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Make Money Online. Work from Home.Newbie to Millionaire. an Internet Marketing Success System Explained in Easy Steps by Self Made Millionaire.(Review) Buy Now.

81nESCVDW5LMy «Internet Marketing Bible»!

Redeem your life for the price of a cheap meal out!

Invest in this book and you’ll have literally all the information that you define yourself financially free and abandon the 9-5 or the employment centre.

If you have never ventured into the realms of making money on the internet – then you will have no doubt been victim of a scam or any the less purchased information that was using little or no or just a very small piece of the puzzle. The internet earn money can be a ( cash sucking minefield ), if you are not careful, with the so-called “gurus” who are trying to sell later ‘push button software’, complete with photos of cash theft of computers and women draped over Ferraris!

This book is absolutely not one of those – it is simply a STUNNING resource – or my Bible IM (Internet Marketing Bible!)-give both an overview and yet a system step by step to achieve financial freedom – complete with videos of startup!

Make money online. From the beginner to the millionaire. A system of success internet marketing explained in easy steps by self made millionaire. 500 pages of… It’s really the only book you need for the author, Christine Clayfield, clearly explains everything start as it says “beginners” (internet marketing speak for a newcomer) to be a successful online marketer.

I was immediately drawn to read the book when I read the story of the author return and saw a picture of the stack of books that she had on internet marketing – I couldn’t help but laugh as I too have the same stack of books! I’ve completely associated with endless late night hours spent trying to learn the works of this “thing” of the internet – even down to similar health problems she has endured in this quest!

I am simply astonished at the level of detail that is in this book – there simply is no other resources like this the on Internet Marketing on the net or in the press – there are the gurus who sell this type of information (probably to a much lesser extent for thousands) and thousands of books-

I have many many books on this subject and I can’t recommend this book highly enough – if you read this review, then you’re interested in the topic – do yourself and your family a favor and change your life by purchasing it and take ACTION by reading top – success is in you! No one can do it for you – but here you have the plan step by step on how to do it!

As says Nike – do it! and enjoy the benefits!

Christine is really one of the good people in Internet Marketing that you can trust and that he has a lot of integrity. This book gives you the basics, that you need to get your head around all the information available in Internet Marketing – and there are many. It is obviously a perfectionist trying to provide its readers a good head start to help them succeed in the IM. It provides more details and secrets than other Internet marketing specialists and maintains his book to ensure current things, based on his extensive experience.

Believe that others who say she is the real deal. She taught me a lot and if you buy his book, you will not regret if you follow his example and take action. I really feel that it is much more valuable than what I paid for it. It really is the bible of Internet Marketing. Content great to keep you on a clear path!
Make Money Online. Work from Home. from Newbie to Millionaire. an Internet Marketing Success System Explained in Easy Steps by Self Made Millionaire.


image_output.phpA 30-Day, Step-By-Step,Plan to Internet Riches!

The following 30-day ‘internet profitability is designed for anyone(beginner or veteran) to put to use and easily start pulling in steady streams of online profits.
if you follow the steps,& take action,YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!

order it Now!


Traffic, Signups, & Sales System.”You’re About to Learn the Biggest Secret to Building Any Type of Online Empire without Risking 1 Penny.”

Dear Friend,
If you have dreams of building an Internet Marketing empire that generates enough cash for you to quit your job, requires only a few hours of work per day, and allows you to live your dream lifestyle, this letter could be the turning point in your business, your finances, and your life.

I’m not sure what you think or know about running a profitable online business, but the truth is you only need to do 3 things to make it work:

Generate traffic to your sites – I’m sure this isn’t a new idea to you, but the first step in making any money online is getting people to visit your site. The important point that’s often missed about traffic, however, is that you need to do it consistently, and you need a way to do it that you know costs you less than you earn from it. All the traffic in the world is great, but if you go broke getting it you won’t have much of an empire.

Capture targeted prospects on an email subscriber list – the fact is, the most valuable asset you’ll ever own for your online marketing is your list of subscribers. Why? Because they are targeted, they believe you can offer them some value, and they will buy on your recommendation again and again–which is the #1 source of profits for the “big name” pros you see everywhere online. Building a list allows you to market repeatedly to a growing number of potential buyers.

