The kinds of wigs

The kinds of wigs

which categories were wigs divided into ? We will analysis from the following three aspects:

1, according to the using area have wigs and wig. the features of wigs are: Wear convenient, good fastness, large covering area, wide application. according to the different needs of customers,Wig pieces can be different shapes, different sizes.Wig is characterized: strong Optional sex , high fidelity,good permeability.

2, according to the production method,wigs can be divided into two categories: non-woven hair and touching hair. production line of hair braiding machine ,Mass production, low prices is the main characteristic.Disadvantages: it is easy to see, the weight is heavy,good permeability is not easy to make hair follicles, knot easily.It has the advantage of cheap; Hand hook wig is pure manual hook system, all the hair is pure manual hooked,the advantages of this wig is: high fidelity, good air permeability, wearing comfortable, you can order, the disadvantage is that the price is quite high.

3, according to the material can be divided into two categories: chemical fiber yarn and real hair.the hair of imitation,Chemical fiber silk is to use chemical fiber products,its characteristic is poorFidelity , easy and after the reaction of the scalp, wearing itching feeling.Advantages: cheap, the long-term effect of the complete design ,The real hair is to made of 100% human hair,Its advantage is: high fidelity, not easy to knot,then you can innings, dye, perm,Easy to change hair style,The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high, synthetic wigs and qualitative effects

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