The Story of being a people helper using NLP and Self Help Procedures to solve Problems

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stevehallSteve Hall

Videographer, Editor, and NLP Consultant

I want to help as many people as I can, to have better lives, I am a helper of many, A volunteer in service to others helping the needy and the depressed to get over life’s problems. I feel notably rewarded by what I do daily, to help others along the way of life.

I’ve found NLP to be a great tool to stimulate the mind to think better thoughts and create dreams, that can be achieved to those who really want a change in their life … In my short Ebook, I talk about Divorce and family losses, that bring people to their knees and into prayer for those they love. In times like these with job losses, and people loosing homes,these are truly  hard times, we live in.

To make a difference in those lives makes me glow inside and but doesn’t pay the bills… I need your help here to keep my work going and to create a staff to help me continue what I do best…
I’m not asking for much but anything would help keep me going and help so many others who are lost and need a elping hand to get back on the right track of life…


Stephen Hall, Memories Unlimited Video, Owner and Video Editor 

PS: Just a short note of appreciation for my Tutor in NLP – Tom Hoobiar who died late last year. We lived similar lives, as he also had 52 or more Occuations, and loved NLP for how it helps people to live better lives…


Create the life of your dreams before it’s too late….

Read more abou it on my NLP Info Site:                NLP Eye Movement Reading  Helps to see how you think and tell alot about you to others.


Being Successful is a choice and takes time to develop by step by step learning NLP techniques to become the person you want to become must be learned as in education in school and from work we learn how to do many new things each year through training or minds about new possibilities we open our minds to better ways to do things and to help others learn from us too…

To learn more about this subject see  – My NLP Info Site – it tells about the creators of NLP and it’s bief history and a few videos to learn tecjniques and ideas to bring you a better life.


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A Quick Look at my blog and My Life :-)

Here’s a short video tour of my whole blog:

After having 53 careers, working on Air Planes in the Air Force, Computer Sales and Repair, Metal, Wood, and Plastic Fabrication, Playing Music, Studying NLP Techniques, TV Repair, Electrical Work, Product Design, Video Production and editing, plus much more. I started writing my book in this blog form, for others to learn by, Hope you like it, That’s life in the fast lane, as I lived it, though my eyes in my 66 years. (My total Blog has over 37,000 Comments on it)

Hope that You Enjoy It, as much as I did writing it !!!

Also see my Careers Site at:

Tasty tidbits about careers and job hunting knowledge for you it’s free…

Reconstruction and Demolition is there too much going on here?

Why are we tearing down good buildings, to put up new ones? We have lots of empty building, that could be rebuilt to use again, but no, we tear them down, and fill out landfills with more garbage. We are a throw away society now, we don’t fix things anymore, we create new things, and throw the old things away.

Reminds me of companies, that lay off workers, instead of creating, or finding new products that they can build and sell to make even more money… Let’s also look at the homeless problem, we have older hotels and motels that could be used as shelters, but no we tear them down and build housing developments for the rich to buy… With all the foreclosures going on, isn’t there’s enough houses to sell, why are we building more new houses? Sort of all sound firmiliar doesn’t it!!!

We can’t continue as we are for long, we are going broke trying to rebuild America, the new way, not the old way that worked, so well for many years… Plus this forced health care cost, and lack of service to the elderly, what’s wrong here, have we lost our minds…

Health care costs, have gone up more than housing costs, why is that? Do you think the insurance business is going broke? Well it could be, ecause of the bad investments by them, with your money !!! They owe us our health care, we paid for it through years of payments, they just lost it in a stock gamble. Also look at our Social Security, how long is it going to last, with all the government spending it like it was theirs to spend…. what’s going on here these days…

Are you mad yet? I am mad as hell, at our servants, that never pay for their health care, and use our social security, as if it was their money… We need to get new people in our government offices one’s that care about the people they serve in this country of ours, not lining their pocketbooks, with our money.$$$..

Teamwork is needed, not policy changes, and new laws, about gays, birth control, drugs, and other unrelated laws, what the heck, are they against us !!! It should still be, a governmentof the people, and by the people as the Consitution states? Comments welcome

Who Runs Your Life !!!

Do you have full control over your life, or is someone else in control? A Boss, a Husband, a Wife, Parents, or even your Best Friend, maybe even your Peers, etc. We all carry lots of baggage, from our past into our future, but why do we do it, is it just a Habit, or a Trait we learned? It can be unlearned and cleared from your memory, if you really want to.

Why can’t we choose for ourselves, what we do, or how we do it, Try it, you may end up, changing your life for the better. I did when I quit trying to please others, and do the stuff, I love to do, I don’t even consider it work anymore, it’s just what I do: Videography and capturing Special Occasions, and helping to Capture. Those Special Moments in their life, it is fun to do. I even got yo tape “Jerry Rice’s 40th Birthday”, and also “MC Hammer’s 40th Birthday party”. See some of my work on my website:

My Video Production Business

SLS Home Study Course

Work for yourself or for someone else, it’s your choice?

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life:
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Wow did a show at cable the other night, about Men and Women and Parenting plus much more about the way men treat women, and how women react to them, learned alot and I will be adding more to this blog about it later. What a feature to explore about feelings, and judgment, and ownership, to the love them, hate them, plus more, Watch for it starting next month.

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Can you believe this whole blog has gotten over 36,400 Comments in one one year !!!

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Here’s Some NLP Concepts I’ve found helpful

NLP Concepts

By Stephen E. Hall

“What’s Real”, and “What’s Not Real”, in our lives, what we perceive to be ”Real”, may not be “Real”. But our reflex is often to believe it is “Real”, so we store it in our memory. Our sub-conscious and conscious minds sometimes disagree with each other on this. We perceive what we see, and react to it as such. As children we where in the research and development stage of life, we were told and apple is an apple a rock is a rock, and allot of don’t touch this stuff… All this stuff is anchored in our brain somewhere. We have a fractural response held in our memory of every event that ever happened to us. We can recall these incidents even if they happened years ago, but sometime cannot remember what we did yesterday. It was not important so we never stored it to memory. Plus we learn to tune out stuff that doesn’t involve us. Like music, background noises and people talking to others around us not directly to us.