Convert your list into a continuous, predictable, and growing income stream – you have traffic to your site, you are capturing subscribers, and you’re building a list. The last vital step in really making money is to systematically develop your relationship with your subscribers, build their trust, and offer products and services they really need and can benefit from using. It takes time to learn the right way of doing this–the bond of trust is hard to build and easy to destroy, and once it’s gone you’ve lost any possible income potential from those prospects. But when done right, your faithful subscribers will generate enough cash for you to live any type of life you want with complete freedom.

Now, the problem is those 3 things are easier said than done. In reality, it’s challenging to do all 3 well, at the same time until you gain some experience. Sadly, this experience often comes with a year or more of trial, error, and frustration, not to mention a price tag of $1,000s in failed attempts. Most people simply can’t afford to spend $1,000s and wait years to be successful. (A hard lesson I learned that nearly knocked me out of Internet Marketing).

The great news is, that’s all about to change.

Introducing the Traffic, Signups, & Sales System — a complete system for generating up to 15,000 hits per website for absolutely zero cost, combined with the most current, cutting edge tactics to get the maximum number of list subscribers from your traffic, AND a real proven formula for converting your list into a continuous profit stream of cash that makes you money every day.

But that’s not all! The Traffic, Signup, & Sales System also features the one-of-a-kind Internet Marketer’s Compass–an amazing tool to keep you laser focused on your most important (and profitable) business tasks, organized with all of your ideas so you don’t forget those little “gems” that pop in your mind at the strangest times, and constantly aware of your finances–all at one glance in a single snapshot!

The most amazing thing is that you don’t need to spend 1 penny to make the entire system churn out profit for you!

Here’s a closer look…

Traffic, Signups, & Sales System

This Amazing system shows you step by step how to launch AND build your Internet Marketing without risking a lot of cash!

Imagine a tool that will:

Show you every step in setting up a “traffic machine” that delivers 15,000 targeted hits to your site every month, automatically, at absolutely no cost, AND no surfing, clicking, or any other time consuming task!

Show you the secrets to maximize conversions from your traffic into list subscribers and build your massive opt-in list faster than you thought possible.

Show you exactly how to turn your list into a “cash machine” that pays you a steady and growing weekly income stream.
The Traffic, Signups, and Sales System is a thick, meaty, step-by-step guide with every detail you need to set it up on your own. You get graphics, illustrated diagrams, clear explanations, and plenty of examples. There is no guesswork, and you don’t need to understand programming or be technical to make it work. The system has 4 modules:

Module 1: The Internet Marketer’s Compass

This module introduces you to the Internet Marketer’s Compass. Learn how to use this one-of-a-kind organizing, power-focus tool to get the absolute best out of your efforts and reach your goals in a fraction of the time it would take without it. It took nearly 8 months to develop it, because it had to make logical sense, be useful, be usable in less than 10 minutes, show a complete snapshot of your business at a single glance, AND be able to come with you everywhere you go.

Module 2: Setup the Traffic Generator

This module shows you step by step with images and screenshots exactly how to setup your automatic traffic generator. The generator requires no clicking, surfing, or other manual activity once it’s setup, and it literally costs nothing to setup and use. This is truly an amazing secret formula to deliver up to 15,000 hits each to as many sites as you want!

Module 3: Squeeze Hits into Opt-in List Signups

Any web traffic is only as good as what you do with it. This module takes you step by step through designing “squeeze pages” for maximum results using cutting edge techniques the master list builders use. You’ll learn how to get prospects practically begging to sign up for your list once you know these secrets!

Module 4: Convert Subscribers into Your Monthly
Income Stream

You’ve heard “The money’s in the list!” 1,000 times I’m sure. This module gives you a specific plan for how to build trust and your relationship with your subscribers, how to know what products and services to offer them, and how to generate a predictable, consistent income that continually increases every month. These secrets make or break tons of Internet marketers, and knowing exactly how to do this can multiply your online income by 1,000 times!
The Traffic, Signups, and Sales System was designed specifically to solve the problems most new and aspiring marketers face. It is without question the most powerful package ever designed specifically to help you make the leap to having a growing subscriber list that’s adding members daily and generating a continuous, growing income stream of “Payment Received” notifications in your email inbox every day.

