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My name is Stephen E. Hall, a person with 52 careers and many years of experience in electonics, hydrolics, and assembly of products, and services. I am a video engineer and production assistant for cable tv for over 250 shows a year for 10 years now, at:

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About Me

I have been #1 volunteer there over 10 years now doing Camerawork, Switching, Audio Engineering, and creating Character Generation for many programs. I do approx 250 shows a year. Plus I help out with outside productions too, like Specials, and shows promoting the community. I love music and play a few instruments too, like the guitar and Bass and some drums too. I enjoy working with people, and love helping them learn new techniques..  Here’s a fewof the places i’ve worked for like, Palm, Sony, Pinnacles, VMI, and many others, helping to improve their products and value…

Be passionate, at whatever you undertake, be it a job, a business, a friendship, a relationship, or just being you. I love to help people get over the hard bumps in life and start living again with passion and happiness that spills over to others. I love to write and interact with people showing them better ways to do things in life. My dream is to help people live fantastic lives, full of happiness, wealth and true friendships,plus money too, Be it doing a job, working a business, or just being yourself, do it with a passion and a love for what you want. All will be yours, for the asking, just by what you show others about things you love in life.

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Stephen Hall, Mountain View, CA 94040   (650)669-3352

Owner: Memories Unlimited Video Productions, Mountain View, CA, 94040

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videomemo@yahoo.com – Email Me

PS: I just wanted to thank all of you for your positive comments. My heart goes out to all of you and best wishes too. May we all find our path in life and working at what you love with passion!!!
Thanks, Steve Hall

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