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Super Immunity: The Essential Nutrition Guide for Boosting Your Body’s Defenses to Live Longer, Stronger, and Disease Free(A World Class #1 Best Seller In Immunology)

After 30 days of living it,

I’ve done the diet recommended in the book for 30 days now. I’ve lost 5 pounds per week without feeling like I’m trying. I feel so much better. My skin looks like when I was in high school (~ 20 years ago). People keep asking what is going on – why I look different, younger, skinnier. The best thing is that I haven’t felt hungry or like I’m doing something difficult. I eat as many fruits and veggies as I want – like he recommends. And, I make the desserts as a reward for living it and they are very tasty.

If you love food and are skeptical about never getting to eat good food again, try the Cherry Sorbet recipe and I think you’ll be won over. That recipe did it for me. I was a major ice cream addict and the desserts he recommends have made the transition off ice cream so much easier.

Getting the food together and preparing it does take some work but it really gets easy. Now I can prepare the meals for the day in about an hour and often have left overs so I don’t have to cook every day.

Anyway, I love the book. It’s made a huge difference in the quality of my life. I’ve been recommending it to friends a lot because so many ask what is going on.

A wealth of information!,

I am an avid fan of Dr. Fuhrman ever since I came across him on PBS one sleepless night! His diet has changed my life! Super Immunity only builds on that knowledge reinforcing for true health reasons why in the world you would choose to eat this way. There are no gimmicks, no supplements, no weird food to eat. You can choose to be vegan or not. It is completely up to you. Studies show and the results of his 20+ year practice of thousands and thousands of patients prove that nothing is more nutritious or nurturing for your body that whole produce, and especially the leafy greens and cruciferous veggies. Fresh whole fruits, nuts & seeds and cooked dried beans are the basis of the “diet”.

It is actually a healthy lifestyle and once I started adding these things to my diet I soon found out that I felt just completely rotten eating “the old way”. The energy I have, the easy weight loss, loss of joint pain, and feeling of well being are priceless to me. I have Dr. Furhman to thank for that. I share this information with anyone who shows interest in improving their health or losing weight. People who will turn up their noses at the diet may be interested to know that your tastes will change over time if you give it a chance. I now rarely miss salt in my food, find processed food too salty and sweet, and regular salad dressing on my salad is just too greasy and unappealing. All of this from a 55 year old woman who once weighed 205 pounds and wore size 16 most unattractively. Today I am 135 pounds and a size 4! Never thought I could do that in a million years and without starving. I have no cravings for junk and I am never hungry until it is time to eat!

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, give it a try. Just the information alone on what the food can do for you is compelling enough. The bonus of healthful eating aside from decreasing your chances of developing cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune diesases over time is weight loss!

This book is a MUST have!,

I purchased this book at the recommendation of a friend. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money, but decided to go ahead and take the dive. I am SO happy I did! I’ve been falling off the health wagon because I am bored with “health food”, but this book also comes with plenty of delicious and interesting recipes – which got me back on the wagon.

My mother in law was diagnosed with stage 3B ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer has a low survival rate, and it was very hard on us to get this news, as we are all very close. While going through chemo, she made a huge change and kept trying to get us watching her dvds about nutrition and reading her books. She started making healthy food for meals when we visited, and I was surprised at how good they tasted. I was also overjoyed to hear her news that the cancer was in remission and she was done with chemo. I knew that the chances of her cancer coming back were high, though. Within 2 years, most people are not alive. She had something like an 18% chance of surviving this one. Still, she continued to prepare healthy meals and talk to us about how important it is. She wanted very much for us to PREVENT what she just went through. Then, she passed the 2 year mark without her cancer coming back. She passed the 3 year mark…. she just kept going. She looks great and has energy, and even kept working as a teacher through her chemo (this woman is a pillar!).

We were visiting recently, and I told her about this book, Super Immunity. She said that this is the way she has been eating for a while now, and had us watch her DVDs again. When she got them out, I realized that they were Dr. Fuhrman’s! She has most of his books and has been following his advice all this time. If it weren’t for her change in diet, and great discipline in following Dr.Fuhrman’s nutrition advice, I don’t think she would have made it through this. Now, we are working to prevent cancer and other killers by adopting a healthier lifestyle. If this is all I have to do to keep from suffering through cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc….. I’m on board!
Super Immunity: The Essential Nutrition Guide for Boosting Your Body’s Defenses to Live Longer, Stronger, and Disease Free

Kitchen Metabolic,Version in Spanish of the recipes book burning fat #1 of the Anglo market. A perfect complement to any program to lose weight!

Tea will reveal how to prepare quick and easy recipes that will burn fat from your body much faster than boring diets you follow!
(No need to eat a spicy Chilly)

A new article that will open you eyes, written by an expert in fitness and culinary partner: Dave Ruel and Karine Losier, showing you that fat-burning diet doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless.

