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New Trent iCarrier 12000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack for Smartphones, Tablets and more (Now w/Micro-USB charge port)

81-gUa00CbL._SX385_Great for charging my Kindle Fire too!,

I’ve had this little charger for a couple weeks and have been trying to keep track of how many times it will charge different devices, but other family members keep grabbing it to charge their own cell phones and iTouches and Kindles and they forget to record the amount of time or battery level on their devices when they started. This external battery stores more power than we have devices! So needless to say, this external battery is getting a lot of use around here. I do know that I can charge my Kindle HD 8.9 at least twice plus my iPhone 4S three times on a charge. Plus whatever charging of iPhones and iTouches that my family members do. This external battery is nice because you can charge two different devices at the same time.

The size is nice for this high capacity battery and it’s molded in color finish seems to be very durable so far. It’s easy to carry in a pocket, throw into a briefcase or purse and I don’t feel like it’s going to scratch because of the finish. It has a little blue LED light that tells you when you’ve turned it on and has little dot lights that give an idea of how much of a charge is left.

What I end up doing often, and one reason I really like this thing, is that I don’t always pay attention to charging my Kindle until I’m getting warning messages that there’s only 5% of the charge left. So now, I just plug this into the Kindle and it charges while I’m reading or searching the web and I don’t have to sit next to an outlet or drape wires around the room. It’s a great sense of freedom for people like me who don’t always remember to charge their devices when they should.

A week ago I was at a trade show where we spent about 8 hours a day in a booth, with no spare electrical outlets nearby. Using the phone throughout the day ran my iPhone batteries down before the day was over. But with this Trent iCarrier External Battery, I was able to charge my phone (and those of a couple of others in my company) back up to a full charge in a short time. It’s so handy to have when you travel.
New Trent iCarrier 12000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack for Smartphones, Tablets and more (Now w/Micro-USB charge port)

Sharp LC-90LE745U 90-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Internet Slim LED HDTV.

Characteristics of the product

Class 90-inch (90-1/64 inch diagonal)
More great LED TV in the world
Smart TV with web browser
An integrated Wi – Fi connection
Full Active HD 3D

Product description
The LC-90LE745U is the biggest LED TV and part of our big screen 3D AQUOS LED Smart TV of the world. This model of 90-1/64 in. (diagonal) class of 90 inch brushed with features aluminium our 3D 1080p black bezel full array LED panel, offering a more natural images, available dynamic. And with integrated Wi – Fi and our SmartCentral intuitive user interface, you can access to today’s most popular applications or even surf the web.

Great TV, great value

I just that baby installed to replace a 65 inch plasma Panasonic. U love how all these industry dopey as CNET reviewers got this evil dead TV. They put on a bench and test specifications, blah, blah blah. Simply mount this beast on a wall, play your favorite movie and come out totally submerged and blown because the image is really very good and the size is MASSIVE. This is how the content is intended to be consulted:

1. A great viewing, especially in 3D experience is strongly correlated with a larger image. It is very simple: you get immersed in a larger image that you are doing a 40-inch picture. For this reason, big TV like this should be considered as providing an extraordinary experience that matches the experience of cinema film because the screen is so stinking huge. Don’t believe me? Play the best world TRON TV 40 inches, or 55 or 65 for that matter and then watch on this beast. Hands down, you go for the 90-inch Sharp. Here’s another point: I did a side by side with the Sharp 80 inches, and I always chose the 90 inches. It was simply more immersive

2. It is true, it doesn’t have picture most advanced in the world, but you won’t notice it because you are so immersed in the viewing experience

3. In 30 minutes, I noticed is more what this TV was. This is how quickly we used for viewing it. Our 65 old it replaces looks so insignificant now

4. For the vast majority of people, the headlamps are nitpicking, Royal pain in the ass whose time has come and gone. Compare this to a projector means you don’t know what you’re talking about. Unless you live in a cave, you just won’t get the contrast and image that gives this thing.

