How to Care Cosplay Wig

1, you’d better wear the wig on the dummy’s head to make it perpendicular naturally. It is easy to comb short wigs, so let’s mainly talk about long wigs. Spout nursing agent or wig oil on it if you have. First comb the below part, then the middle, finally the top part. All is OK, and then comb it slowly from beginning to end. If see some twisted hairline, you should try to split it. If possible you can use scissors to cut, but make sure not to ruin its beauty.

2, you must use the dedicated oil which is cheap to buy to care wigs. It is all right to use wig dedicated comb+ hairnet + nursing care. First you should add water to wig-care oil in proper proportion and spray it onto the wig. Then comb the wig. You’d better use the wig dedicated comb. If you have no brush, stretch your fingers and comb it slowly, while your hand will stick the oil. The care oil is essential.

The wig dryad in the shade after being spurted diluted wig oil is very beautiful and magnificent.
If your wig has folding lines because of wrong storage, you could keep it naturally handing down with hair shine and prevent from dust or children and pets’ touch.

3, the storage of wigs is crucial. If not, it will cause a harm of modeling transformation or signs of mould.
When storage the wig, you‘d better put it into the wig flexible pipe and assure it moisture proofing in the packing bag. When, you storage it, it would be best not to fold the wig to retain its original hairstyle, neither to press it by the weight. According to demand you can cut, trim, perm or dye it in the same way to your own hair as you like it. You can use wig loop brush (steel comb) to comb it. When not use for the moment, you can fasten it by the shape of wave with hairpins. When have a sleep, you should take off hair wig to put on the wig holder by a ventilated place.
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