From the kitchen of Karine Losier and Dave Ruel

Dear friend,

My name is Karine, I am the co-founder of metabolic and also known as “Fitness Queen of the kitchen” kitchen.

If you’re reading this right now, means only one thing: are on a mission to accelerate fat loss and to get rid of your boring diet.

Meet Karine Losier
The Fitness Queen of the kitchen

Karine also known as the “Fitness Queen of cuisine ‘ has a great passion for food, fitness, and the culinary adventure.” Thrill to her challenge techniques commonly used by chefs looking for alternatives to eating healthy. In a nutshell, is a true Renegade of culinary glamour.

Karine is not only a “fizzing” and little chef. She has a master’s degree in Psychology so you are fully aware of all the psychological struggles that people face related to their eating habits and diets; that is how it knows the importance of good nutrition that knows well and serve as motivation to follow a diet, through the challenge of these common psychological beliefs.

You’ve already done that and the other. You have done various diets in the past and you have not seen real results, despite your best efforts

You are also a busy person and don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare your meals every day.

Now are looking for something more, something new, something fresh, and something that really works for you for a change. The good news is that I’ve found and I’m here to help you!

As you have noticed, I have a great passion for food, fitness and culinary adventures. It is correct, I am the Lara Croft of the kitchen to lose weight! I am a true Renegade of the glamour in the kitchen.

I am excited to challenge the techniques most commonly used by many chefs when looking for healthier alternatives.


top fat burning foodsMe fascinates challenge the methods ‘professional’ using my self-study tips and produce recipes that know equally well or even better than these chefs do it.

Probably already know the person with who I share my life: Dave Ruel.

Dave is one of the most respected fitness chefs and trust of North America.

Dave has a great history and helping others achieve their goals, whether it is to lose fat or create muscle, all with his revolutionary and simple recipes and nutritional approach. In recent years, it has helped thousands of people achieve their goals through a successful diet to burn fat.

When I met Dave, he taught me to cook healthfully and keep me in shape at the same time, which is something with which I fought for years. After that, the rest was history. I fell in love with the man and his way of cooking. The food is also a way to get to the heart of a woman!

Is what I’ll now ask: “What is the story behind metabolic kitchen?”

Well, the truth is that I also have a master’s degree in psychology. I had the opportunity to deal with many people with weight problems and constantly struggle to lose body fat.

This has made me fully aware of all the psychological struggles that people suffer in relation to your eating habits and diets, as well as I know the importance of good nutrition that know great, to use food burning grease quality and serve to encourage people to continue with their diet, challenging their most common psychological beliefs.

So one day I came back from my Office and I said to Dave that I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to create new recipes that make you burn fat in record time.

Dave is simply unbeatable when designing creative recipes and knows what people want, need and expect, nutrition and cooking. We are the perfect team to solve the problems most people have at the time of losing body fat and feel good about your body.
Why kitchen metabolic functions
We noticed that something was
Extremely bad
With most of cookbooks to “lose fat”

In fact, if you are someone who has been on a diet to lose weight and you’ve used a different variety of books to lose weight, most likely to know that those diets and cooking books simply do not work.

But why not work? what do they have us it makes difficult to see successful outcomes of weight loss?

Take a look to these problems:

The recipes are not made with foods with a high metabolic Termo-Carga. They do not have any structure to make you lose more body fat. They do not fight against the phenomenon of metabolic adaptation.
In other words:
Problem #1:
These “healthy fat-burning” cookbooks used the wrong ingredients. Instead of using ingredients that really will help you burn fat, they use unhealthy ingredients that usually make that your body retains fat, such as margarine, dressings high in calories or even sugar!. In a nutshell, your recipes are not optimized for a diet fat burning. It is not, obviously, you’re looking for.
Problem #2:
The second problem is that these books do not have any structure and are not organized to create fast and easy meal plans. They are usually just a little together recipes, i.e., you choose what you feel like to eat at any time of the day. This will do you burn fat quickly!
Problem #3
Most of the time, you’ll end up eating the same non-metabolic foods over and over again, day after day. This will only help to slow your metabolism to the point where you don’t burn more fat. Instead of this, need to be eating the best foods burn fat for help with your metabolism to be where they should be.

How does metabolic kitchen change this?
#1 Solution:

All metabolic kitchen recipes have been designed with ingredients with a high metabolic Termo-Carga.

Basically, we’re using metabolic powers that have certain foods to make your body burn more body fat.

This is our way of using the food thermogenic effect. The metabolic Termo-Carga of food is synonym of how many calories burn off your body only to break down nutrients whenever you eat certain foods.

The majority of people have no idea of the power that some foods have on the process of fat burning that occurs in the body, so they are never bothered by this.

Solution #2

Metabolic kitchen uses a great “system profiles” for their recipes.

Our Nutri-metabolic profile is the system we use in the recipes along metabolic kitchen so you can see precisely what nutrients are taking and be sure that each meal make the most of your metabolism rate.