We have a reactive mind as L Ron Hubbard puts it, we don’t change, unless we clear the memory out of that saved pattern. We all have capabilities of doing many different things at one time. Allot of which we were taught in school or by our parents or co- workers at a job. We sometimes can do things we’ve never attempted, and learn from the experience of doing it… We also have limitations stored in our memory, things we failed at or don’t want to do, for reasons like, we might get hurt, or die from it. We do this response without even thinking, it’s a programmed response. Also our sensory observations cause reactions these are used to prevent us from problems later or from getting hurt.

We set boundaries for ourselves, and those around us, to protect or limit how far to go, in some cases. We all have needs, wants and concepts about each other and how to react.

We want to work on our ideas and concepts, to make them a reality. We need to organize our thoughts to do this. We manifest the process, giving it our all, so to say.

We put all the drive we have, to accomplish our goal. We can even imagine it real before we start the project, we then create the concept. We are willing and able to complete it, all the way through. As it takes form, we nurture it, with our lives; we focus on the end product as being done. It’s called a light bulb or “Ah Ha” moment, as we think it through.

Now we also have transformation or state changes or reaction changes and that are possible, re- programming, as they call it now. Unlike mind control or brain washing of the past. We can anchor a new patterns, in place of old habits, and change how we react to the same stimulus that once bothered us, made us scared or afraid to continue the process. How we relate to these stimulus can make us a better more and more active life.

We can learn to eat better, and do more exercise, instead of sitting around just watching TV, letting our life go by us, day by day. We can also improve our minds but the choices of better foods. We can walk each day, more than the day before, and have more fun in our life, plus meet more people as we walk… Life can really improve if we take these steps into action… Just, Go For It!

Some NLP Terms Explained

Anchoring – to set in memory

Change – to modify results

Create – to make new

Dismiss – to eliminate

Establish – to create new thought pattern

Evaluate – to understand the problem

Hypnosis – to change process of thoughts

Manifest – to secure a process

Monitor – to check on progress

Pattern – to make normal a process

Re-Program – to change a thought pattern

Swish – to change automatic pattern

Here’s a life changing report on NLP uses and its beginnings:


To learn more or find a cafe near you goto:

My other blog

Here’s a great story about the NLP Beginnings and studies by a friend of Richard Bandler!!!.

Read about this lession by friend of NLP Author “Richard Bandler” called in the beginning

Join my facebook NLP page and find out more about the subject or dicuss it.
My Facebook NLP Group Page

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Helping Returning Veterans To Cope and Play Golf :-)

Here is a fantastic idea whos time has come and like magic it improves our lives in many ways.
These two organizations have changes and save lives of many returning solders. Interviews with:
Dick Rutledge and “Tee it up for the troops” and Fred Brattain of Disabled Golfer Learning Foundation

Host Sheryl Shaffer Interviews two people that change that ( I CAN’T into I CAN Do This ) rewards our society with honored people who served our country and came back injured or with PTSD problems.
See how they make people whole again and feeling normal again, like before they went to war…

I was in the Air Force and a veteran also, so this video make make you cry with happiness !!!

Thanks For All You Do !!!
Steve Hall

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Your Brain is the Sexiest Part of your Body

How few of us know how to use it!!!

Just think about it for a moment, you brain is the sexiest part of your body, it controls how we perceive friendship, how we react to people and how we get paid. It’s like a computer programmed to satisfy our daily needs, but yet so many of us don’t know how to use it. We find things we like and buy them, but we forget about others, their needs and wants.

Here’s my point, think outside the box for a change, not what you want and need, but what those around you want and need, you can help them get it. By doing so you gain friendship and love and lots of happiness inside to see their faces light up as you help them. It’s a process not many of us take, we are out for ourselves and want it all for us…

Sharing goals and helping people is the best way to make longtime friendships and business associates. Look at the web so many people telling you to click on their product so they get paid. It should be the other way around, click here to meet friends that want to help you to reach you goals in life. How great our world would be if we just helped one person to reach their goals.

Appreciate others and the money will come to you, you just have to lend them your hand, and help them to make the first steps toward their goal, they will help others in turn and friendships grow for both of you.

Thanks Steve Hall

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Occupy People or Sheep in a Herd


Sometime people just follow the leader: they become an uncontrollable herd, and need to be herded like cattle or sheep. Why is it that some people just try to show our leaders what we want in the wrong way. Look at what happened last week with the government, when big business stood it’s ground on pippa and sopa and we won. We need big business to help create the power to make changes like this…

Living in tents is like primitive and trying to make a stand, with lots of people doesn’t work… Wall street may be wrong, but it does work well, it helps small companies, become big companies, who then share the wealth with it’s workers and supporters alike. People like to party, so that why they love block parties, but when they become destructive, then we all loose, plus it adds to the cost of the goods we buy. It’s alot like unions when they strike it cost us the public more to buy the goods they sell… Sort of a circle of spreading the cost back to to customer, “us”

We need to work with big business to get the power to make the changes that we all want so bad, not to try to defeat them, then we hurt ourselves. We should support them and get involved in helping them to make these changes. Look at it this way, we the 99% are like a herd out of control and and big business the 1% is driving the car. They see us as an obstacle and just go around us, like they don’t care. But if we get behind them, we help push them to get the changes done easily, we both win !!!

We need to write our congress and house of representatives, and let them know, we want changes, and we will help them to make them, by supporting them, in what they do for us… Do your part and the world will be a better place to live. We want change as Pres Obama said in the beginning, so help us to make these changes by not destroying property, and costing yourself money, by what others do do with inappropriate means. Peaceful means always work better instead of forceful means to get changes done the right way.

We can be the world leaders once again by showing the work how to live peacefully and stop wars and learn to live together in peace. Setting boundries fir peace and helping the world live together in peace.
If we keep fighting our own people how can we show others how to live in peace and harmony. Well enough said by me. I’d like people to comment on this and show what you think we need to do?

Unlimited Possibilities are all around you !

The reason most people fail is, they don’t take chances, and don’t learn about new things that may change your life. I see it all the time, people that just sit there watching tv, or letting others run their lives. They fail to read books, and look for websites, that will help them get to the next level in life. Just become interested in something you like to do, give yourself a chance to grow inside, and become the person you were created to be.