5. I bought my Panasonic 65 in 2005. Since then, many manufacturers have developed TV more important than this? Almost nobody. Samsung has been sitting on their hands for ever. I think they can run a 70 inch soon but for some God awful sum (I have 4 Samsungs. I know the good brand). Sony? Panasonic? No one goes over 65 inches since 2005. Lame. Sharp blew through this barrier, and I’m really glad they did

6. I almost forgot to mention: the 3D is impressive. Just watched cars and Harry Potter in 3D and all those who have watched that he preferred 3D to 2D. Now I have to find how to get 3D content without having to buy overpriced DVD

In fact, I believe that this TV is a flight. I bought it online at an EastCoast television to plan on having probably during the years of 7-8 and 8. 15 people in my large room can all sit on the couch and watch this thing at the same time. It really is a great value. We are delighted with our choice.
Sharp LC-90LE745U 90-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Internet Slim LED HDTV

Elite Black 60″ Pro-60x5fd Flat Panel 3d LED Hdtv – Pro-60x5fd.(Super Hot World Class Best Seller)

Product features

3D technology
Intelligent variable-contrast technologies
Gen x group
Full array LED

Product description
Black elite 60 “PRO – 60″ flat screen 3D LED HDTV – PRO60X5FD for decades, the Elite name was synonymous with the gold standard of the industry for the television picture perfect. Black so deep, they disappear in the bezel. If white brilliant, they burn your retina. And an infinite range of colors between the two with the addition of yellow pixels to standard RGB pixels others seems so satisfied. Elite is proud to present you our largest television and the best ever on the LCD screen. Once more, it will become the standard by which all TVs will be judged. All Elite LCD TVs are THX and THX 3D Display ISF Certified. Features: Intelligent Variable Intelligent contrast contrast Variable is what differentiates Elite TV flat screen to others on the market. Coupled with RGB + Y, this unique technology improves the range of the color range and automatically controls brightness and backlight to create the depth of colour, gloss, detail and black levels. No other TV provides this unique combination of image, improved technology into one. RGB + Y The Elite LCD TV adds a yellow sub-pixel to the red/green/blue color palette standard. The addition of the yellow sub-pixel allows the reproduction of many more colors. Precision Color Plus the new elite LCD TV thanks to its four-pixel technology allows imaging with precision. With precision Color Plus, each subpixel can be addressed independently, creating more than 8 million dots on the screen. LLP LLP, which combines a system of advanced imaging with unique elite scanning backlight technology, creates greater than 240 Hz effect – improving the clarity of the image and the softness in the content of movies and sports. Gen – Ten Gen-10 Panel LCD Panel uses UV2A technology to achieve a high level of openness. This allows extremely high brightness that uses a unique structure, which allows up to 20% more light to pass.

Amazing but expensive TV
I have the elite for about three weeks. I could not be happier with it, except the price. The image is extraordinary, rich blacks, vibrant colors, and I have not had it calibrated yet. One thing I was not expected, but was very happy to know, is the quality of the sound coming from the TV. On my Sony KDL55XBR8 himself, the sound was very good, but sometimes when I felt the need to turn on the audio receiver. So, I bought a $300 soundbar. But now, with the elite, I did need it. The sound quality from the speakers own Elite TV is superior to the sound of my sound bar. The dilemma is, now what do I do with the Soundbar?

If I had to choose one thing that stands out on the elite, I would say the black levels. They are absolutely extraordinary, to the point that I was distracted by the depth when I start first of all with the TV. I have read that the black levels are better than the previously made Kuro. I have never seen photo of Kuro, but I would have trouble to imagine black beyond.

Although I am still sitting directly in front of my TV, I was really surpised when I had something on the other side of the room and not many that I’m more wide angle the image degrades. It is a huge improvement on my Sony KDL55XBR8.

I spoke to a representative of Sony at Best Buy a few months ago, when I was getting “scab” to buy a new TV. I was frustrated to know that (according to the representative of Sony) the HX929 does was not a step up in quality of the XBR8. I’ve said, “it has been almost three years. You want to tell me that in three years Sony has not released with a better TV?” He advised me to stick to my XBR8. I was stunned. And then I heard talk of the elite at best buy a few weeks before, they came out. I talked to two of the vendors and they were all two excited about the new elite coming out. When they came within a few weeks later, I knew I had to have one. So if you have a KDL55XBR8 and you want a TV that is better, with the best picture, sound, black levels and improvement of movement (and you have the money), it is your TV. You will not regret anything about… other than price buying.

It’s really a pioneer…
I originally thought to get the Kuro when Pioneer was still there, but was not in the market for one yet and was saddened to hear that they were abandoning the line before my ability to afford.

