Human hair wigs

Human hair wigs

1:the material of human hair
The material is divided into chinese hair, India hair, Burma hair, Europe hair. Europe hair is fine and soft,(export to Europe and America ,generally like Europe hair).India hair is soft but elasticity is poor, Burma hair is soft and irritable. chinese hair is very slip, soft or hard accord with Chinese hair quality, chinese hair divided into remy hair and touch down hair, remy hair means that the hair root is the material of hair end, it is also like this when made, so the hair scale is arranged, and the hair is smooth, touch down hair has no hair root and hair end. So the material of chinese hair is the best, of course the price is more expensive.

2:Human hair intranet
Made a wig the heading material is imitate skin mono net(pu rubber is too hot , basically not use again, if you need ,you can propose only) other parts are Japan big hole pattern.(if you need Switzerland net, please labeled).the difference between japan net and switzerland :the hole of japan net is big , the air permeability is good, the color is black, export Europe is most. the switzerland net :the hole is 0.64mm, flesh color. export Europe and America is the most. the compactedness is the same and all are very compacted, we suggested you use big hole net.

3:The craft do human hair
There are whole machine made ,half hand half machine made, and whole hand tied, the most human hair wigis whole machine made human hair ,you should not only see the price , you shoule clear when you buy wigs , avoid spend too much money buying a cheap one, the mechanism wig can’t parting freely, it is the same with synthetic wig, only the material is not the same, you should see the descriptive graph of intranet.

The part of 10*10 whole hand tied wig is plant personally, can parting freely, and the appearance is the same with whole hand tied ,but the comfortable level , light level and severance life is not as good as the totally hand tied wig , however the price is lower than whole hand toed.

The totally hand tied wig has lonely hand tied special intranet. the import intranet is expensive, and crocheting by hand ,according to the growth direction, crochet the hair in the net ,doesn’t account other process, only the crocheting ,a artisan need 10 days to crochet a wig.

People who want to dye should be noted, the material all is disposed, so marcel is the best cold wave, if you want to heat, 30 persent perm water and 70 persent pure water perming curly , then heat it for 20 minutes
4: the health problems
Generally fewer people can come into contact with manufacture, even the merchant of wig shop wholesale from the sale agency, so less people know the process of wig making. and they will worry about the health problem, then i will explain it:

First, the human hair the manufacturer purchased is called raw hair ,they purchase several hundred tons of raw hair one time. then go to the sub-file workshop according to the length of the sub-file according, then scouring in the scouring workshop. high temperature is more than 100 degree. that can scouring all the dying hair ,and open the hair scale. then bleach and dye it many times, and wash several times in water with super high temperature, after drying, making many kinds of curly, and cross oil. Then weave hair, the artisan crochet the hair in the hair net ,according to the hair style graph paper, the skilled artisan only can make a wig in one week, then washing hair, checkout ,plastic, packaging. then batch order can deliver goods. Shoppe made-to-order can deliver goods after fine pruning and cross oil. So the disinfectant problem you can not worry, we all thought it is more clean than food.

5:the nursing of wigs
1.the best is to clean once in 10-15 days, don’t use alkaline washing product, you’d better use the shampoo your own used, don’t rub hardly, press washing is ok, then soap nursing liquid ,after cleaning , dry with a towel ,wearing in the sun-cure shelves, putting on the place that sunshine can’t touched, and spout some nursing oil. Drying is ok. after washing, shaken with the hair end, show the curly, then comb the hair style ,drying.

2.Daily you don’t wearing ,cleaning it up and put it on the box.

3.When you wear human hair wigs , you can blow a hair style, you can use a electric roll sticker to do a modeling, also you can spout nursing oil.

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