The mind is like a forest fire, get it started and the fire will grow inside, almost out of your control, but here’s the difference, you do control your mind and the thoughts within it. You control the volume and intensity of the ideas. You are the creator of the sculpture on your own canvas or mold. Making the colors shine or blur within. You can fine tune to a point or widen it, with others contributions. You see the picture in your mind, and express it to others, so they can help you paint your life picture as you help them with theirs.

Don’t do it alone, so many people want to help you, as you help them, to do their painting within their mind. Each unfolding a new piece like a paining, to be seen by all. Appreciate them and help them grow inside. As your worth and your happiness, grows, you will start living a better and fuller life. Don’t keep it inside you, or it will break your heart, as does lost love. Let it shine out for all to see and grow with it. What a difference it will make in your life and to theirs.

Don’t let your hands be tried behind you, you have control of your destiny and are willing to do all you can to achieve it. We are meant to be free, and produce the fruits of your desires and to promote others to do the same. Like teachers in a world classroom, teaching our friends to do their best. I know you can do it, and that you want to help others, do the same. I hope you see the big picture as I have painted it here in words. You just have to read it and take action and you will share in it. Your part is small but without it the painting will go unnoticed and just sit on an empty wall. that no one see’s. Share it and the gold nugget will be yours, help others to see the light and your mind will see the truth unfold like magic, your dreams will come true.

PS: I will soon be writing an ebook about My 52 careers, and the life and times of a retired technician, videographer, fabricator, designer, and much more. It tells the story about a worker bee that now uses his knowledge to save lives and show how NLP saved many people from distruction and depression to become famous and productive again. Watch for it soon.

I just came back from the National Achievers Conference in San Jose, we listened to Wealthy Leaders such as “Tony Robbins”, “Donald Trump”, “T Harv Eker”, and many other Wealth Experts. They all said one thing, “Wealth does not come from a JOB”, but from “Intelligent Financial Planning” and taking the right chances in life. It’s how we learn to keep or spend our money, in the right way. Investing in ourselves, not in the things around us. Our educational system teaches us get more knowledge and get a JOB, but never tells us how to invest or start a business and gain tax advantages of the rich. We end up broke at 65 when we retire and have to keep working forever to pay our debts off… Social Security only suppliments enough to eat and maybe keep a home over our heads till we have to go to a retirement home and be taken care of like babies again… I want to be Rich, don’t You !!!

Stephen Hall

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Your Mind Controls Your Weight

Here’s a great link by a friend, Steve G Jones about Weight Loss and your mind. You mind controls your weight so let it work for you instead of against you. Take steps to change your eating habits, and your life will change too. You’ll have more confidence and feel better plus look better too. Stop over eating and binges totally. Your in control so take the time to learn how to eat right and exercise for a better life.

Here’s the link below: Do it today, the life you save may just be your own!!!
Learn how your mind controls your weight

Here’s another link to a Program to enhance your brain power, also by Steve G Jones.

Learn About Brain Power

I’ve used Steve G Jones courses, and he knows what he’s talking about!!!

If you still need More help loosing weight try the Cinch Plan from Shaklee

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Learn more about hunger management here :

A Tribute To My Blog Guests

This site gets lots of eyes on it, why, because it is different from most blogs. I created it myself, and do all the publication and writing for it. None of it comes from other sources. It all comes from my personal life history, the people I’ve met, and things I myself have done, both for myself and others alike.

Most blogs today are bits and pieces from other blogs, automatically updated by a service that does a few changes to make it similar but not a copy of the original. How funny, people who can’t think for themselves use this to get you hooked on buying their ebooks and junk, just like everyone else is doing… but not me!!! That’s not for me, I’m a true believer is possibility thinking and helping others to better lives.

You see, you can’t change a mind, that isn’t open to new ideas. That’s where I come from, an Open minded person, with Ideas to change the world around me. I am not a millionaire, but think like one.

What would you do if someone gave you lots of money?

Open your mind to the possibilities that you might get lucky and get all you ever wanted in life…

How would you change you life?

How would it change those around you?

What would you do first than second and third?

Think about it for a while, how do you feel, how will you look, how do you treat others around you?

Lots to think about isn’t there!!!

But now comes the real test, You lost it all the next day, What changes will you make now?

How has you life changed and what can you do about it?

Can you think of starting over from scratch, or begin where you left off and see how easy it is to have learned to cope with both success and failure…

You see life deals us a hand, like in poker, and we have to choose, to keep it, or get new cards, or to fold. So many people just fold, and give up before they give life a chance. I have done both ways and learned how to cope and show others how to do it too. NLP Consulting has allowed me to learn the techniques to help others to have better lives and feel 100% better about life and living.

A new dimension of your life opens up with possibility thinking, it allows you to extend you present life into one you really want to become. To own your life and what you do to make life better for those around you. You can still work a job if you need to but think about it differently than just a job to get done. Think of better ways to do the job skills that set you apart from others so your worth more to the boss. To meet new people and have something to cheer them up and make them feel worthy. This adds value to your life and will help you grow at the same time.

I learned alot but never being satified with learning one thing, I wanted to learn it all…That’s what set me on my lifes journey to work at learning 52 Careers, like I tell people “I’m a know it all”, I’m telling the truth… “A true Jack of all Trades”, from Electronics, to Jet Engines, Carpentry to Metal Fabrication, Design to Product Manufacuring, Hardware to Software, and much much more. My 65 years have been busy learning it all and helping others to learn also, Like at cable TV, I volunteer and help other make programs for the community, this makes life better for the people who watch the programs, and learn from them…

I am retired now, but I still volunteer allot. It keeps me busy, and at the same time, helps others to see that learning never ends, It’s a whole life pocess. We all learn daily from those around us, (be it right, or wrong), we learn it, and it becomes a habit. Don’t let your life be a bad habit, break free and learn better ways to improve your life, plus the lives of the people around…. Get true riches, that are more worthy than just money, or a paycheck. Real life improvement it can be yours today… “Just Go For It”

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Stephen Hall

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I have stopped buying in to their world, of get this, and you too will see the money coming into your paypal and your clickbank accounts… ?Na DA Zip, just “withdrawals and no income”. I am mad as hell, and gonna fight back, we deserve more than this!!!, we are looking in the wrong places for the money, it’s not where they say it is, it is hidden from our view, like they want us to think…

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Steve Hall

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I found a great place to learn about online business plus leads and making friends online. It started out with a chat on Skype and turned into a great friendship and business by design talk. Sort of a what’s next type of talk that lead to redesigning my website and restructuring how I did my online business. We had quite a few talk sessions before I got it. Still working on programming and html stuff for Web 2.0, as I learned the old html codes pretty well, but had to work at learning the new stuff… It makes a difference in your site design, when you finally start using Web2 coding.

