What is a ceramic perm

What is a ceramic perm

When it comes to ceramic perm and far infrared ceramics, we mean the same thing. The curl hair style looks more natural than the traditional one, moreover, dry hair roll is more beautiful than the wet. Ceramic perm uses a ceramic rod (below)to clamp the hair from all directions with the help of an instrument ,which looks like octopus, and then perm after being plugged .Soshort hair style is easy to miss and not suitable for a try.

The texture of the wave curled by the ceramic perm is not neat. Generally, curl begins from the ear and hair end is a little messy but beautiful, which is very natural. The curl, which derives from electricity, needs the design water daily, however, the ceramic perm is an exception .you can go out with a casual comb in the morning. The laziest method is to touch the hair randomly by hand! Does it particularly cater to the taste of the “dawdler”?

As long as it’s not too short or too neat, ceramic perm can match with a variety of bangs .It is not hard to have some change. The hair waveform is bigger by ceramic perm, but once a design product is used, the waveform can be narrowed down 3 times. So it depends on you to change the degree of ripple. Going for dinner, you can also have the hair bundle turned into braids behind the head or have a hairpin fixed on the front hair or wear a silk scarves. You can make a fair maiden hair style with slight restraint on the hair.

Generally, people tend to hold that the hard hair is hard to finalize the design, but it is the opposite for the ceramic perm. After being magnetized, the design is not only durable, but the elasticity is outstanding with sheer sense of texture. However, the soft hair wastes more efforts! Don’t rush to wash after the ceramic perm, and a time span of 2-3 days will be better, allowing the hair finalizing the design. There is no need to worry that the hair will be smeared by the designing liquid .Since the liquid is alkalescent, it has the function of clearance to the hair.

There are many benefits of ceramic perm; the friends who want to wear a curl might as well try alkaline curl hair

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