However, I’ve seen on one fateful day before the Super Bowl, the settlement no doubt gold of a model of elite in the section of Best Buy Magnolia. I was surprised to see it and asked about it… and this is when I learned that he was actually a Sharp. However, do not worry… perhaps you can be put off by the fact that it is technically owned by Sharp now, but technicians of pioneer who originally made the best flat screens in the world have returned the Elite model on the floor of the exhibition hall.

And oh, what a TV. I was worried, primarily for two reasons: a) is a LED (and feared so light compared to some of the best plasmas) and b) this is the first time that the elite ventures into territory 3D. However, I put it through the ropes and here I have to gush on the subject:

1 Brightness. Seriously, this TV will put to shame any plasma… it makes our series 8 58 “Samsung looks. a little low in comparison The whites are bright piercing eyes. Local dimming of the image is divided into 216 different sectors providing the cleanest looking, images properly informed that other less expensive offerings LED not to deliver.

2 Colors. I read the review from CNET.com that contradicts saying that the colours have been excellent as a ‘pro’ and the blue/green was not quite as accurate as a “con” (take your pick, CNET). I have, however, found that the colors are perfectly reproduced and a side-by-side with the Samsung revealed no apparent disparities. Both sets have produced the same nuances when executing dynamic wallpaper Aquarium 2.0 on my PS3. The colors are bright and well produced. In fact, include a fourth color pixel on their other AQUOS from Sharp makes the elite and done a great job.

3 Blacks. Or, should I say, black! By far, more blacks that I have ever seen on any TV. Even our Samsung plasma appeared to be a “dark grey” next to it.

4. The reflectivity. CNET.COM complains that the TV shows “light reflex”. Bad… TV is quite well with its quite obvious anti-reflective glass construction single pane, similar to the Kuro in appearance and performance.

5. 3D. This is the movie that I was worried about most. Get through the ropes to Best Buy using legends guards and Tron Legacy, the two films that use a lot of dark scenes. What I was looking for? Brightness and ability to depict a 3D image in the dark scenes that stores generally try to avoid through the use of the much brighter films (like Cloudy with A Chance Of Meatballs). The TV has exceeded expectations. Reflections on the digital Warrior helmets were extremely contrasting with very deep Blacks within an extremely well developed 3D image. Brightness is a success thanks to the use of 3D glasses, of course, but the Elite TV manufacturers thought to it as well by using a parameter created independently for the brightness of the 3D image that compensates for this and produces an impressive image that get affected significantly by the glasses as well. Legend of the guardians has been equally impressive, with fissures and niches in the claw of the OWL in sumptuous to look at 3D. My favorite aspect of 3D glasses is a parameter that allows users who don’t care about 3D photo move from 2D on the glasses. the glasses will automatically flatten the image so that viewers can choose to watch the film in any way they want to. BIG PLUS.

The TV comes with 2 pairs of glasses and each additional pair will cost $99, or roughly the current rate. Glasses use a rechargeable built-in Lithium-Ion battery charging via standard USB cables. The battery is an impressive 100 hours…I put mine through about 40 hours for the time being and not have to reload again. Glasses are reasonably comfortable, but don’t expect much from them. In addition, you can buy goggles Elite or the Sharp 3D glasses; the only difference is that the Elite glasses do sport the moniker Sharp on the side. Sharp wisely kept their name on the front of the TV and legitimate it may say Sharp on the back, but this TV is through and through.

The TV itself is still as expensive as Pioneer Elite is used to be? YOU BET. I will not lie.

Finest TV on the Market – Hands Down!
Best TV on the market – high hand!

We have gone through an amazing Odyssey trying to get a new TV that we loved our 2 year 52 “Sharp LED is dead. Not including French fries 52 “, we went to four, Yes count them four, TV – 60” LC60LE631U Sharp, two-edged 60 ‘LC60LE635U and 60’ Samsung PN59D8000, all LEDs and all problems right out of the box… dim areas on bright screens, “bleed” flashlight on dark scenes, horrible pixelation. You name it, we went through it.

