The products of hair modeling

The products of hair modeling

Without the products, hair design cannot be continued. Let’s have a look at the products of hair modeling together.

1 Hair gel: powerful in fixing the hair; being able to present the clear line and brightness
Texture: liquid; fog after jetting;

Characteristics: quick dry, bright, moderate hardness;

Applicable objects: normal, curls hair style, updo hair style;

Usage: in the distance of 30 cm; evenly cover on the hair.

2 Wax: moderate in finalizing the design effect; low gloss,; can be used to create a messy sense of hair end.
Material: white hard waxy;

Features: favorite for many stylists; no white dust; good in sticking; easy to modify;

Applicable objects: hair roots and frizzy hair surface;

Usage: directly due to the given part with glue stick

3 Hair mud: no brightness; hair looking natural fleeciness.

Applicable type: super short hair, multi-level.

Hair wax and mud are the strongest in all modeling, supportive, viscosity as well as duration, so in the very popular hedgehog hair style and the punk hair style, only wax and mud can work.

Method of use: dub the wax on the hand; put on the dry hair; grasp and scratch with moderate force; the effect comes out

4 moss
Quality of material: fine creamy bubbles;

Features: natural shape, moisturizing elastic;

Applicable objects: normal soft but hard to modeling, coiling hair;

Usage: squeeze a lump as the size of oranges; apply evenly on the hair; slightly blowing again; design effect is more durable.

Foam mousse evenly sprays on the hair when the hair is almost dry .If the hair is soft , moss needs to be dubbed on the hair root, helping them set up. The effect of foam mousse is very natural and won’t appear stiff, let alone the tiny particles, especially for the hair lacking of texture and strength.

5 Gels
Texture: fresh gel;
Features: moderate, moisture and reduce static electricity;

Applicable objects: the long and short curly hair;
Usage: dub after hands rubbing on the hair.

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