What person suit to leave bang

What person suit to leave bang

When we see a lot of girls like a bang in a haircut, and bang of the wig has become the product girls like , some girls leave or wear a bang are indeed very good, but some girls don’t suit bang. So which kind of person suit for leaving bang?

Wearing bangs or cut a bang, you can choose

1, a round face – suitable for flat bang
Flat bang can create the edges and corners in the upper half of the face, let face stereo rise. by your face:

2, a long face – suitable for coiling bang
after cutting the bangs out of shape (close to the temple tip), micro hot, has a very popular effect.

3, square face shape – for oblique bangs
Slope can be big or small, can weaken the square jaws, having feminine feeling.

Note: before the stylist cut your hair, let him/her see the length of your hair when it is dry, because the hair will get longer after wet .
I hope bang can make you beautiful again, a little bit cute again.

Round face
With partial points bang bumps on the face of longitudinal lines, share a small department of low head faint line.

Partial points and levels of hair weft can make the face look slender, best can cohesion with double side hair naturally, make elegant sense of prolapse.

Short and changeable. If hair is short, or is not appropriate off-center part, just cut it very short, let the width be narrow, or cut the radian of the skew or twist it up.

Press neat bang on eyebrow , round face permanent can’t escape the baby, also because of the emphasis on the horizontal line, a lot shorter.

Long face
With dynamic and LongGai forehead bangs cut 1/3 facial length, make the face look rounder.

From above the highest point until massive chaos bang of the eyebrows, can make slightly elongated face serious seems nifty and lovely.

If long hair or bang like a doll, let bang depart as wide as possible, and the length need to be able to cover the eyebrows.
oblique bang has been called the “lady”, due to the hairline being exposed too much, add a vertical line, it will be seen as a taboo of elongated face

Square face & wide jaws
the top should be osteoporosis as much as possible, having natural the partial distribution of hair wave, winding with gentle solid square face contour.

Natural tortuous hair tip is a best way to polishing rectangular shapes. lateral points of the bang make facial longer, note that the level of the hair and the hierarchy of the side hair should be synthesized .

the long and broken bang that suit for long face can also be used in rectangular face, differently is, to narrow the width of the fringe, on both sides, hair can be tucked inside, making the whole face look narrow.

neat bang hanging above the brow, like a small square in a big squares , the smaller area can enhance the mechanical degrees of square face.

Nabla & diamond face
Soft short bangs hanging quietly on the forehead, the harsh impression of XiaKe makes him noble and witty.

Narrow forehead contrast of girl, bang also should be cut as short as possible, and make the effect that good and bad are intermingled, reveal the feeling of a door left unlocked on the forehead.

If you can’t give up suffering from cuting bangs, can be back the hair on both sides of the ears, and let the hair end up slightly, also can let XiaKe develop full up.

Short, inclined bang of suitable contrast wide forehead inverted triangular face, with some emulsion make the hair soft and voqthiq , with your fingers or a wide tooth comb to Swap out a shape which is both order and dynamic .

If you want to leave bang, according to the analysis above, you can understand what kind of bang suits for yourself ,i hope you can become more beautiful with a bang .

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