Like the majority of people get complicated when planning their diets and often resort to weigh their meals in a precise way and count every mili calorie of each dish.

Although it can make you feel this will ensure you get results, everything does is drive you crazy stress and make you give up the diet.

That’s why we created the Nutri-metabolic profile, a simple and effective approach that does not require complex scientific calculations of any kind.


It is by far the best system “all in one” for management of meals that we have created.

Solution #3

Metabolic kitchen has been fighting the phenomenon of metabolic adaptation.

This phenomenon occurs at the point of your dietary plan where your body knows clearly and precisely what you get when you eat your food and has adapted fully to this. When it reaches this State, it is when fat loss is to stop completely.

The phenomenon of Adaptive metabolic is a time frustrating for anyone on diet because it is the point in which the body has adapted completely to the food that you give and decreases your metabolism to match consumption.

When the rate of metabolism decreases, you burn exactly the same amount of calories that you consume during your diet, which will stop the loss of fat.

To be able to overcome the phenomenon of metabolic adaptation, you will have to vary your nutrient intake regularly, giving a jolt to your body as time passes. This will keep you guessing what will happen then, ensuring that your metabolism stays fast at all times. Metabolic kitchen also helps you with this to give the diet burn fat your body needs!


So, as you’ve seen, metabolic kitchen will help you to burn fat faster by speeding up your metabolism in many ways. But most importantly, our recipes to know great. They are not that kind of food without flavor that you started to avoid just because you can’t stand its smell. These are foods that you wait eagerly and probably up to anhelarás them. I know this because it is what I have been told over and over again my clients that have used. After you use our recipes, even think them back to the old, unhealthy meals that used to consume because just… you don’t know as well!
A look at what there is in…

And about 250 more fat burning recipes…

… that are quick to prepare. Unlike some of those recipes “cookbooks to lose weight” who have meals where you do have to spend a whole afternoon preparing them. Our meals are as easy as 1-2-3. They require a scramble in the kitchen so you can spend more time enjoying them and then proceed with your life.

They are simple, easy and quick to prepare so that even the busiest person will be able to find time to prepare them.
For complete detailed information about this product please click on the hyperlink below:


(A High Quality Product) Quest Nutrition LLC Protein Bar Coconut Cashew.

Cashew coconut QuestBar protein bar

20 grams of protein in every bar

No sugar or artificial sweeteners used

Take advantage of the crisis in the tropics with protein QuestBar coconut cashew bars. These natural bars all deliver them 20 grams of protein with each portion and are also rich in fiber and gluten-free. Quest is the first really low bar carbohydrate that contains no Glycerin or simple carbohydrates, uses no sugar or artificial sweeteners. Quest bars are only bars you can eat without feeling guilty.
Quest Nutrition LLC Protein Bar Coconut Cashew
It’s 12 Bars.

Ingredients: Blend of protein (whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate), Isomalto-Oligosaccharides * (100% natural prebiotic fibres), water, erythritol, coconut, almonds, cashew nuts, sea salt, flavours, Lo Han Guo, Stevia natural.

* From plant sources Isomalto-Oligosaccharides are 100% natural prebiotic fibres.

Almonds contain: And milk-derived ingredients.

Quest Nutrition LLC Protein Bar Coconut Cashew

(An Excellent Product) Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor’s Program for Conquering Disease.

Thoroughly researched scientific overview of fasting,

I am interested in learning more about fasting, and have read several non-medical books on the subject. By the time I got this book, I was looking for a book on fasting that could back up its claims as well as making them freely. I bought this book looking for a well researched overview of fasting with case studies, and I got what I paid for, in spades! Not only did Dr. Fuhrman present his conclusions in easy-to-read language, he footnoted every conclusion he presented with the study (many times, multiple studies) he used to form those conclusions. The studies are primarily current and from major medical publications (JAMA, NEJM, etc) with little reliance on anecdotal or dated information. I was highly impressed, and that’s pretty hard to do. Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, the one charge that *cannot* be reasonably levelled at this book is a lack of fact, citations, or research. The studies he cites are definitely out there and available for anyone who wants the raw data and is willing to do the further research.

I did find the book a little light on dietary recommendations; in other words, a healthy diet is stressed and some general guidelines are given, but he doesn’t lay out specific do’s and don’ts, perhaps thinking that is best left up to the reader. I would have liked to see more of that, but since that’s not why I bought the book I didn’t miss it much.

One thing I did like very much was that he consistently and squarely lays the responsibility for one’s own health at one’s own feet. After having personally dealt with too many doctors who are threatened by patients who think, this was incredibly refreshing. Dr. Fuhrman makes it clear that he is not the healer; the patients are. The patients do the work and the patients heal themselves — he presents his role as that of a facilitator. In my opinion, that is the only healthy view of medicine there is, so he’s definitely made a fan of me!