“Traffic, Signup, & Sales System”

Works whether you’re already marketing and want better results or are brand new to Internet marketing
Traffic, Signups, & Sales System
No clicking, surfing, or manual process to get the traffic, list signups, and sales

Works for any niche or marketing idea

Virtually eliminates risk of wasting big money in your marketing efforts

System actually teaches you how to run successful marketing so you can do it over and over

Earn real profits even in the beginning stages of your marketing career–no need to dig a financial hole

Shows you how to know your websites and promotions will be profitable before you invest a lot of cash
Let’s recap how you benefit:
Traffic, Signups, & Sales System
Setup a real system to get 15,000+ website hits every month, new list signups every hour (or minute!), and new sales every day, all for no cost!

Test your ideas and tweak your marketing so you know your campaigns will pay off before investing 1 cent on more advertsing or promotion

Learn results-boosting insider secrets and tactics in just days that normally take marketers a year or more to figure out (and some never learn them at all)!

Save $1,000s and countless hours that would be wasted on trial and error.
Traffic, Signups, & Sales System
Never worry again about spending money to launch a campaign, white-knuckled and pleading to at least make your money back.

Break the dangerous cycle of buying product after product hoping each is “the one” to make your Internet marketing profitable, while you dig a deeper financial hole.

Overcome the #1 obstacle for most marketers, paralysis-by-analysis, with the simple step-by-step walkthrough to get you started.

Leap the marketing learning curve and get traffic, signups, and sales faster than you thought possible.

Position yourself as an expert and gain online credibility with professional tools and top notch marketing.
Traffic, Signups, & Sales System

How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business.

Product Description.

In this comprehensive step-by-step guide to setting up a booming Internet business and raking in million-dollar profits, Ewen Chia demystifies marketing jargon and shares the tips and techniques that continue to net his online businesses a cool fortune. Whether you’re seeking to create and develop a thriving Internet business from scratch or looking to realize the full potential of your existing business, whether you haven’t a clue what the Internet is about, or you’re armed with a business degree, Ewen’s upbeat and accessibly written Million-Dollar Blueprint will help you: –Find out who’s buying what and develop lucrative solutions to meet market needs –Grab and keep the attention of prospective buyers with irresistible offers –Create a follow-up system of additional offers to boost income and grow your business –Automate your business so you can enjoy the ultimate rewards of profits, time, and leisure –Duplicate your business(es) to multiply your total income.
How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business

About the Author
Born in 1973 in Singapore, Ewen Chia made his name and fortune on the Internet. Today he is one of the leading experts in Internet Marketing and is widely known as the “World’s #1 Super Affiliate.” Ewen is also highly in demand as a speaker who travels the globe sharing his Internet marketing expertise with budding entrepreneurs.
How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business

Product Review 1.

Ewen Chia is a smart guy. The question is: Is this book for you?

This book is what you’d expect. It’s very similar to other books released in this genre. Info is ok, but you walk away feeling it’s more of a tool for the author to find new customers than anything else.
How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business

The book talks about “mindset,” which is important. Ewen’s story is interesting. To me, this was the best part of the book and worth the price. If you’re looking for a complete, step-by-step blueprint to millions online though, you won’t find it here.
How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business

The book is divided into roughly six sections:

– Ewen’s story
– basics of online marketing
– tools you’ll need
– picking your market
– getting traffic
– your offer
How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business

In my opinion, the content is too advanced for newbies, yet too basic for those who have been at this for a while. Both will probably get something out of it, but newbies looking for a plan and others looking to get a sneak peak at how Ewen really makes his money will both walk away unsatisfied. There are a lot of missing pieces, even though the book is over 350 pages.
How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business

There is some good stuff here, if you can read between the lines. The book is worth the price.

If you’re brand new, and can only afford one book, you’re much better off with something like Quit Your Job (and Never Go Back) – How to Create, Start, & Market an Online Business for Under $500 in 30 Days or Less, which is specifically for people who are just getting started and want to get online quickly. It doesn’t promise as much, but you can’t deposit promises in the bank. Real money is what you’re after here, not promises.
How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business

Product Review 2.

Ewen Chia delivers much much more than you might expect.

How often does it happen that you buy a book on making money and it is filled with empty hype? The answer would of course be all the time.