We did not want to go with a Plasma screen TV, because – although plasmas are highly popular in the quality of the image – they have their own set of potential problems such as screen burn-in, occasional dead pixels and they tend to run from heat of LED, etc., etc. Also, frankly, we just didn’t display the same high plasmas range rather than the LED. Came close – Panasonic TC-P65VT30, but it was out of stock at all retailers within 100 km, and it was too big for our five-inch Entertainment Center. On the other hand, we liked the fourth (yellow) pixel that has added to their LED Sharp TV. Despite this, after crossing four of their games (including the 52 “who died) with all kinds of issues, we were not willing to try a fourth. Samsung UN59D8000, however, looked like garbage by comparison. All the TV has gone directly to the retailer.

This mess has taken days to untangle and many phone calls to Customer Service from Sharp. Sharp had us send photographs to questions, and they all should be that the games had problems. They apologized profusely for our troubles. However, when the time came, they were quite unnecessary and we said to another expedition to a retailer – times to return the wrong set and choose a new. They have done nothing more than to apologize. Reluctantly, we decided to give the Sharp one technology ** last shot and tried what is currently the most noted TV in the last electronic value HDTV Shootout. (For the first time, a LED beat plasma in direct competition. And the winner is: the Elite – what is built by a joint effort of Sharp Electronics and pioneer of 60 “.) This TV blows everything else ** out of the water – and believe me, we looked much, much a television screen and many comments, and several specifications sheets throughout the last month.

350 – Odd to the elite local dimming areas is an incredible feature that deepens black to black levels, while pushing more light through the super bright areas nearby. This feature works incredibly well, except under very special circumstances: when you are viewing a scene where the room is very dark, and someone’s face light up, and they very quickly move much. In this case, you get a small halo of light shadow directly around the face. It is easily solved by disabling the local dimming in the settings. But in all other types of listening, the local dimming is fantastic spot – it.

The addition of yellow sub-pixel is an incredible concept of the pointed end of things (some people do not like it, but once you see yellow on screen Sharp, I could not return the dull yellow on the other games). Although their customer service was terrible, concept of fourth-pixel of Sharp blows all other LED TVs out of the water. The parameters “LLP” 240 hz and 120 Hz really look wonderful; on previous TV, I conquered the highest hz. rates because I thought they looked terrible. Now, I am enjoying… greatly. The treatment of this TV is amazing.

One of the most incredible events of this TV-quality is what it does in the clear eyes of actors and actresses. While the Samsung P59D8000 is Daniel Craig or Olivia Wilde look very dark in “Cowboys & Aliens,” (we were laughing, saying the TV made everyone look like moles) pop the same film in the same system, but replace the Elite TV and all of a sudden their eyes look amazing – almost electric. Every pore of each face are shown in all its, uh, glory – you can also see how much thatch is right on the Chin. This TV is the worst nightmare of makeup, true artist.

It is also important to the lighting on the TV rather than the technology edge-lighting of the 835 Sharps or 831, or ‘that Samsung’ we had for 24 hours.
Elite Black 60″ Pro-60x5fd Flat Panel 3d LED Hdtv – Pro-60x5fd

Elite Black 70″ Pro-70x5fd Flat Panel 3d LED Hdtv.(World Class Hot Seller)

Product features

3D technology
Intelligent variable-contrast technologies
Gen x group
Full array LED

Product description
Product features 69-1/2 “angle diagonal screen measurement best watching the huge room. Ultraslim design (3 “deep) comes with a stand or can be mounted on a wall (optional mounting kit, not included). Compatible VESA 400 mm x 400 mm. Smart functions have access to Skype, Netflix, sale, YouTube, Pandora and more. 3D technology provides a stunning visual effects, a new dimension of entertainment. Intelligent variable-contrast and LED backlight technology automatically adjusts the brightness to enhance color depth, brilliant and details in dark and light areas. RGB+Y color enhancement adds a yellow sub-pixel, high brightness and reduced power and color accurate reproduction of all types. Fluid movements improve image clarity and fast motion movies and sports scenes by minimizing the smoothness in the movement blur and shaking. Provide the highest quality 1080p display progressive scan picture possible from high definition sources. Two 10W speakers for your film, television, music, and games with immersive audio. Inputs include 5 composite video, 1 HDMI, 1 PC, 2 components, 3 RCA audio and 1 Ethernet. Optical digital audio outputs include. 5 HDMI input HDMI cable not included. High-speed HDMI cable is the only connection, you can provide full HD 1080p picture and digital surround sound TV experience. PC video input allows you to connect your computer to experience high-resolution images. The built-in Ethernet port allows you to connect your TV to your home network. 2 USB ports quick connection for a digital camera or other USB device.

