The reason that has caused the premature grey

The reason that has caused the premature grey

The determinant of the hair color consists in the number of particles in hair pigment. The latter is related to the growth of the hair root nipple pigment cell .The white hair is usually caused by the decline of hair pigment and when it declines to the extent of incapability of producing the pigment particles, the hair turns white thoroughly .For the average, the hair pigment cells begin to decline at the age of 35 .For some people, however, it begins at 25.This phenomenon is called “youth white hair “in medicine, nicknamed “Premature grey”.Then, what has caused this?

The cause of “premature grey “is a little complicated. It is both related to genetics &physics and to varied factors in later life.
A The innate premature grey

People with such premature grey are often in relation with family genitics.They are often born with white hair or their hair whitens earlier than others, furthermore, no strange situation occurs.

B Acquired prematurely grey

The causes led to prematurely grey are varied

The malnutrition, such as the lack of protein, vitamin as well as some Trace elements (copper, for example) can whiten the hair.
(1)Some chronic wasting diseases such as tuberculosis etc. have caused the malnutrition, so the hair whitens earlier than the average.

(2)For the people who often suffer the fever, the hair will become yellow or even white and fall off.

(3)Some endocrine diseases, such as the pituitary gland or thyroid disorders, may influence the capability of producing the pigment particles of pigment cells, leading to the prematurely white hair.

(4)Encephalitis and lesions existing in nervous system also contribute to the white hair.
(5)The patients’ skin, hair as well as the eyebrows are all white

(6)The disease which leads the skin to become white is -Vitiligo.The hair will become white if it happens on the scalp.

(7)Some hold that the more one utilize the brain, the earlier it is for the hair to become white

(8)Some young people, however, who wear white hair in a very short time, are related with serious mental trauma such as excessive anxiety, sadness or excessive mental fatigue

9 Besides, the causes of women white hair, more or less, differ from what I have illustrated. Knowing how to prevent white hair in precaution and by the light of diet can help us prevent acquired white hair and possess the wholesome hair color as presented in the pictures.

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