The exception is Ewen Chia’s book and the reason is simple. You actually learn real skills that can be applied in real life.
How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business

Often “wealth building secrets” books are fluffy and conceptual. You get a lot of chatter about keeping a positive attitude and focusing on your goals, which is nice I guess, but you’re still left to wonder “How do I do this?”
How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business

Before I got Ewen Chia’s book I had done a little bit of buying and selling on eBay. However, from only reading a little bit of the book plus some of Ewen Chia’s thank you’s I have learned the following things:

*Where to get great FREE software for producing web content.
*How to create banners and graphics cheaply or even FREE.
*Blogging secrets to create profits.
*How to build a customer base without buying lists or spamming.
*Free web page building software that even a newbie can learn FAST.
*What is this affiliate stuff and how does it work – it’s eazy.
*Adding audio to your pages – it’s so darn easy.
*Adding video to your pages – it’s so darn easy (except in y360).
*How to edit templates to save time – too darn simple.

and I haven’t even finished the info, it’s amazing how much you learn.
How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider’s Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business

Social Media – For Income, Influence and Impact – Turn Your Passions into Income – Online! (Make Money via Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Internet Marketing, and Web Marketing)

This is a Step by Step Guide to using Social Media for Income, Influence, and Impact – and therefore allowing you to:

Earn Money Following Your Passions

This is a practical, 38 page book that gets straight to the point.

I desperately wish I had a book like this when I started out with Social Media. The information in this book represents thousands of hours of research as well as hundreds of hours using the Social Media sites.
Social Media – For Income, Influence and Impact – Turn Your Passions into Income – Online! (Make Money via Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Internet Marketing, and Web Marketing)
I used the information and knowledge contained in this book to launch my first book “Creating the Perfect Lifestyle” which became an *Amazon #1 Bestseller* within two weeks of being launched. That success would not have been possible without the information I am going to share with you in this book.
Social Media – For Income, Influence and Impact – Turn Your Passions into Income – Online! (Make Money via Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Internet Marketing, and Web Marketing)
I have over 22,000 Twitter Followers – in my niche.
I also have over 3,000 “Likes” on my website www.LifestyleBook.com
My major blog posts routinely get over 300 “Likes” and “Shares”
I have had thousands of views of my YouTube videos.

So congratulations on getting your hands on this book and welcome to the world of Income, Influence and Impact via Social Media!
Social Media – For Income, Influence and Impact – Turn Your Passions into Income – Online! (Make Money via Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Internet Marketing, and Web Marketing)
I have been earning my living in, on and around the Internet since 1999. I have spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on programs, books, advertising, websites, tools, and applications. In this book I have distilled the knowledge and experience I have gained from making lots of mistakes and over time getting more and more things right, specifically in relation to Social Media.
Social Media – For Income, Influence and Impact – Turn Your Passions into Income – Online! (Make Money via Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Internet Marketing, and Web Marketing)

Here are the Parts of the Book:

Part 1 – What is Social Media?

Part 2 – How Influential is Social Media?

Part 3 – Using Social Media for Business

Part 4 – Using Social Media for Business, Influence, and Income

Part 5 – Your Own Website and Blog

Part 6 – Facebook (the 500 Pound Gorilla

Part 7 – Facebook Conduct

Part 8 – Facebook Strategies and Tricks

Part 9 – Facebook Anti-Spam Algorithm

Part 10 – Five Day Plan for Success

Part 11 – Action Steps

Part 12 – Overall Goal of Social Media
Social Media – For Income, Influence and Impact – Turn Your Passions into Income – Online! (Make Money via Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Internet Marketing, and Web Marketing)

I look forward to hearing how you have harnessed the Power of Social Media, and the specific advice contained in this book, to radically improve your Income, Influence and Impact – and in so doing, improved your Life!

