How to choose wigs to suit for yourself

How to choose wigs to suit for yourself

Choosing a wig,should be according to everyone’s age, shapev and size. In general, similar to male hair lady, wig is suitable for middle-aged and old, mini’s hair, the waves roll become warped type is immensely popular among young people.
Wig is divided into full and half set of two, a full set of wigs can make their favorite style, such as braid, ponytail and so on.You should pay attention to the coordination of real hair and wigs when wearing wig piece, wig cannot be shorter than the original hair, don’t leave sideburns, grasp the point of view, to achieve a convincing effect.

Choose the suitable wig according to your face shape, oval face is suitable for any hair style, person with round face is not suitable for long hair, melon seeds face people can choose the shawls long hair, person with delicate face can choose shawls long hair with bangs. In addition, the broad face avoid by all means use wave curl, and should choose vertical hair wig. A slender women chosen hairstyle appropriate is small, can avoid top-heavy. Tall women, hairstyle should be wider.

If you personally to the wig shop to choose and buy, how to choose a suitable wig set for your own ?

1, first the size to fit,whether wig sideburns position accord with his sideburns.

2, there are generally two kinds of wig materials, a kind is human hair, a kind is artificial hair, it is best to choose human hair do wigs, natural black hair is advisable in the hair has never darken again.

3, wig at the bottom of the embryo (bottom layerof the mechanism hair), it is best to air permeability performance good, not very smooth thin fabric for a base of smooth, or less is not easy in the head. If it is the custom or mail order, must be attached to the head shape size.

when choose to suit their own wig should pay attention to a head shape size:

1, from the forehead to the occipital under a circle the size of the size, the occipital installed in prominent place, measurement, positioning concave down below the occipital

2, , the location length from the forehead hair root to the occipital below

3, the length of the upper roots around the top of the head from ear to ear

4, the distance of two temples forehead

5, the distance of the two ears ago hair root wigs, deal with the mirror myself to wear, hands holding the ancient temples, began to wear on the head, should be a bit while, after observed upright, then hold down the top with both hands, move net back to the right place.

When you find suits your own wig,you should pay attention to the right methods of wigs wearing and maintenance wigs.

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