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Volunteering is doing something you love to do

A Sample of volunteering as a video expert

I have been in video production over 25 years, so when I retired a few years ago, I decided to help people learn about the video business. I teach how to run the equipment to new interns, that want to start a career in the business. I show them how to run the camera, the video switcher, and the audio mixer plus some engineering and repair too.

I do appox 250 show a year, from Music shows, to talking head interviews. I also show them some lighting techniques and set design too. I love what I do, that why I volunteer my services, to help them do great shows. I really enjoy seeing them in practice, learning how the equipment works, and how to control it like a pro…

I teach them techniques on camera I call it “Up and In” or “Down and Out” it’s a gradual movement of the camera while zooming In and Out to keep the head room, ( that’s the top of the head) about a 1/4 inch from the top of the viewfinder on the camera. I also teach pan and tilt techniques and trucking right or left, by not loosing the host, plus smooth movements, no sudden movement just keeping it really smooth.

Audio is also fun to teach, each audio console is slightly different, and takes some getting used to. Most of them have a R/L or Mix button to enable each channel and a main volume control. The main thing is to keep the level at “0 DB” on the main and adjust the (trim) usually the top most knob above the channel your seting up to the mix. Have each guest talk into the mike then set their level, to cross the “0” level on the meter, but not hit the red (over level) or you’ll get distortion… Do the same for each guest plus the host set to barely cross the “0” level.

Now we come to the video switcher, they all have the program bus and a preview or ready bus, a T-Handle plus a take and dissolve buttons. The T-handle is for slow dissolves between the program bus and the preview bus. The buttons either take or swap buses or the dissolve between them. The dissolve button is usually preset to auto dissolve in about 1 sec, it can be set faster or slower depending on the program matter or the mood of the director. The director tells the person at the switcher to take 1 ready 2 or fade to 2 depending on style of the show.

Some other operations are, the floor director, they tell the host how much time is left or cue the host at the beginning of the show. They also assist the cameraman with pulling wires out of the way for trucking moves. He also lets the director know if there are any problems in the studio. During an audience show the floor director sometime hands the mic to the audience member so they can be heard by the home audience watching the show.

I enjoy teaching others and have been #1 volunteer now for over 10 years. I love the business and love seeing a great show come together, and to see the final product on the air, for others to see. I know all the work that went into the production to make it all possible

. My name is: Stephen Hall from Mountain View, CA 94040. I help at Media Center Palo Alto, they supply five channels on our cable system,2 gov channels 3 entertainment channels, we are proud to serve out community.

Mid Peninsula Media

Here some video signal patterns from engineering

Source: Color Bars

Source: Waveform Montor

Source: Vector Scope

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Envisioning Success

One of the Best and Most Well Known Tools in NLP is called “Envision Success” or see it in your minds eye before you see it in reality. This is the way most successful people make their dreams come true, They make their dreams into realities by a belief system. It’s how companies are born, from little ideas, we once had, as a vision, in our inner mind, our so called “our subconscious mind”, it holds the spirit of our dreams, before we make them a reality. If we work toward achieving our goals our mind will help us cope with success or failure and then do it again till it works, we learn from it and go on.

But some people repress these thoughts and keep them from becoming a reality. That’s called negitive thinking or the suppression of our goals. We say to ourselves, it’s not the right time, I don’t have the money, I feel that I’m not worthy of this goal, the list goes on and on. This is what stops your dream from becoming realities, and it hurts you inside when you feel this way. You become bored and depressed and sit in our comfortable tv chair watching the world go by us on the tv. Stop it !!! Get up and do something toward your dream, write about it, talk to people about it do list and set goals step my step till it become part of you life and living. You deserve the best of life, your only here for a short time so you better make the best of it.

Ok now that I have your Undivided Attension: Stand up and cheer yourself to success, you can do it, don’t hide from it, just do it. Make your dreams come true, start living the life of your dreams, nothing holds you back but you!!! Once you got that going you will successed in whatever you approach, as long as you have a positive attitude and are working toward you goals, your mind will follow. Baby steps lead to walking, lead to running, lead to marathon winning… It’s that simple, once your headed in the right direction, you are a winner. Go out and get um, your team is right behind you, leading you on, to see your dreams become realities… Just Go For It !!! Use all you have and don’t hold back, you’ll now have the momentum behind you, and it will lead you to the best time of your life.

As always, your coach is there for you, inside your own mind, making you get up and start moving, and never look back. Practise this every day, and you will meet your dreams with a smile, and a feeling of a proud winner. Project your love to all around you, and give with all your heart. Experience is a great teacher, but a strong will to achieve, will get you past the finish line, ahead of schedule. Be determined to manifest your dreams, and they will come true. Remember your mind controls your body and your body controls your health and well being, the spirit keeps you on your toes, ready to forge ahead, so get out of my way world, I’m coming through.

I love to help people over their probems and NLP is a great tool for those of us that really know how to use it to get the best out of people, My friend Tony Robbins has done great work on this subject and has help many people see the light of becoming better people to ourselves and those around us. Vision is the key to most achievements in human development, and personal growth too. Some people use a vision board, (a board on your wall with images about you dreams and dersires on it) to realize that to see is to beleave. Looking daily at your dreams and goals, causes the soul to achieve them internally and like magic, you start seeing them come true. The movie “The Secret” show how people envision success and bring it to them in life. You still have to do your part in it to work toward your goals and talk to people and share your ideas.

Here’s a sample of “envision success” that brought forth a reality in someone’s life. I had a friend, a guitarist who played in small coffee houses, one day a guy came up to him, and gave him a ticket to Nashville, he now lives there, and is living his dream, of writing music, recording friends, and now owns two or three recording studios and a great songwriting business too. You might have heard of him his name is “Cliff Goldmacher”. A one time dream, is now a reality for him, he writes a newletter, and has many friends in the music business.