Incredible wow factor
My local high-end stores to purchase 70 “elite form. Setup is easier with two adults. Out of the box with fresh picture quality was beyond amazing. Especially if you have been assigned the Windows screen does not have one might think, and some dazzling. First night we saw some “NATGEO”. Our socks off. It is, if we are to view it live on location. I have to watch, play and study many shows. Do I buy elite? Absolute. View all the glory of the Kingdom, after the TV show, sometimes with large purchases of buyers remorse is not exist. In this particular case, I think you deffinetly get what you pay. The sound quality is excellent. 3D was the best ever experienced and it with a nice bundle of applications. This TV looks great even in the closed? It is not just another sharp product and elite badges. It was for many years the climax of the development between the sharp and pioneer technicians. Bar has been raised to a new level, this … … Merry Christmas and happy new year

Nothing even close!
Do not buy this TV. If you do, you will not be able to watch anything. Everything else will ruin your eyes and make you aspire to elite. Design of Sony look like it did 10 years ago, which makes it good for like XBR LCD sets. Clarity is astounding. Black and white looks as if you’re watching through the Vale to another group. Fluid movement. 2 d looks like 3D scenes. I like to watch television more than I ever have and found himself looking at programs, I am not usually interested in but found their hypnotic display of beauty. Is very expensive … …, but is often the best. If you can easily draw out cash, and will meet only the best, you will not be disappointed. My season was a very good sound quality. Is easily overcome with a home theater sound system.

Show similar sharp but considered alternatives
C | NET from the review of this fine show, only by their high prices and performance of the highly reflective screen.
A more practical approach is similar to the 240 Hz AQUOS LC 70LE735U 70 “3D LED LCD TV $ 3.1 k. And electronic products of the same group, but sharp with the standard firmware.
Better viewed in daylight and glare-free screens too.
Experienced note 80 “240 Hz 3D models to be sold the same about this expensive 70” for six months.
6-9 k is wasted. For top hosts and resellers to help la AV forums, as they guide customers to buy without a fair, balanced or objective.
Elite Black 70″ Pro-70x5fd Flat Panel 3d LED Hdtv

Rocket Video Ranker 2.0 – Brand new updated version of the Top Selling Rocket Video Ranker 1.0 Learn the secret to using YouTube’s very own system and algorithm to get your videos ranked high and fast!

Rocket Video Ranker 2.0 is a brand new software that will rank Youtube videos in the first positions on Youtube and Google. This is a brand new version that comes with a couple of updates and bonuses.
Rocket Video Ranker 2.0
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , July 31, 2012 – Bill Cousins, a well known Internet marketer,has released the second version of his software product called Rocket Video Ranker. It has already been chosen by the most popular processing company product of the day because of its number of sales.

It uses Google’s own algorithm to help videos rank at the very top of the search results on Youtube and on Google’s search websites. It’s perfectly legal and it doesn’t risk the banning of the uploader’s account.
Rocket Video Ranker 2.0
Bill Cousins created this software product to solve his own problem. The software can be used both by newbies and veterans alike. It’s easy to use and anyone can start using it in the next 10 minutes.

The software will practically make Youtube hear more keywords from the videos. As a result, the videos ranked with RVR 2.0 will rank higher for these specific keywords.
Rocket Video Ranker 2.0
The price for the previous version of the RVR software was $17. Rocket Video Ranker 2.0 is cheaper and it comes with two bonuses. Bill Cousins gives to all the people who purchase the software two of his Warrior Special Offers which are called “The Youtube Keyword Code” and “The Views Secrets”. The package also included 12 video tutorials where Bill Cousins explains each of the features of the software and also the mp3 version of the videos.
Rocket Video Ranker 2.0
Envy9er from Warrior forum bought last year the version 1 of the software. He wrote on the Warrior Forum the following post: “I’ve been waiting months for this 2.0 version to come out, I can’t wait to dive in and force all my videos to the top position! ”

Frank G. from the Warrior Forum already bought the package. He said: “Bill Talk about over delivering. What a great package at any price but at this price its a steal. And I bought the OTO because of the real value it brings. Thanks for the early entry price.”