One last word: anyone who doubts the validity of fasting as a healing modality is likely someone who never fatsted. It’s not just Dr. Fuhrman; this is centuries old and richly documented. Unless you’ve got a clear medical reason not to fast, it’s definitely worth trying. I have, and my limited experience is that Dr. Fuhrman is right on the money with his recommendations and observations. Excellent book! Thank you, Doc!

Wonderful Book,

Perhaps the most authoritative book written on fasting. It is comprehensive, detailed, and well documented. Therapeutic fasting is well presented as an alternative regimen to drug therapy. However, appropriate caveats are given about care of a physician for fasts lasting longer than 3 days. Also, recommendations about optimal diet to accompany the fast are presented. The author favors a low protein, low fat, high fiber vegetarian diet as a precursor to the fast. All in all, a solid book. I think that the book would have benefited from more detail on how a patient can recognize and distinguish healthful symptoms of fasting from harmful ones. Doctors hide the ball all too often (though Dr. Fuhrman is less guilty of this than most physicians)instead of empowering patient to diagnose and treat their own conditions.

Wonderful book, however,

It’s premised on the idea that if you are going to fast for more than three days, you obtain a trained physician to assist you in your fast. Good luck finding one. Most MDs won’t support the necessary regimen or have the training to perform it. Frequently, one finds that chiropractors or naturopaths are main the ones offering this service. But even then, there are only a handful certified by IAHP (Hygeniec Physicians). That leaves the reader in a quandry. Do you I go it alone and risk complications or resign myself to 3 days or less without many of the benefits a longer fast has. To me, the only flaw of Dr. Fuhrman’s book is that it leads the reader to the hope of fasting for health without the necessary support work of physicians or health professionals to provide this service. Flying to New Jersey to spend a month with Dr. Furhman isn’t realistic for me or many I would imagine. Perhaps it would be better to empower the patient and train individuals in what to look for regarding their own health. Order their own blood tests, etc. I’m frustrated that there is a wonderful treatment potentially so close and yet so far. BTW, otherwise, his book is wonderful (which is why I gave it 5 stars). It’s an excellent buy whether you can find a doctor or not.

It works,

All I can say is that it works.

Five years ago, I did a two week fast. It was like turning back the clock. I was 49 years old at the time. By the time I had finished the fast, I felt like someone in their early 30’s. My acid-reflux heartburn was gone, my bloodpressure dropped from 150/100 to 114/75, my short term memory improved dramatically and so on.

It really works.

Fuhrman accurately describes what happens in a fast. It is very surprising that you don’t feel hungry, but you don’t. Additionally – and contrary to what one would expect – you don’t sleep. You would think that you would sleep all the time but actually you are lucky if you can get an hour or two of sleep a night. The lack of sleep does not affect your cognitive functioning. Fuhrman accurately describes all of that in his book and more.

The only thing that I felt was inaccurate was his all-vegetarian diet. After you get off the fast, he wants you to stay on an all-vegetarian diet. I could not stay with that. I felt hungry all the time. The book says that you won’t feel hungry but I did feel hungry. I could have eaten every vegetable east of the Mississippi and still felt hungry. I do better with a mainly – but not totally – vegetarian diet.

Still the book is valuable. If you are looking for a way to rejuvenate yourself, this is a good book to read.
Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor’s Program for Conquering Disease

(Super Hot Seller)The Beauty Detox Foods: Discover the Top 50 Beauty Foods That Will Transform Your Body and Reveal a More Beautiful You,Buy Now

51ti4iAYglLIn her best-selling book, The Beauty Detox Solution, Kimberly Snyder – a Hollywood celebrity albums nutritionists and specialists of beauty – sharing the revolutionary program that keeps its customers a list in the form of red carpet. Now you can get the star treatment with this guide to food 50 albums beauty that will make you the most beautiful from the inside. Stop wasting your money on cosmetics fancy, expensive and achieve concrete results, while spending less at your neighborhood grocery.

-Enjoy avocados and sweet potatoes for the young and radiant skin

-Nibble of seeds of pumpkin for shiny hair

-Eating bananas and celery to reduce dark circles

With more than 85 recipes that taste as good as they make, you can finally support your health and beauty – a delicious bite both at the same time.

Fanatical drive recommends strongly…

I am an enthusiastic supporter of Snyder and eagerly awaited this version.
There is no doubt that there is follow-up, the long-awaited companion to his first title, complete with hold full of easy to prepare snacks and meals. I have this rate with five bright green gold stars! We love tapas in our House and this book is dreaming of a “tapas-phile. I’m usually overwhelmed with recipes and fear that I can not adhere to the strict process multi-step create something wonderful from scratch. It is ideal for new players and long-time supporters. Snyder recipes are simple but decadent. It binds with cohesion its philosophies and approach to eating for health and beauty perfectly well in this book. She shares her wisdom, philosophy and knowledge of food healing through revenues. I am a reader eager to iBooks and download most of my books, rarely hard purchase covers these days, but because I grew up to be quite for Snyder fanatics, this ‘Cookbook’ must be added to your list.