Stephen Hall

PS: Here’s some great products links for my faithful visitors, they will help you build your business team and build great friendships at the same time. Relationships are easy to make but hard to keep sometimes but they add so much to your life. They also keep us on track and help us make better decisions, and meet goals in life quicker.

Limitless Leads For Life

Social Media Automation

My Unlimited Possibilities Here Site

About Skadoogle See Video Now

My Business Builders Group

Learn to use the Internet to grow your business and your list.

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Doing Business on the WEB


It’s not the easiest job, but it pays well when it works. You have to first market yourself and then your product on the web. So many people try to tell you how easy it is, just email your list with your product, and the money starts rolling in. (What a lie they tell you to sucker you in to buy their ebook or health product or service, even MLM stuff), it’s all just junk unless you gain their trust first.

Start out by making friends first on facebook and twitter and even others like IBOToolbox and Referral Key, then you can talk about common things, not your business, get acquainted with them first, then you can show them your product or service. They will in turn, tell their friends and soon your group grows, and then you may just see the money start rolling in. But don’t stop there, become an Affiliate and learn all you can about other peoples products on line, see how others work their business. It’s all just a learning process, and it takes time to build a great business, on or off line, then you can help others to do the same. Good luck below are some ideas to get you started:

Here’s a great place to start your training SIC

Join us at Business Builders Group:

Our Affiliate Program

Business Builders Group

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Here a great view on the economy “A Strong Middle Class is needed to pull us up and out”


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Life Begins at 65, they lied to us, it’s not 40 anymore

They used to say life begins at 40 but they lied to us it actually begins at 65. I just had my 65th Birthday and I feel young again, unstoppable and ready to explore the world of retirement. I now get up when I feel like it, don’t have a boss telling me i’m late or i’m fired again, I do what I want when I want, and much more than that i’m happy being me.

Don’t wait till it’s too late to begin your life, i’ve had friends that worked themselves to death and never got to enjoy life and freedom. I was working for such a guy doing video production, doing car commercials here in the bay area. He lived by the clock and kept taking on too many jobs and being stressed out all the time, his heart was in it but his body was not, it ended in a heart attack. His wife was speechless, as she had asked him to give it up, so they could enjoy more time together. He never listened and kept going to the end, he died in my arms trying to do what he thought life was all about, his work was his identity. Don’t let life do this to you, while you still have your health. Eat better, do exercise, help others enjoy their lives, the payoff is more time to do the important stuff like seeing the world around you, and enjoying it more, not pushing yourself and ending up like he did.

I feel that too many of us don’t get it, we go on living day to day lives, living for tomarrow not looking at today as a tool to live life to the fullest, to create your destiny for helping people do better lives and be much happier living them. Learn from others, read books, watch movies, got to meetings, make friends, and live for today as if it was you last day. Be here in the present and see what others around you are doing and encourage them to live their dreams, because dreams do become realities if we can let them unfold in time, without pushing our destiny to meet them head on. Do something wonderful today, that helps others to live happier lives here on our wonderful planet earth…
Steve Hall

What is a Tribe you ask? Like Minded People for Business and Social Networking in a Group.

My Internet Business Office

For Serious Business Builders only join up here:
Serious Business Builders

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Ok You want to be a Videographer

Video Production Procedures Camerawork

So you want to be a cameraman, things to think about, before you start shooting your video. Maybe you need a script, or at least an Idea of what the final product will be, and how it will be used. Lighting is very important as is Sound, either one, could make your shoot a disaster. Buy a steady tripod with a nice flowing head, this makes for smoother pans and tilts. Now your almost ready to start shooting. Next you need to think about the composition of each shot, Closeup, Midrange, or Long Shot. Will you need to zoom, or pan up or down while zooming. I use a technique called ( up and in, or down and out ) this style keeps the headroom the same and moving up or down to include the body or other guests. Also if you have multiple guests you may want to use lapel mics and an audio mixer to get the correct levels for each person.
So you think you ready now, did you make a checklist? Like how much time for the shoot, did you buy enough tape or memory to complete the job. Do you have lighting and mics ready to go. Is trypod set correctly, at level for best shots, and is it loose enough to move smoothly when needed. Is you talent in the right place, how about background is it right for the shoot. One more thing, did you load the tape in the deck, did you try to record to make sure it’s working correctly. Now your ready, is the talent ready also, are they relaxed or tense, make them feel at ease, record a short tape to show them how they look. The remember to rewind the tape and run about 10 sec of tape before you cue them. Editing takes at least 3-5 sec to preroll when you edit it later.

Start filming and create your masterpiece of video, using the techniques I have told you about here. I do professional training of production staff for the MidPenMedia Group in PA, CA. I have been #1 volunteer for about 9 years now. I do over 250 shows a year there, plus I own my own company, called “Memories Unlimited Video Productions” out of Mountain View, CA. One other thing avoid handheld unless you have very steady hands. Hard to fix the movement afterwards so try to use tripod whenever you can. You will see why when you look at you footage and can’t use it because it looks jerky and unprofessional.

I did 30% of the car commercial here in the SF Bay Area with a company called “Studio 2” with the ex, Bill Toronto owner operator, until a heart attack took him from us. His wife then closed the business. I also worked at Transvideo Studios as a facility engineer for two years Repairing Equipment, Air Conditioning and wiring the rooms..
PS: I also do video editing, using a program by Pinnacle Sys called “Studio 12” on my PC and also make masters on DVD’s for my clients.

Thanks you, comments appreciated and welcome.

My site is at:My Pro-Video Business

( I did two fashion shows last year sample of both are on this site above. )

I Prefer Bogan Tripods for their steady rigid design, and a head that moves easily and smoothly. Use Hand held shots only when you have too. Keep shots steady don’t float around and please no long shots. The best way to hand held is to hold the camera in your right hand elbow down by your body then take your left hand and hold your elbow tight to your body and camera against your face this keeps it very steady. If you need to turn use your toe on one foot and heal on the other to make smooth movement, gives you a nice pan shot. I hope this helps you become a better camera man and get better video’s too..