You can learn more about RVR 2.0 by visiting the following link:
Rocket Video Ranker 2.0

Rocket Video Ranker is a brand new video ranking software that ranks Youtube and Google videos to the top positions. Top ranked videos receive more visitors and earn more money. The method used by the software is completely legal in the United States and worldwide.
Rocket Video Ranker 2.0
About Bill Cousins:

Bill Cousins is an offline and online marketer and entrepreneur from Pittsburgh. He has more than 3 years of full time Internet marketing experience. This year alone he launched more than 3 successful WSO(Warrior Special Offers) products. Bill Cousins is better known for his video ranking software.
Rocket Video Ranker 2.0
Product Review.

When there was a heavy emphasis on social media, I was telling everyone that mobile is where its at. A lot of people have now woken up to that fact and moved over to doing offline and mobile.
I moved on again and have been focussing on where its now at…. VIDEO!

I first came across Bill when I bought the YouTube keyword code and I reckon it was one of THE best WSO’s I ever bought. I have a lot of videos and the insights I got from that showed me things NOBODY (or very few) know about ….and boy do I get results
Rocket Video Ranker 2.0
When I saw this coming out I had to get it! I knew there would be new things to learn in it.

On the negative side its a big download, a lot of megs but its 12 videos of varying length that go through how to make video work for whatever you have to sell. There are some gems of insights in this course that you can only get from someone who carefully watches what is happening that gets videos to no.1 position in highly competitive searches.
Rocket Video Ranker 2.0
Google recently amalgamated Google + and Google Places to become the largest social site on the planet. Part of getting a business to the top in a Google search is optimising a Google + Places page. Part of optimising a Google + Places page is having a promotional video (videos actually!) for the business within it.
I have just let you in on the biggest opportunity on the planet!

This is without mentioning that small business should have QR codes in their advertising pointing to their promotional video

AND…. having the ability to send by text message a promotional video onto a cellphone.
Have you seen a video on a mobile? VERY engaging !
Rocket Video Ranker 2.0
This course is everything you need to do for the millions of small business owners that should have promotional videos. Bill goes into everything, every little trick that others are not aware of.

Go buy this one and make money learning how to satisfy a very hungry market.
Rocket Video Ranker 2.0

Combined Facebook And You Tube To Create Killer Video Galleries.

What Is Included In FB Tube WP Plugin:Powerful WP Plugin
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FB Tube WordPress plugin
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FB Tube WordPress plugin
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You will be able to access helpful guides on how to setup your optin pages with the plugin… Super helpful!

Yes, for the low price of $9, you also get Developers License! You can use this for as many projects as you want. Unlimited domains and clients!
FB Tube WordPress plugin

The Secret To Using Social Bookmarking Properly For High Rankings!

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Lock On Platinum.(Super Hot Seller Product)

Product Features

Eight flyable aircraft with 3D cockpits
New Missions and Campaigns
Detailed Georgia combat theater out of today’s headlines
Powerful new mission editor with advanced scripting capabilities

Product Description
Lock On Platinum is the compilation fo the Lock On combat light simulation series that includes eight flyable aircraft. Including both American and Russian aircraft, these range from top-of-the-line air superiority fighters to down-in-the-mud ground attack aircraft. Lock On Platinum includes the Su-25T from the unofficial Lock On: Flaming Cliffs add-on.
Lock On Platinum

IM Video Vault Version 1 and 2, PLR/MRR Included!

IM Video Vault Version 1 and 2, PLR/MRR Included!

IM Video Vault Version 1 and 2, PLR/MRR Included!

Grab Private Label/Master Resale Rights to 60 of the most popular How To videos in the Internet Marketing niche!

With “IM Video Vault Version 1 and 2”, you’ll receive instant access to a comprehensive set of SIXTY tutorial videos which walk you through all the important tasks of internet marketing.

