Stop Selling Directly to Customers – Build a List

Today, I want to share with you one of the biggest mistakes affiliates make. I want to share this with you so you wont make the same mistake:

The one major mistake many affiliates make is not setting up a list. Affiliates will often send traffic that they generated to affiliate links, rather than a list. When they do this, they are unknowingly making a bet that visitor will buy on first contact. Unfortunately, this is generally not the case. Visitors often need to be warmed up to a product – through the course of multiple visits and additional information – before they are willing to purchase from a person or a business. This is where building a list comes into play.

By building a list, affiliates can fix this problem. Additionally, they can retain traffic, warm it up, and then direct it to different purchases in the future. This means that it isn’t a one-shot deal: instead, they can attempt to sell the same person multiple products over the course of time.

Now, in order to do this successfully, the affiliate in question must purchase the necessary tools. I personally suggest using  Aweber for the actual autoresponder service. Aweber is relatively inexpensive ($20/mo.) and comes with a formidable range of services, including spam checkers and macros. Best of all, it is whitelisted by many email clients and boasts a delivery rate of 99%. This service will not only manage your list, but it will also help you build it. It includes free tools that allow you to create web forms, pop-ups, and hover-ins – all of which can be used to increase your opt-in rate.

Now, in addition to purchasing the autoresponder service, you will need to setup your own site if you do not already own one. If you already own a related site, you can simply add your opt in form to a page on your existing site. If not, I suggest purchasing cheap domain and hosting and using this to host your list forms. HostBandit currently offers good rates on their hosting plans .

Once you have your site and your autoresponder setup, there are only two steps left: the first is building a course of some sort that is related to the affiliate products you will sell; and the second is creating an opt-in form that converts.

The first part is relatively easy. Start by determining your topic and then outline it over the course of five to seven days. Remember that everything should be written as if you are talking to a person, rather than as if you were writing a formal article.

If you don’t feel comfortable writing these articles yourself, you can always hire a ghostwriter at for $5-15 per issue, depending on the size.

Once you have created your autoresponder series, you will want to feed it into your autoresponder, setup advertisements in the text for the affiliate product you are planning to sell, and then create an opt-in form for your list.

Once you have setup your opt-in form, the only remaining step is to drive various traffic sources to your opt-in list, collect their email addresses – and then wait for the commissions to roll in.

To get the most out of your list be sure to treat your list as real people. After all they ARE real people and deserve to be treated with respect. Don’t not spam your list with offers everyday. Nurture your customers, earn their trust and they will be loyal to you. Stop and think about the lists you are on and how you like to be treated. Think about what a list owner does that makes you click the remove link. Your customers are no different than you and basically want to be treated as you do. Remember, be good to your list and they will be good to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope it helps you with your business.  Tomorrow we will discuss free viral reports.

Please post comments and let me know what you think. I look forward to reading your comments!

Yours In Success,

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