Oli Hille
Amazon #1 Bestselling Author
Social Media – For Income, Influence and Impact – Turn Your Passions into Income – Online! (Make Money via Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Internet Marketing, and Web Marketing)
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About the Author

BiogSocial Media – For Income, Influence and Impact – Turn Your Passions into Income – Online! (Make Money via Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Internet Marketing, and Web Marketing)raphy
Oli Hille is an international bestselling author. His first book “Creating the Perfect Lifestyle” was an Amazon #1 Bestseller within two weeks of its release in November 2011.
His other Amazon Bestsellers are: “Internet Marketing – for Income, Influence, and Impact” and “Trading for Profit”
Social Media – For Income, Influence and Impact – Turn Your Passions into Income – Online! (Make Money via Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Internet Marketing, and Web Marketing)
Oli Hille is in discussions with a top Hollywood director on the screenplay of his science fiction novel “The Simulan Game” which is due out in mid 2012.
Visit the author’s websites:
Social Media – For Income, Influence and Impact – Turn Your Passions into Income – Online! (Make Money via Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Internet Marketing, and Web Marketing)

Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

Product Description:

The absolute best way to learn how to grow a successful business is to pay attention to how the experts have done it before you. Internet Marketing for Business Answers, the Small Business Expert Interviews edition puts you into a private one-on-one session with over 16 of the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs on the Web.

Get a free copy of the audio book by visiting internetmarketingforbusinessanswers.com

Who Is This Book For?
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

You should read this book because it will help you generate more sales and leads
You should read this book because it will help you learn how to get more publicity for your brand
You should read this book because the people interviewed in this book have collectively over 150-years of experience dominating their industry and niche
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

And here’s the BIG reason. You should read this book because after you read it, you’re going to be excited, energized, amazed, and ready to run through a brick wall to implement the strategies and techniques and lessons you will have learned. Here’s a tip: Put your helmet on first. Those bricks are tough!
What’s in the book?
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

This book truly covers the vast expanse of Internet marketing from start to finish. The topics you will read and learn about include:

Word of mouth marketing
Customer service success secrets
Web broadcasting & podcasting techniques
Motivational & entrepreneurial startup tips
Book authoring & professional speaking tips
Niche publishing business case studies
Search engine marketing tactics
Business branding & tagline techniques
Affiliate marketing
Landing page optimization
Usability testing
Public relations
Pay per click strategies
Viral marketing techniques
Web video production & promotion
Sales & marketing success & case studies
Website copy writing & design
Much more
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

And remember, these business-changing tips and lessons are delivered to you from the mindset of a small business owner to the small business owner (you). Everything you will learn in this book is something you can take back to the office today and implement tomorrow, with minimal cost. And who doesn’t want that?
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

Editorial Review:

“Awesome approach to teaching internet marketing!” – Rachel Honoway

“I immediately dove in. I love it. Stop reading this right now and buy the book. You won’t regret it.” – Josh G.
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

“Jim Kukral’s book, “Internet Marketing for Business Answers”, is a buffet of knowledge from top industry leaders with a combined 150 years of marketing experience. Readers can fill their plates with the juiciest tips, tricks and proven strategies to achieve more sales, more leads and ultimately make more money.” – Karen M.

“Internet Marketing for Business Answers is a modern day Toolkit for Entrepreneurs.” – Jason S.
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

“This book is full of information on many subjects that all inter wind with building a business and being successful.” – Vinny O.

About the Author.

Jim Kukral has helped small businesses and large companies like Fedex, Sherwin Williams, Ernst & Young and Progressive Auto Insurance understand how find success on the Web. Jim is a professional speaker, award-winning blogger and small business Web consultant.

Here’s how Jim can help you:

* Build successful new online businesses or energize and refresh existing ones
* LInternet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)
earn how to leverage social media for more sales, leads and publicity
* Create imaginative marketing campaigns that get talked about
* Innovate new products and services that could positively change your business bottom line
* Attract first-class publicity that actually means something and gives an ROI
* Make more profits with less work
* Build a business around a lifestyle, not the other way around
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

A graduate of The University of Akron with a BA in Public Relations and a minor in Sales & Marketing, Jim has spent time working for publicly traded firms and small businesses alike. Jim’s work and experience in the Internet marketing industry has branded him as a leading thinker and thought-leader in the community.
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

Jim started work in the Internet business in 1995, mostly in the trenches writing code, designing websites and managing large projects for one of the USA’s first Web firms based in Cleveland, OH. Jim is credited with building some of the first major Fortune 500 websites and blogs in America. His work has been viewed by millions around the world.
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

A blogger since 2001, Jim has reached millions of readers through online channels/networks and offline by writing for magazines and trade journals that are sent all over the globe.