This Product Includes:
Internet Marketing Video Vault With Private Label Rights
Video 1: How To Register A Domain Name
Video 2: How To Choose & Register A Web Hosting Provider
Video 3: How To Set Up Name Server For Your Domains
Video 4: How To Upload Files Via FTP
Video 5: How to Register a YouTube Account & Upload A Video
Video 6: How to Register & Use Skype
Video 7: How to Setup a Free WordPress Blog
Video 8: How To Setup And Optimize Your Twitter Account
Video 9: How To Add Paypal Order Buttons To Your Website
Video 10: How to Use Google Trends
Video 11: How to Use Jing Take Screenshots of Any Website
Video 12: How to Check Your Stats Using Awstats
Video 13: How To Create A Facebook Fan Page
Video 14: How To Set Up MySQL Databases For Your Website
Video 15: How To Setup An AWeber Autoresponder Account
Video 16: How to Quickly Create Your Own eCovers
Video 17: How to Cloak An Affiliate Link With Tinyurl
Video 18: How To Set Up Domain Redirects
Video 19: How To Optimize Your Website Title Tags For SEO
Video 20: How to Host Your Website For Free
Video 21: How to Register A Flippa Account
Video 22: How to Create A Zip File
Video 23: How to Create A Download Page
Video 24: How to Create A PDF File
Video 25: How to Surf the Web With Complete Privacy
Video 26: How to Register for A Forum & Edit Your Forum Signature
Video 27: How to Setup Google Analytics
Video 28: How to Submit An Article to An Article Directory
Video 29: How to Import & Export Gmail Contacts
Video 30: How To Determine Your Websites Alexa Ranking

PLR Tools Include:

* Sale Page – Yes
* PLR License – Yes
* Graphics – Yes
* Download Page – Yes
* Affiliate Promo Page – Yes

Private Label Rights License:
[YES] Can be edited.
[YES] Can put your name as the author.
[YES] Can use graphics source files to modify
[YES] Can be given away for free (personal use
[YES] Can stream on own website or added to
other video sharing sites.
[YES] Can be sold.
[YES] Can be added into PAID membership
sites with personal use only.
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to a paid
[YES] Can be sold with personal use only on
auction sites and website marketplace.
[YES] Can sell master resell rights to package.
[NO] Cannot sell or give away private label
rights to this package.
[NO] Cannot distribute or sell the source files
for any element in this package

Internet Marketing Video Vault Version 2 With Master Resale Rights
Video 1 – How to Check For Plagiarism
Video 2 – How to Check Your Website Backlinks
Video 3 – How to Add a Clickable Overlay to Your Youtube Videos
Video 4 – How To Register For A Clickbank Account and Find Products to Promote
Video 4 – How To Register For A Clickbank Account and Find Products to Promote
Video 5 – How To Register For A Paydotcom Account and Find Products to Promote
Video 6 – How to Do Keyword Research On Google Keyword Tool
Video 7 – How to Post an Ad on Craigslist
Video 8 – How To StumbleUpon Your Website
Video 9 – How To Outsource via the Elance Marketplace
Video 10 – How to Answer A Question on Yahoo Answers and Leave a Link
Video 11 – How To Setup And Integrate Google Adsense
Video 12 – How To Setup Emails in cPanel
Video 13 – How To Setup And Use Google Places
Video 14 – How To Check Page Rank of A Website
Video 15 – How to Use Google Contextual Targeting Tool
Video 16 How to Setup and Optimize a LinkedIn Account
Video 17 – How to Setup and Optimize a Google Plus Account
Video 18 – How to Leave A Blog Comment & Create A Backlink to Your Site
Video 19 – How to Create A Favicon For Your Website
Video 20 – How to Find Quality Expired Domain Names
Video 21 – How to Create A Free Helpdesk via Cpanel
Video 22 – How To Do Research On Desired Target Audience Using Quant Cast
Video 23 – How to Secure Your Download Page
Video 24 – How to Use Ebay Pulse
Video 25 – How To Setup And Use Google Apps
Video 26 – How to Setup A Squeeze Page
Video 27 -How to Create A Facebook Ad
Video 28 – How to Apply to A CPA Network
Video 29 – How to Quickly Get Your Blog Indexed By Google
Video 30 – How To Upload Files to Amazon S3

MRR Tools Include:

* Sale Page Yes
* MRR License Yes
* Graphics Yes
* Download Page Yes
* Affiliate Promo Page Yes

Master Resale Rights License:
[YES] Can put your name as the author.
[YES] Can be given away for free (personal use
[YES] Can stream on own website or added to
other video sharing sites.
[YES] Can be sold.
[YES] Can be added into PAID membership
sites with personal use only.
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to a paid
[YES] Can be sold with personal use only on
auction sites and website marketplace.
[YES] Can sell master resell rights to package.
[NO] Can edit the source file
[NO] Cannot sell or give away private label
rights to this package.
[NO] Cannot distribute or sell the source files
for any element in this package.

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