Want to build your business and looking for answers here they are, right under your nose all along !
Great Business Building Links

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Video production the whole world will love

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Traffic Toolbox

Soon to come will be my video on profesional video camerawork and do’s and don’ts of videographers in the professional level of business. Like headroom, camera slant, camera movement, etc. Including my instructions for ‘up and in’ and ‘down and out’ for zooming in and out properly on directors calls. I teach professional techniques to many students that want to do great videos. See you next month with these new tools.

Check out Second Income Coach

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Video Production Assistant

Memories Unlimited Video

Memories Unlimited Video
View, CA. 94040


We have over 25 years of experience in installation and service in Video,Audio, and TV Production Services. Eight years now as volunteer of the year at Palo Alto Media Center.

Contact me today with any questions that you may have at My other Blog

Stephen E. Hall

Videographer – Production Assistant

Audio Engineer / Plus NLP consultant

A  link I’ve found that help people in many ways:

Here Below
The Most Profitable E-book Ever Written! it’s about Jay Abraham

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Experience is the best Teacher

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Ok Here I am on video this time

We learn so much from our failures, yet we are afraid to try something new because we might fail at it. Sort of a double standard we live by, we have to be pushed into something New before we try it. Like the Internet, we try to make web paged using html but we don’t know it that well. But still we try it until we make a successful web page. Most people first learn to use WYSIWYG or “what you see is what you get” it’s easier because we can see what the page looks like first. Others use Front Page to do their web pages, but yet others use a little trick with Word, by save the file as an (.htm) then upload it to their site.

WordPress has entered the game now making anyone a site that looks good and has lots of functionality. They can use pictures, files, pdf’s, and widgets and more to make a blog For a  family history, a text blog or a simple web page too. We all like to share information here on the web, we also need to get visitors to see it. Or customers to buy our products. The traffic game is still and unusual art, to get qualified eyes to your blog of site is and Art in itself.  You can have a beautiful web page or blog, but if no one sees it what good Is it. People use lots of gimmicks to get page views like click sites to back link their site or Goggle Ad words, or even Pay Per View or Pay Per Click, or similar things. Sometimes all it talks is some word of mouth or recommendation site to get viewers to see it. Some

Marketing experts claim to know the secret, just pay them $$$  to download the latest ebook. Most are rehashed stuff that no longer works, they just make you believe it does, to get your money, they are called  smammers, sending out their worthless “Guru Info” that like magic will get you lots of Money, Most of that money goes to them, for selling that worthless ebook garbage. Some make you think that you can get Thousands or dollars selling other people ebooks from clickbank… Yea right been there done that, it doesn’t work or they wouldn’t  try to sell you on it. They would keep it to themselves don’t you think.

So im not here to BS you, I just tell it like it is, i’ve been burnt and learned from it ways to approach traffic and comments and back links too. I’ve tried Traffic Roundup, Top Surfer, Spash Surfer and lots of others, all playing the traffic game to get hits, most people just don’t even look at the surfed pages the just keep clicking in hope they will get lucky somehow and get customers and more eyes of their site to get interest… I use Viral Network they have a wordpress website for you to use and get lots of comments like mine does. Here’s how to signup for your own blog that works very well and get lots of traffic too: Check out my comments section to see proof of my followers.

Get a site like this one at Viral Networks

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Watch My Business Plan for the web a Short Powerpoint Demo

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Helping People To Create Better Lives Using NLP and Coaching

I came up with a simple process to get over depression, anxiety, divorce, job loss, etc to help you get over some of these problems. I call it, “The Train Tracks at the Switch”. Your headed down the train track, there’s a switch ahead, one TRACK keeps you where you are, the other TRACK leads to your new life, with new friends, and new ideas, plus your doing the things you love to do, etc. It’s up to you to make the choice, which way the switch goes. Most people want to at least, want to try out the new track, and see what it comes up with, maybe a new life or business you always wanted to try out… (A swish pattern) as they call it in NLP. “Helping People to create better lives using NLP”

I had written several webpage articles on AOL, but as you know they pulled the plug on “Hometown sites” a few years back. Everything was lost, peoples history’s, blogs, livings, all gone. I treated it as a learning experience, (like your house had burnt to the ground, and you lost everything). It’s time to rebuild now, so you chose the right foundation for a strong life, the right content, to make it feel like home again, and make people feel welcome to come into it. To offer a learning experience, and a chance to help others in building better lives. A team to build it, and a story to tell, to keep them coming back for more.

I hope this helps more people to get started doing what you love, and become your own boss. It gives you a chance to grow and help others along the way. That feels good inside too. The ablity to show how to produce the fruits of your life, be it by word, or by your actions, it is always appreciated.. Just get started and it will flow, sort of like the Movie “The Secret” you put your mind to, it and let it flow out of you. You can make a difference, in your life and others lives too…
Where the movie sort of left off was: “Take Actions Toward Your Goals”

First let me start out introducing myself, Stephen E. Hall, Videographer, and NLP Guide, here to help you down the right path in your life. Not as a controller but a Coach, ready to serve you when needed. I look forward to helping people get over lifes problems, that seem to hold them back from their goals, to help you achieve, and to give you the insight along lifes path. My life is so different now that I am retired, and I am doing what I love, “Videography”, capturing life greatest moments for people to share. I do video productions at Mid Pen Media in Palo Alto, and have been recognised as #1 volunteer there for the last 9 years. Check it out at:
Mid Peninsula Media Center

I have videotaped some great events like Jerry Rice’s 40th Birthday in Menlo Park, and MC Hammer’s 40th Birthday in Tracy, but they were private and cannot be shown in public. I love what I do so it’s not like work because I enjoy it. Everyone should enjoy what they do and feel proud to accomplish their goals in life… It took me 52 careers to find one I really liked, I now understand why people feel comfortable to do their own work and have pride in it. Making a living, and having a job, are so different, one you love, the other you hate. I love to teach others to reach out and go for their goals in life, I really makes a difference in how you feel and treat others too…

Thanks, Stephen Hall

Here a great tool to learn more about NLP it’s called the NLP Toolbox

The NLP Toolbox

Get Healthy & Make Money too, with Shaklee

See Tony Robbins about coaching

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Is this year nearing half full or half empty

Love that figure of speech “half full or half empty” makes you think a bit.