You can currently see Jim’s writing in magazines like Revenue Today and FeedFront. Jim has also spent time writing professionally for online sources like clickZ and Builder.com as well as the Web’s largest tech group blog at ReveNews.com where Jim served as the Publisher for 2-years.
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

Jim has done well producing publicity for himself and for his projects or others who have hired him to do so. He has been quoted or featured in some way in online and offline print publications such as Forbes, Brandweek, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, BusinessWeek, Inc., Small Business Trends, FeedFront, Revenue Today, Marketing Sherpa and Duct Tape Marketing network… to name just a few.
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

On a daily basis Jim spends most of his time helping entrepreneurs and small business owners learn how to find success online. His passion for teaching shines through in his training and coaching programs that have been taken by hopeful business owners from around the globe.
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

Most recently, Jim serves as a Program Faculty Member for the University of San Francisco’s Internet Marketing Program where he teaches classes to students around the globe on the topics of Internet marketing, Web monetization and social media.
Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Small Business Expert Interviews)

Push Button Marketer Kit. Stop Slaving Away On Your Computer, And Put Your Computer To Work FOR You!

Now you can save hours every day, get more done,and make more money…while working LESS.Our cutting edge software can automate an unlimited number of tasks, including tedious ones like handling email, writing content, checking stats, and building websites.

We’ve cracked the code to getting more done and making more
money online with LESS work. Think we’re kidding? Think again.
Push Button Marketing Kit

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

I know what you’re probably thinking right now…

Part of your brain is thinking that this could be the biggest hyped up pile of junk that you’ve ever seen. But another part of your brain is wondering…
could this be real? Could they really have found the holy grail of the Internet marketing world…
Push Button Marketing Kit

The proverbial push button system!?

A magic bullet!?

After all, it’s the stuff of legends isn’t it? I mean, what Internet marketer hasn’t fantasized about a truly automated way of doing business?

I certainly have.

And while I dreamed for years of an easier and more efficient way of doing business, I conceded that a “push button system” was nothing more than a fantasy.
Push Button Marketing Kit

But then it dawned on me…

It’s the reason why computers were invented in the first place; to do work for us! People were tired of doing math, so they invented the computer to “compute” for them.

And ever since that time, mankind has been improving the computer; teaching it to do new things, and getting it to do more work for us.

Today, some computers are bordering on artificial intelligence, and they perform countless tasks for millions of people daily. Computers can build things, they can render entire virtual worlds, they can even beat us at chess.
Push Button Marketing Kit

So I started thinking…
“If computers are so smart, then why
am I working so hard on my computer
instead of letting IT work for ME?”

Maybe you can relate to me.

Do you spend a lot of your time on your computer?

I’ll take it a step further…

Do you REGULARLY devote portions of your precious time to one or more of the following activities?
Push Button Marketing Kit

Checking email
Writing content
Checking stats online
Managing websites
Managing PPC campaigns
Building websites or web pages
Handling customer service
Logging into a website or member area
Social networking
Creating backup files or folders
Other online business-related activities

If you do ANY of the above, then you need what I needed:
Push Button Marketing Kit


After all, you don’t really WANT to be a SLAVE to your business, do you?

When you imagine your lifestyle as a successful Internet marketer, you’re probably not envisioning yourself cooped up in a dark corner of your home, slaving away on your computer around the clock.

And yet, that’s the way it is for so many work-from-home entrepreneurs. They work at home for the FREEDOM, but they end up becoming a slave to their business! And that stinks. After all…
You didn’t sign up to become a SLAVE, did you?

I know I sure didn’t.
Push Button Marketing Kit

I became an Internet marketer so that I could spend more time doing the important things in life… like my family!

Not only am I needed by them in the offline world; I actually do prefer to live in the “real” world.

If you’re anything like me, perhaps you like doing stuff offline too

I’m talking about things like traveling, playing with my kids, fishing, making music, dining out, hanging out with friends, and all those other things that are best experienced in the real world.
Push Button Marketing Kit

So I’ve had to find various ways of streamlining and automating portions of my business. And sure, I do some outsourcing too (by the way– if you’re doing everything by yourself, I recommend reading The E-myth, by Michael Gerber, to learn the concepts of business building.)