As soon as I tasted her signature and the now famous Glowing Green Smoothie, I’ve been hooked and always want more. I have order her GGS directly from her shop which is shipped to NY every two weeks so don’t miss us a beat in our House; It is very good. Too many bars juice or smoothie remove any pulp, that all this goodness green waste. Snyder GGS is literally a well-balanced mixture salad – or meal replacement (breakfast in a bottle) in the form of a smoothie – which downed even by my husband-loving carnivore. Revenues proved much more in the form of healing foods.

Food Detox beauty is the gold standard for the vegan recipes. This book belongs to all reading, downloading, or hard copy directory.
The Beauty Detox Foods: Discover the Top 50 Beauty Foods That Will Transform Your Body and Reveal a More Beautiful You

(Global Super Hot Best Seller) PRICKLY PEAR RED FRUIT POWDER:Three -PACK (A Nopal Cactus Fruit Juice Concentrate Powder)Three Mylar Bags Resealable = 3 Mo. Supply for a Healthy Inflammation Response

It’s Red Fig Fruit powder barrel – not the Green powder Nopal Pad.
It’s 100% PURE prickly pear fruit in the form of crystalline powder; No sugar or added loads!
Rich in betalains – antioxidants that promote the healthy inflammation reaction.
3 Pack is very concentrated = 3 months supply = 720 grams in Total.
Cost of about 40% cheaper than the prickly pear juice when comparing the dosage. Also makes a great tea!

Product description

Pack of 3: an excellent alternative to the prickly pear juice. It also makes a delicious tea! Our first quality powder comes from Prickly Pear red Fruit that grows on the Nopal cactus. It is 100% pure! It has no fillers, sugar, or dye added. It maintains a value high in antioxidants (betalains) while enjoying the delicious taste of all of the prickly pear Fruit. It’s the Fruit powder of prickly pear quality higher on the market. Its crystalline aspect is the natural colour of the Red fig fruit harvesting of ripe pear. This powder is mixed well with the water and other drinks. This is a high concetrate powder. The serving size is 1 teaspoon of powder (approximately 4 grams). There are 60 servings per package, with a net weight of 240 grams. Instructions for use: mix 1-3 tablespoons coffee per day into your favorite beverage as a dietary supplement, or scenting your drink to your preferred taste. If mix you in 8 ounces of water, 3 tablespoons coffee creates a strong flavoured drink. If mix you it with juice or make a tea and 2 tablespoons coffee is more than enough to enjoy the delicious flavor of barbarism while maintaining the nutritional benefits. (It tastes especially good Apple juice.) In this scenario, a Pack of mylar bags 3 would be 3 months. The product is manufactured in the United States and comes from these two varieties of prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica), & Opuntia Streptacantha, each with its unique advantages. Combined together, they create synergistic benefits for the consumer. Prickly pear rely on the nutritional level of inflammation, balance blood sugar levels, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, help cardiovascular health and promote the growth of healthy cells. In addition to the nutritional benefits, this powder makes a great treat when used in other beverages, including teas, smoothies and even added to vanilla ice cream shakes. We hope give you our Red Fig Fruit powder of barbarism, a test and see for yourself how good it really is!

It’s a great alternative to drinking the juice of prickly pear every day.

My first order was the single bag and I left a review for this, but I am copying here too, since it is the same product, but has benefited from a reduction in bag multi. I wish the discounts were larger, but I am sold on this powder. When I do my next order, I’ll buy one of these multiple bags to save a little money. In any case, here’s the review I wrote on the first bag: I do not think I would find a prickly pear product as good as Nochtli juice which I’ve grown attached to recently. However, this compares with juice, because it’s fruit 100% Red prickly pear, sugar-free, dye or anything else added to it. The powder of prickly pear is naturally red which means that it is high in antioxidants as well. I would also like to add my powdered Sambozan Acai juice (like apple, pinneapple and orange). Today I have no part Apple Juice more, so I tried something new. I mixed my red powder in the applesauce, and it tasted good! I even thought it would be fun sometimes to serve my friends of applesauce red prickly pear (sounds exotic in any case). Laughing out loud. Later in the day, I took cold orange juice, red powder of prickly pear, cold water and applesauce and transformed into a pulpy type drink. I know that may seem weird to you, but I really liked. The biggest problem I see with this powder is that I like it too and likely to have a moment difficult keeping stored. More that just enjoy the flavor, I found that it is for me the ‘ pick me up ‘ late afternoon when I feel tired and helps me have the energy to spend the rest of my day until sunset.
PRICKLY PEAR RED FRUIT POWDER: 3-PACK (A Nopal Cactus Fruit Juice Concentrate Powder) 3 Resealable Mylar Bags= 3 Mo. Supply for a Healthy Inflammation Response

Raspberry Ketones — Miracle Fat Burn 250mg per Serving HIGH POTENCY- sixty Caps.