Normally a glass is used to show this, but I differ with that analysis, because it leaves out the people aspect of things. You see some people are Optimists and  Optimize all the time, their lives are exciting and full, and others are Pessimists  they cause fear and anxiety to those around them. You see you can choose either  way, and you guessed it your right.

But the pessimist lives in constant fear of loosing, and wants to control you, whereas the optimist has already won, and is headed for the next step in their life. He loves to show off what he has, and wants you to join him too. Yet the Pessimist also wants you to join him, in his crusade of what if, or it’s because of, or maybe we should spread the word, about this or that. It’s these fears that drive us to wars, and strikes, and wanting to show the world “we’re right”.

We are better is the USA, than most of the world is. We don’t need to prove it, as we have in the past. We should be trying to show the world, what works, and how to achieve it. Freedom has always won, over servitude, and has always been the driving force, to help the world become free from tyrants, and insecure leaders; that use the war tactics, to keep their people in servitude, and poor.

The internet has been a leader is communication to help others to see the light, as we see it. Like in Egypt the confrontation to become free, they won!!! Now comes the hard part, to stay free, and build a great nation, like their ancestors did, not so long ago. Leadership of the people is necessary to do this, not the war machine. Why do we fight others wars for them, they call us weak because we want to create wars, not love and peace. We should have learned from our past that some wars are necessary to overthrow tyrants, in some cases, but, not in all cases.

We must fear tyrants, that want to hurt us, but also we must at the same time, let the people decide for themselves, how to live their lives. Not everyone has the same chances to make a difference as we do, Under our government we are granted the freedom of choice, and of religion, and of speech. When one of these freedoms is not heard, we rebel and march in groups to make sure our voices are heard!!! I am a believer in Peace for all nations and that we can all live in peace together, with our differences, and being non judgmental, of attitudes of other nations leaders, to help them to promote freedom to their peoples.

I believe there is a higher power that drives us, to want more out of life, and to be rewarded for our efforts, not just are successes, but our wills, to prove that love and helping succeeds, in the battle for peace. We know we can do it, we know the way to do it, and we have the right to do it. To promote peace in the world and to help others see this love, and follow their hearts to a better life ahead.

Presidents and leaders should follow their people, not their advisors, to lead the world to peace, and stop all wars, and help build a united world in peace for all people. Wouldn’t life be great, if we followed our hearts, not our minds to concur the world in a peaceful way. All fear would be eliminated and all would life is peace and harmony. Bet you guessed it i’m an optimist…

“What a wonderful day that would be to all”

Let start today like the “Law of Attraction” says think about it and it will become real, do your share to make it happen, World Peace by 2012 is achievable if we work towards it today and every day.
Want to help get the word out spead my blog to all your friends, together we can make it happen

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Stephen E. Hall of Mountain View, CA 94040

A Conversation about Techniques for Mind Improvement

Info About Me

Check out my Analogy of A Relationship

I was asked the other day about the differences between EFT and NLP here is my simple answer is as follows.

Subject of interest is a picture of the brain and the areas where patterns come from.

First the definitions for those who don’t know them.

EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique
A remarkable healing system that reduces the stress that underlies much disease.   Used to free you from emotional problems and relax you in tense situations, also change your way of reacting to stressful interaction with others. Playing out situations with trainer to make changes in reaction to stimulus encounters, like job interviews, talking in public, etc. This is only a simple study between use of these techniques more information is available on the web under

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming
On the other hand NLP is a science of the mind, using modeling, reframing, redirecting thoughts, overcoming fears by conditioning the mind with altered patterns and new ways to replace old visions and meaning stored for years, as samples of what to do in situations encountered daily. How we perceive things and what we do with that information. You might have a phobia about height or sudden noises, they can be treated by thought pattern interruption, or change the pattern of thought altogether. There are several methods of treatment for each problem, The NLP practioner has studied several methods of treatment and can use different techniques for each problem they help you with. Also one can listen to tapes on their own and be able to make self improvements by listening and learning new way to react. General NLP info page at:

I myself have used both and found that different people react differently to each. One is not better than the other but they can co exist and mingle to help people get more out of life. I found that the guy I was working with, NLP was a better choice, “he was afraid of the dark”, I took him through his childhood, and found the key was when a parent turned off the light and left him alone at home. He got scared and left his room to find the whole house was dark and no one answered his call for help. I took him to a dark closet with a fashlight in hand. I said to get in the closet and turn off the light, then turn it back on. I would be there for him if he needed help. He discovered that the dark was not that bad if he was in control of the light… Like magic he has improved from that time and no longer sleeps with a light on… Just a simple technique but it helps people to get over small problems like that of darkness or scared of heights…He’s also not afraid of elevators anymore and some tall buildings he’s been in lately. He enjoys life alot more, and able to cope with changes better.

More interesting information about your brain and how it works see below the diagram expain the processes:

Reocuring mind patterns control you!!!

Frequencies that affect the brain

Webmasters Earn Money Here!

Everyone asks how to contact me – Here’s my Email Address:
My Email Videomemo

Yes it is a WordPress Blog with minor adjustments and special tools…
Thanks for all the nice comments, new blog coming in April watch for it soon…

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The Riding The Traffic Roller Coaster

Quick note: my whole blog has been updated with more info, check it out, see what’s new!!!

Getting traffic to your site, can be easy, but getting interested visitors who want to buy your product or service is another thing altogether. I have several comments on my blog here about why I don’t charge for my authoring here, well here goes my story. I have wanted to help others who struggle in life, to seek better tools and mindsets to improve how they live their lives… Where not all the same we have several differences in our ways of thinking. When I went through my divorces, I felt pain and hurt inside. One person changed all that but helping me in my desperation, he taught me about NLP and the power of the mind to learn new ways.

I had several people who wanted me to pay for their services to learn NLP, but all were too expensive at that time, like you might be right now… So I decided to work for free to volunteer my time in helping other to learn these lessions. Now some would say that’s wrong, to give it away, why not charge for it… ok maybe I should, but I also find that others lend me a hand, when it’s most needed, and I get paid, in other ways, like happiness, hugs, smiles, great comments, etc. Plus traffic to this site, where you can read about my life and helping others to learn lifes lessions for free. I do have a few ads on my site and once in a while get traffic from here to other sites that pay me.