Personally, I’m happy running my own business. And I don’t want to hire a bunch of people, so I’ve had to find ways of growing my business without creating more work for myself.
Push Button Marketing Kit

But regardless of your business building style: whether you work by yourself, or if you have an entire team of people working for you, the following principle applies:

You will get more done if you can harness technology to do it for you.
Push Button Marketing Kit

The question was…
How could I harness the true power of my computer
and get it to do the work FOR me?

My answer came from a friend in the business, we’ll call him “Mr. Q”.

You see, Mr. Q has a very successful online business, and it got to the point that he could not longer handle it by himself. It came time to outsource some things like email and customer support.

It just so happened that Mr Q’s brother-in-law (We’ll call him Micah) was interested in online business too, and needed some extra cash to pay off his student loans (he graduated with a degree in Drama/Television… he even helped make the cool video on this page).
Push Button Marketing Kit

So he gladly accepted Mr. Q’s offer to have him help out with some stuff, and in turn learn the ropes of the business.

It didn’t take Micah long to realize WHY all those tasks had been outsourced to him… they were a pain in the rear!

Fortunately for all of us, Micah doesn’t take too kindly to pains in the rear, so he decided to do something about it.

We call him the “master of efficiency”, because he’s never content with the speed of his work. He also hates having to do anything more than once.

And yet, most of what Mr. Q was having him do were repetitious, mind-numbingly annoying things. Sound familiar? Yes, those are the very same kind of things that I’m sure you are spending time doing on YOUR computer.
Push Button Marketing Kit

So he began his quest for a better way of doing things, which brings us to…
How I discovered the ground-breaking technology that runs much of my business on autopilot…

In his quest to find easier and quicker ways of accomplishing computer-based tasks, Micah tested various software programs and systems…

–and to make a long story short, he discovered a customizable software program that was able to accomplish most of what he wanted it to do.
Push Button Marketing Kit

Over the past few years, he has developed this program into a unique system that completes tasks for him on demand.

No longer does he view the menial tasks of Internet marketing as pains in the rear. He views them as challenges to be overcome, and he has made a game of conquering them one by one.
Push Button Marketing Kit

First he automated the process of handling emails, saving hours a day…

Then he streamlined our customer service…

Then he automated various tasks related to managing my many websites.

And on and on, he continued to “train” his special software to do whatever he wanted it to do.
Push Button Marketing Kit

Within a couple years, it had almost taken on a life of its own…
We knew we had something big on our hands when he pressed ONE button, and his computer did a job that would have normally taken him 8 hours!

That particular task happened to be building a large collection of website templates.

Would you like to be able to press a button and let your computer do something like that for you?
Push Button Marketing Kit

It’s now been a couple of years since that epiphany, and Micah and Mr Q have continued to use this special software for new and increasingly more complicated things.

And while it was custom tailored for the needs of Mr. Q’s business, I always knew that it could be customized to meet the needs of ANY business.
Push Button Marketing Kit

So I’ve partnered with Mr. Q, and we’ve devoted ourselves to turning this system into a push-button simple program that can be utilized and enjoyed by ALL Internet marketers… including you!

We’ve spent many thousands of dollars on the technology, and have poured hundreds upon hundreds of hours into this project.
Push Button Marketing Kit

We’ve also come up with many new and exciting ways of using our system.

In a recently survey of 37,000 Internet marketers, we discovered that they had something in common. The majority of them were all experiencing the same hassles and areas of frustration in their businesses.

Our goal for this project is to overcome as many of those frustrations as possible, and to help you automate the areas of your business that are slowing you down.
Push Button Marketing Kit

Frankly, I think you’re going to be amazed by what this program is going to do for your business.
Push Button Marketing Kit
I’d like to introduce you to our Push Button Marketer package…Click Here To Read More Complete Detailed Information.
Push Button Marketing Kit

The Internet Marketing Profit Plan.

Struggling to make money online…?

You are just a few steps away from internet success, will you learn the skills you need to succeed?

If you are struggling to make money online then you’re probably missing just a few pieces of the puzzle!
The Internet Marketing Profit Plan

Dear Frustrated Internet Entrepreneur,

If you have been trying to make money online for even a short amount of time then you’ll have no doubt bought hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of products so far, all of them selling you a magic pill.

Am I right?

