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August 14, 2012

Advantages of text message marketing

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Recently it has been observed that numbers of people are now making use of mobile phones. Test messages are the most frequent service that is being used by all the generations. Therefore, companies have now started making their product promotions via SMS. Text message marketing was in the past only obtainable to Fortune 500 companies and professional sports franchises. This was all due to the high expenses and authoritarian hassles associated with gaining a short code, not to state finding, hiring and securing aggregators, hiring service providers and mounting implementation software to send your text messages to your clientele.

Today, things have changed. Agreed to the fact that there are still regulatory hassles, long delay and high expenses linked with securing your own short code. But there is an easy and very inexpensive alternative that is shared short codes. Now, instead taking every headache and pain on your own, almost any business can practice the incredibly rewarding and worthwhile benefits of adding text message marketing to their business to spectacularly increase business whenever it is needed.

Let us now observe the working of mobile marketing.

1.    Your business offers customers some type of unique or incentive for opting in to your subscriber list.

2.    The customer then chooses in by typing in your business’ keyword and sending it to your short code number.

3.    With the help of a list of customers is build.  This list of customers can be used to advertise over and over again. Formerly when you have a list of subscribers, you can send specials announcements, coupons, discount offers etc right in way to your customers’ mobile cell phones.

With the above describe words it can be stated that as these messages are instant, so is your growing traffic to your business. With mobile marketing, you need not have to think for customers to receive coupons in the mail and you do not have to look forward for them to see your ad in print anywhere. In actuality, this is a beleaguered message sent to a targeted subscriber, sending the right message to the right person every sole time.
SMS carrying the messages such as “Free cover charge” or “2 for 1” can attract great traffic in your nightclub and bar. This increases your redemption sales. Moreover, the messages are delivered to around 95% of people in just 15 minutes. Aren’t you excited to implement this in your business and get optimum result?
Get started now and increase your sales to fill up your pockets with less of expenses!!!!

August 8, 2012

Advantages of Ground mount solar panels

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Recently, the demand for solar power has increased, due to rising electricity cost and financial meltdown. Customers are looking for an economically viable option with long term cost efficiency. To promote solar power, governments have introduced subsidies on installation and the cost of solar panels. Solar energy provides an alternative source of generating power. Electricity has become expensive by the day. For business firms, rising over head costs has been a constant concern. Electricity cost constitutes a major portion of overheads cost. Since electricity rates are variable therefore it affects the planning and productivity of an organization. Due to these reason, many organization and commercial set up are opting for solar plants. Earlier, installing a solar plant was costly and this discouraged many individual and corporate customers from opting it. Now, with the boom in the demand for solar power, updated solar PV panels are introduced and they are available in almost thirty percent less cost.

Solar panels are generally installed on roof. It is pivotal to select a location for installation that receives optimum amount of sunlight. Generally, roof is an ideal location for solar panel installation. In many cases, roof may not receive proper sunlight; due to the direction of the house or surrounded by natural vegetation. If roof do not offer an ideal location, ground mounted solar panels are available. Generally, farmlands that are located in natural surrounding opt for ground mounted solar panels. Apart from overshadowed roof, farmlands require bigger solar plants and roof structure may not be strong enough to support large solar panels.

Ground mounted solar panels are installed on frames that are made of galvanized steel or aluminum. The panels are attached in a tilted position about thirty degrees to receive optimum level of sunlight. These panels rotate to follow the position of the sun. Also, the frame is half rigid so that during winters when position of sun is low, panels can be manually adjusted to follow the position of the sun. Ground mounted solar panels have more advantage than roof installation. For large solar plants and sun tracking device, ground is a far better choice than roof.

Solar power plant installed on the ground have few constrains. It is more costly than roof top installation. Also, in cities, resident do not have enough ground space to install a solar plant. For residence in cities, roof is an ideal position for solar power installation. Also, solar panel need to attach to concrete ground surface, this require concrete ground structure to be built in the identified location.

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