Raspberry Ketones — Miracle Fat Burn 250mg per Serving HIGH POTENCY- sixty Caps

Highest Quality, Natural and PURE Raspberry ketone blend
Helps reduce naturally EXTREME efficiency
Made in the USA in FDA Registered Labs

Product Description
Size: Raspberry Ketones Fat Burner
Raspberry Ketones ar your ally within the battle against weight loss. This natural supplement has been verified to assist bust fat, and is necessary a part of fasting. Our blend contains 326mg of fat busting, craving supressing NATURAL HERBS.The simplest part concerning this product is that’s made of all natural plants. No prescription drugs or nasty chemicals.This can be a natural product that helps you burn the fat and keep your craving down.

Way higher than the other supplement I’ve tried,
I truly stumbled on this by mistake on Amazon; My finger with great care happened to click on that. I did not recognize what to expect, however I’am undoubtedly glad I stumbled on it! Raspberry ketones have suppressed my craving, given me energy while not creating my heart desire it’s reaching to explode, and I have been taking it for every week currently…. my waist has already come back down 1/4 of an in. (trust me, it makes a distinction for somebody like me who’s weight typically leaves last within the abdomen area).I am currently incorporating exercise, therefore I will lose even faster!!!

PS- I simply take one pill a day!

Raspberry Ketones — Miracle Fat Burn 250mg per Serving HIGH POTENCY 60 Caps

Pure Organic Raw Fruit & Nut Bars (Pack of 12)

Pure Bar Organic “Real Food Bar” selection Pack, Box Of Twelve, 1.7 Ounce Bars. four completely different Flavors (3 bars each) Of Organic “Real Food Bars”
three Bars each of Chocolate Brownie, Wild Blueberry, Cherry Cashew and Apple Cinnamon
Organic, All-Natural, protein Free, OU Kosher, Raw, Vegan, Real Food Bars With an inventory Of Ingredients That Reads sort of a recipe
No Refined Sugars, No Gluten, dairy or Soy, No cholesterol, No Trans Fats, No Preservatives, No GMO’s…Just old fashioned Goodness!

Safety info
Allergy Statement: This product is factory-made in a very facility that processes foods that will contain peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, wheat, or eggs. Product contains walnuts, almonds, and cashews. could contain pieces of nuts, shells or pits.

Dates (Organic), Apples (Organic), agave Nectar (Organic), Walnut (Juglans Regia) (Organic), Cashew (Organic), Almonds (Organic), Rice supermolecule Concentrate (Organic), Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Cassia) (Organic), Cocoa (Organic), Cherries (Organic), Cranberries (Organic), orange rind (Organic), Orange Flavor (Organic), helianthus (Sunflower) Seed (Organic), cacao (Theobroma Cacao) Nibs (Organic), Blueberry (Vaccinium Corymbosum) Fruit (Organic), apple juice (Organic), lemon juice Concentrate

(Organic), Blueberry (Vaccinium Corymbosum) Flavor (Organic)

Product Description
Flavor: selection Pack
At the age of six, my girl determined to become a vegeaterian. I supported her and that we started the journey along. In an endeavor to make delicious foods full of essential nutrients while not compromising on taste or nutrition (this was for my girl, after all), we have a tendency to started experimenting within the kitchen. Our needs were pretty stiff. We’d solely use organic and raw ingredients – no unhealthy herbicides and pesticides and no genetically changed foods. omega-3 fatty acid fats, vital for brain development, were a necesscity. we wanted an honest quantity of protein and fiber, and completely no sweetening or artificial stuff! solely raw ingredients would be accustomed offer most enzyme and nutrient content, and that we selected foods high in antioxidants to market cell growth and repair. Whew! We tend to create a superfood…oh, and it had to taste nice or I knew my children would ne’er bite it! The organic PURE BAR was born when hundreds of hours were spent within the kitchen. The bars became standard we have a tendency where we could not create them quick enough. We needed each adult and kid to possess access to the PURE BAR – so delicious so good for you! it’s a satisfying dream to be able to share the PURE BAR with such a lot of folks. be a part of us in spreading the word regarding PURE BAR and check out for yourself this deliciously sweet superfood!

I struggled with rating this bar a three or a four.Taste is merely about a three, however quality of ingredients in providing a healthy and edible alternative to a candy rates it a solid four. Below is the review I wrote for Larabar Fruit & Nut Food Bar, Cherry Pie scrutinizing it with the PURE Wild Blueberry Bar.

When I was looking for a healthier between meal afternoon snack I browsed lots of reviews for plenty of product. I needed one thing with few ingredients, not “fortified” and with some nuts in it. I settled on the Larabar Fruit & Nut Cherry Pie bars and also the PURE Bar Organic Wild Blueberry Living Food Bar.I like cherries and that I love blueberries so that they gave the impression of taking smart decisions.