Did any of them work? Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there at one point, it is like a ‘right of passage’ to internet success that everyone has to go through. So what’s the answer? Well first stop buying junk! Next you need to learn the essential profit-pulling skills crucial to success. The kind of skills you can build a profitable business with, and that will set you up to make money from the internet whatever the economic climate and whatever direction you decide to take.
The Internet Marketing Profit Plan
Real skills, real tools, no smoke and mirrors, you want success? Well you’re going to have to work for it, but that just makes the success so much sweeter!

No more magic pills – just the missing pieces of the puzzle to help you start to build a real business!
The Internet Marketing Profit Plan
Imagine the satisfaction of earning money right from in front of your computer, of earning money while you sleep! You’ve been told that before though, you’ve also been told it’ll only take you 30 minutes a day. You CAN earn money while you sleep, you CAN earn it from in front of your computer, but you’re NOT going to earn it for just 30 minutes a day, not at first anyway.
The Internet Marketing Profit Plan
This product was created to cut through all crap that people are being sold which teach fancy tricks and techniques to make money. This book teaches you the essential skills and tools you need to stand up and stake a claim on your share of the cash being spent online!

The activities that set you apart from 99% of the other people trying to make money online as they are still too busy chasing their tail with all the other schemes, meanwhile you know the tried and tested methods to bring in the traffic and sales.
The Internet Marketing Profit Plan
Here is what you could be learning just minutes from now!
The mindset that will almost guarantee you have success (not just thinking positive!)
One thing that you MUST learn to be a ‘real’ online marketer, everyone tries to cover this up when they sell you courses but I lay it bare for all to see and teach you how to master it!
The most profitable thing you can work towards and how you need to watch everything you say in your emails if you are to stand a chance of getting this
Why Web 2.0 sites are great for short-term gain, but just too risky for anything else
The most important activity you can do which has helped to launch the businesses of some of the most successful internet entrepreneurs of today
The single biggest mistake people make starting out which you MUST avoid if you ever want to make serious profits…
How to accelerate your learning so you can get more done faster!
And so much more!
The Internet Marketing Profit Plan
When you have your first success under your belt then others come so much easier!

That’s right, once you start to see a little bit of success then you’ll find others come at you from all angles. Once you have some of your own fruits from your own labor then you’ll have priceless information on what markets work, what products and angles work, all the kind of information you can’t get from any course!
The Internet Marketing Profit Plan
Using the skills you are about to learn you can then expand your strategies massively and start to truly exploit the power of the internet to work with you rather than against you, you’ll start to make a presence for yourself in your market.

Start to build up a portfolio of money-making assets
The Internet Marketing Profit Plan
If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide of how to make money online then you’re in the wrong place, if you want a roadmap of what you need to own and learn to make sure any step-by-step plans you have will work, then you’ve reached the promised land.

Stop wasting money and energy on things that don’t work, start today to build a real business to look after you rather than the other way round!
The Internet Marketing Profit Plan
Let’s face it, how much have you spent on broken promises and failed dreams recently? A lot no doubt! Well if this book can help to stop you wasting more money on rubbish and teach you how to use all the courses you already have – how much would it be worth to you? 10% of what you’ve spent? 50% 100%?

I’m here to run a business so I can’t just give the information away for free, but then this priceless information could help you out so much that I don’t want to price it out of people’s reach, so $17 sounds fair to me, I get a fair pay for my work and you get your hands on some of the best information around on how to start a successful internet business at a pittance of other so-called guides.
The Internet Marketing Profit Plan
Look at it this way — $17 is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on ‘The Internet Marketing Profit Plan’ and start using it right away to build your business!

You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In “The Internet Marketing Profit Plan”

The Internet Marketing Profit Plan
Developing the Right Mindset
– Avoiding the IM Quicksand
– Accelerated Learning
– Learning to be Productive
– Dealing With Problems
– Winning in the Long Term
Essential Tools of the Internet Marketing Elite
– Writing
– Websites/Hosting
– Web 2.0 Sites
– Blogs
– Autoresponder
– Payment Processors/Affiliate Networks
– Relationships
Making Money
– Adsense/Selling Advertising
– Affiliate Marketing
– Product Creation
– Using Leverage
Ways to Get Traffic
– Articles
– Web 2.0 Sites
Conclusion/Next Steps
The Internet Marketing Profit Plan

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