review)

This review is from: champion Power Equipment 4,000 Watt 196cc 4-stroke 46539 Gas Powered portable generator with Wireless Remote electric start (CARB Compliant) (Lawn & Patio)
I purchased this generator right before Sandy hurricane hit NJ. I ran the generator every day for several hours at a time over the course of 8 days and never had problems with the generator.

Wheels, front feet and handle come in a box of parts (included) that auto-install the generator. The instructions are very simple and the installation was very simple.

It includes a funnel and fill the machine oil (10w-30 I believe). You must install the oil before using it! (Some people might forget that will ruin the generator!)

During the 8 days, I was running a Samsung French Door refrigerator, a sump pump Flotech, my fan oven and some lights/phone charger with no significant voltage drop-constantly about 120 and never less than 119 volts.

I would run the generator for 2-4 hours at a time, and seemed to be very fuel efficient given the load that I mentioned above.

Some notes that I think others might find important:
1. the ‘ regular ‘ 120v on this unit will provide 20amp and up to 2900 Watts, 3500. In order to get the 3500, you must use the exit to RV 30Amp 125v receptacle or more left.
2. the noise level was acceptable. They had to raise their voices if next to the generator, but it was not as strong as other generators that I heard during the storm.
3. There is no 240v outlet on this generator-not that one had been promised, but in case they were trying to (220/240), this is not the generator for you.
4. the weight of the generator has been manageable. The wheels work great. The placement of the handle is a little weird, and when you drag the generator behind me, I had to take steps or clips my final leg with the generator.
5. remote start is a really nice feature. Also, and this is important-when you utilize remote booting, the generator will turn up and wait until the motor before supplying power to outlets. Is a nice feature because you can leave your extension cords are connected, and when the engine is stable, power will be provided automatically to your appliances. Beats having to go outside when it’s cold or dark and grope with thorns.
6. Probably my with unique is that the gas tank is a bit of a pain to fill. It seems only handle a small flow of petrol in the tank at a time. If you try to put too much in too fast, resulting in a spill.

All in all, the generator ran great, and I couldn’t be happier with your purchase.
Champion Power Equipment 46539 4,000 Watt 196cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wireless Remote Electric Start (CARB Compliant)