The stats of the bars ar very much similar, weight (both one.7oz, not 1.8), calories, fat, sugars, etc. The PURE has a lot of high quality proteins at 6g vs 4g. The Larabar has no salt content whereas the PURE has simply a little at 5mg. The Larabar is thicker, the PURE bar is wider. Visually the Larabar seems to possess a lot of nuts in it, which does not appear to jive with the high quality proteins stats. The PURE bar includes a grittier texture whereas chewing so maybe a lot of of the nuts that are finely ground.

1st ingredient is datesr both followed by almonds then cherries for the Larabar and followed by blueberries and numerous nuts, organic agave nectar, rice protein and lemon juice for the PURE bar. One would assume with the extra ingredients within the PURE bar they were value-added to tweak the flavour or give it a fresher taste, however the flavour of the Larabar is healthier than the PURE by a fairly sensible margin.It’s a way fresher and lively taste. I actually have to mention the PURE bar may be a bit cardboardy tasting to me and includes a drier mouth feel. it’s smashing, actually my two youngest children eat them promptly, simply not nearly as good as the Larabar.I feel the tartness of the cherries within the Larabar kick up the flavour vs the milder blueberry flavor of the PURE (maybe the juice add as an effort to kick up the PURE bar flavor and tartness?). In fairness I ought to most likely review the PURE Cherry Cashew bar however I like a lot of almonds over cashews therefore don’t plan on ordering any from Amazon. If I find the PURE cherry in an exceedingly regular store I will be able to provide one a try although. I still get each auto shipped from Amazon for different variety sake, however I am craving for a much better tasting blueberry bar w/ basic ingredients together with nuts.

For grins here may be a comparison of the Larabar, PURE, Snickers, Hershey’s and Maruchan Chicken Ramen noodles in a very few categories. Stats ar listed within the order I listed them within the previous sentence.

Calories: 190, 280, 210, 380
Total Fat: 8g, 9, 14, 13, fourteen Saturated Fat: zero.5g, 1, 5, 8, 7
Sugars: 21g, 20, 30, 24, 0
Protein: 4g, 6, 4, 3, 10
Sodium: 0mg, 5, 140, 35, 1540 !!!
Pure Bar Organic Variety Pack, Raw Fruit & Nut Bars, 1.7-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)

American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide.

The new version of the ADA’s flagship food and nutrition guide—updated supported the very latest Dietary tips for Americans.

With over two hundred thousand copies sold altogether editions, this triumph resource from the world’s leading authority on food and nutrition is packed with the most recent healthy consumption recommendation for those at all ages and stage of life. during this fully revised and updated new version, you will find up-to-date, evidence-based, sensible answers for your several food and nutrition queries.

This cornerstone guide from the american dietetical Association, written by across the nation recognized food and nutrition professional and registered specialiser Roberta Duyff, covers the fundamentals on nutrition, managing weight, and healthy consumption. It conjointly provides straightforward steps and how-tos for choosing, preparing, and storing foods safely to urge the foremost nutrition and flavor for your bucks, and more. Comprehensive, accessible, and easy-to-use, this valuable reference shows the way to create healthy food decisions to suit any style.

The way to place the the very latest Dietary tips for Americans on food decisions and physical activity into action
Latest guidance to stop and manage today’s health issues, like heart condition, diabetes, cancer, food allergies, protein intolerance, lactase deficiency, and plenty of others.Simple, sensible tips and versatile food and nutrition skills that fit your requirements and style with ways in which to use recommendation from USDA’s MyPlate.
Recommendation for healthy nutrition, eating, and change of state across the time period
Covers vegetarian intake, healthy restaurant choices, cooking nutrition and skills, healthy weight, nutrition supplements, and more
Interactive self-checks and websites to assist you assess your own food decisions and take steps to healthy intake.

How to Lead a lifestyle of health and well-being through nutrition.
I have browse the primary edition before this one and it absolutely was such an informative book that I bought myself the second edition. Researching nutrition for years,I want to say this should be my favorite out of all different nutrition books I’ve encountered. In fact every book has its own purpose and flavor, however if you would like an honest entry book into health and overall well-being for yourself and driven by nutrition, this is often the one you wish.

Through straightforward language and well-structured organization of the chapters, Duyff delivers an enormous load of data principally supported the Food Guide Pyramid, a guide accustomed quantitatively approximate the proportions of food consumed by classes. By no means that is that this a strict program of daily diet lists, however. The author covers the fundamentals of food parts to allow a scientific/clinical basis for the nutrition tips advised permanently on health issues,You selected the particular foods yourself!