People like to find free information that adds to their knowledge of the world around them, I try to give them a glimps of ideas they can use to improve how the feel about others and how the can learn to work for themselves and make good money too… I started my own business out of frustration of loosing jobs and having to find a replacement job to replace it to make ends meet. My choice changed my life direction and I had to learn stuff like accounting, sales, inventory management, view points of others, and running my business, when I didn’t feel like it… That’s life in the fast lane, you just do it or else, no one else can do it for you…

Getting back to traffic on the web, you can join click sites or leads sites to get your traffic or use pay-per-click, be careful it can cost you if you spend too much per click.
You can also write blogs and draw interested people to your sites like this one. It’s your choice, make a wise decision and you get paid well for your work…

Need Leads for your business

Want some business marketing help, check out “Second Income Coach”, a friend showed me how easy it is to use, and get trained to coach others to do the same, here is the site:
Second Income Coach

Plus if you haven’t yet seen my other blog page here it is:
My other blog page

Same great work with a slightly different angle on it.

Want to learn about Giving Seminars, Authoring Books, Being an Expert, this is for you!!! Check it out, it’s only on facebook here it is:
You should know about this guy Brendon Burchard

Enjoy His Energy and Projection…

This just in, here a great new networking site that trains you, as you make money, It’s almost free to get started earning money. Check it out before they close down the special offer.

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What is Love ? (-: Happy Valentines Day :-)

With valentines day around the corner, one asks
“What Is Love?”,

Why is it so difficult to explain it, how does one find it?, and how do we know we’re in love?.
Is it a simple feeling or a chemical change in our brain that causes it? Is it really our heart or our brain that feels it first? Love is sometimes elusive, sometimes overbearing, sometimes controlling, sometimes lost by the wrong choice of words, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose, sometimes foolish, sometimes the best thing ever.

We learn to love around the time of high school, it’s never taught to us, but we see others doing it by kissing, hugging, and just being close to someone you wanted to meet. We meet others at dances, parties, and by a friends introduction. How do we know when we’re in love? We feel warm inside and want to share ideas, we want to fit in. But sometimes we get shut out too. But we just try again, maybe this time we will find love… It’s out there somewhere, but you have to look for it, it won’t come to you, unless your looking for it… Sort of like a job you need a good resume but still have to do the interviews… You have to meet the people at places they go to, clubs, dinners, occations, etc…

Let’s send love all around the world, stop wars and stop hate and violence to all human beings
and animal alike.Appreciate your world and your friends gather in love for eachother, We were created out of love for all mankind by out higher being, whoever that is for you praise what we have here on earth. Religion was created to teach man how to live together in peace and harmony not war and violence.

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What does this mean?

How do you make a living?

If you change the way you think about money, money can be your friend, So many people know how to rip people off on the web, so we are careful not to be taken advantage of here. But then again we want our share of the wealth. Knowing what to invest in has become difficult, with people losing homes to foreclosure. Education is one way to invest in yourself, and get a better job in the future, but for now, we need to make a living while we go to college and learn. Self study can help us learn about ourselves and those around us. I started this blog to help people learn about NLP and lifes changing solutions.

The next URL is a excerpt from a talk on NLP the beginnings.

NLP The Beginnings

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NLP Secrets

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Learning to love oneself is only the beginning, to love others is giving your love away, without expectation of return. The only true love is love that’s never held back…

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Who Are You ?

Ask anyone who are you, the stock answer is “What you do for a living”, mine is different because of my life experiences and having had over 52 occupations. I am what they call a jack of all trades. But more than that is my study of NLP and human behavior. I am an Audio/Video Engineer, but also a repairman, builder, and designer, as well as a trainer, a consultant, a salesman, and a cook.

I have also had 3 ex wives and lots of friends during my 64 years here on earth and very few enemies. I like to show the things I know about to others, and help them learn how to do better jobs. When I was in High School I was very shy and never dated much, although I learned to play Guitar, Bass and Organ  plus the drums from friends in a band. But never got my own band going, just jammed with the band once in a while, when one of the members couldn’t make practice, I filled in for them, also did a few party’s. I got my draft notice and desided to Join the Air Force. I became a Aircraft Mechanic on C141 airlifter in Fair Field at Travis AFB. Learned about aerodynamics, Jet Engines, Hydrolic and Neumatic Systems, that learning paid off later in life.

I also did Plasitc Fabrication and Machining as well as Sheet Metal and building parts by machine. Designed PC fabrication on a few boards for a couple of companies. Designed Cable tester for testing out computer cables and building specialized ones for printers and hardware as needed.  Lately I retired and started volunteering at a local Cable Broadcast in Palo Alto, where I was recently honored being #1 volunteer of the year for the 9th out of ten years here.

See some of my work on line here and webcast by them at:


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We must always keep a positive attitude, and keep our minds busy with great ideas. Too many people let lifes problems get them down, they worry and wish things were better. But they keep the loop going with negitive thought from the past, don’t do that!!! You are a special person here on the earth, and you matter to all of us,  just let go of your troubling thoughts and start thinking of what you can be, and how it will feel when you achieve your deepest goals.

I used to be there in the blues, most of the time, doing just what I needed to get by. That was before I heard about NLP, and how it helps people to get over problems.I was hesitant at first, like you right now, I heard Tony Robbins on TV and thought this guys is just in it for the money… But to my surprise a friend loaned me his 30 day tapes. Just 15 days later, I had heard them all, and made some drastic changes in my life. I stopped Smoking, and Drinking, and begain to live a fuller life.  I re-started my video business and got three clients right off.  I also started volunteering my services at cable, WOW, this is my 9th year being #1 volunteer, at MidPenMedia,  Palo Alto, CA. I enjoy a full life have lots of great friends and honored by all for what I do. You too can do what you love, just keep working toward it and it will happen.

Transformation is a state of mind, that changes the way you think about life.It is like the wings of a plane that support the plane while it’s not on the ground, you don’ t have to hold them up they always work to support you, it’s like a faith that you can’t see, but you know it’s there, holding you up and keeping you happy…    “Smile”,  It looks good on you

I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

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