The author conjointly covers food shopping and preparations. Topics vary from reading nutrition labels to preparation safety. Not solely does one need to form certain you recognize the standard of food you’re obtaining (by its chemical components) you furthermore might need to form certain that your room habits minimize your exposure to harmful micro organism contamination and different health risks. One among my favorite options of the discussions are the myth-dispelling and “ambiguous label claims” clarifications.When reading this book you may scrutinize “what folks say” in an exceedingly fully completely different lightweight. Also, if you would like to understand what supplements work and don’t work, you may realize it here.

Special nutrition topics cover tips for folks of various lifestyles. It includes ages from infants to the seniors. It even covers mothers and therefore the special wants of women!Tiny sections discuss athletes, vegetarians, and allergies.

Overall, to total it up, I’d say that this book is regarding how to use nutrition as a part of your style to optimum health through illness as how to prevent and increased physical energy (though these 2 appear to be somewhat synergistic).
It’s not regarding fast strategies to loose weight or cures for ailments. If you would like to guide a nourishing life style supported physiological health and well-being, and you have got the patience and persistence to stay to common principles for an extended time, this book is unquestionably value reading furthermore as keeping as a shelf reference.
American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide

The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies: 365 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day (The Big Book of…Series)

Product Description.

Juice bars are all the rage, but making the drinks at home is an easy—and less expensive—way to sustain a smoothie habit. The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies features 365 healthy, delicious recipes, many of which can be prepared with nothing more than a blender. Each drink is rated for its energy/immune boosting properties, detoxifying qualities, and skin enhancing abilities, while an at-a-glance nutrient profile lists vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Juice plans, such as a “detox weekend” or an “immune-boosting week” round out the book.
The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies: 365 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day

Product Review 1.

A great starter book for the beginning juicer

I recently inherited a lower end store bought juicer ( Juiceman, it is a very nice starter model, btw.). I ordered up a handful of juicing books through my library system and ‘The Big Book of Juices & Smoothes’ came in first not only to my house but the first for ease of use, layout & design and understanding. It is layed out according to the main product you want to use, say you have a bunch of carrots as the main ingredient, you go to that section. It is all well thought out.
The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies: 365 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day

After just a week of juicing for breakfast and an afternoon snack, I have to say that I am hooked and look forward to trying veggies and fruits of the exotic nature that were eschewed before due to the ” How do I prepare this?” factor.

Natalie Savona has a way of mixing together fruits and veggies that would normally make you think, ” Ugh…that sounds awful.” but after trying a few root veggies and citrus fruit combos of hers, I’ve found her little comments about each drink are spot on.
The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies: 365 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day

Under every recipe is a Star Chart that rates the following:

Energy, Detox, Immuinity, Digestion and Skin. One to Five star rating of what exactly that recipe will help you in whatever area you feel you need. This is very nice as you can flip right through the book when you have a raging cold and look for the 5 Star Ratings on Immunity to see what produce you have on hand to help nourish your body.
The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies: 365 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day

An example of a recipe: #130 Easy Morning

3 carrots

1 apple

1/2 orange

1 stick of celery

1/2 inch of ginger root.

I prefer this now over regular orange or apple juice in the morning. So do my kids, who are 7 and 5. They also enjoy putting the fruit into the juicer and watching it get pulverized. YAY!

The plus side of juicing is taking out the pulp mush and putting it into your compost. It’s a win-win situation, really. Good for you. Good for the Earth. YMMV

I liked this book so much, I am buying it after a very satisfying test drive from the library system.
The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies: 365 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day

Product Review 2.

This Book.

Is a lifesaver. From getting so overwhelmed with the exotic concoctions in the juice/smoothie books which sit on my shelf, I happened to pick this one up at the local juice bar. The girl there apologetically said it wasn’t for sale, but from what I read whilst standing there, I have to say I have never had a book impress me so much in so few seconds. I ordered one, and the rest is history.

1. Brilliant,logical layout

2. Non overwhelming recipes (for those of us who don’t want to live in the kitchen)

3. Surprisingly informative, from the basic fruit/ veg nutritional facts at the start to the 1 to 5 star rating after each recipe. Brilliant.

I love this book. It is my favourite, and as a raw foodist, I have stacks of books.

If you buy it, you’ll see what I mean.

Product Review 3.

Very few ingredients needed for tasty smoothies.
The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies: 365 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day

Originally I bought this book for my father in law, who is a cancer survivor and on a liquid diet. I thought the immunity and energy smoothies would help. He loves the book, b/c he was trying to create his own smoothies, with some gross results. (not to mention a huge waste of money on the ingredients!) Then I decided to buy the book for myself. Last year I had purchased a $$ vita-mix blender from a home show and had never used it..(which pissed my husband off immensely) The book of recipes it came with had so many ingredients, some, in which my opinion werent the healthiest. This book is excellent, with most smoothies having just 3-4 ingredients! Our fave is Morning Mash, with an orange, 2 bananas, a pear and 8 tbsp of apple juice! Delicious!
The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies: 365 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day