Questions for Coaching

Here’s Some Sample Coaching Questions for Insight Into A  Persons Inner Qualities:

1.  What Is Your Life Purpose?

2.  What Are Your Relationships Like ?

3.  Do You Command Respect From Others ?

4.  Do You Allow Variety Into Your Life ?

5.  Do You Stay In The Safe Zone ?

6.  Do You Get Angry and Frustrated ?

7.  Are You Happy At What You Do ?

8.  Do You Allow Emotion To Get In The Way Sometimes ?

9.  Are You Inspired To Do Your Best Always ?

10.Do You Sometimes Feel Like A Failure ?

11.Do Negitive Comments Pull You Down ?

12.Do You Make The Right Choices ?

13.Do You Jump At Opportunities ?

14.Do You Keep A List of Things To Do ?

15.Do You Always Try To Win in Conflicts ?

16.Are You a Full Potential Person ?

17.Are You Challenged To Talk In A Crowd ?

18.Do You Step Out In Faith When You Lack Trust ?

19.Do You Have Any Great Skills To Show Others How To Do Things ?

20.Do You Promote Yourself As Well As You Can ?

21.Do You Always Do Your Best ?

22.Do You Try To Facinate Others With Your Knowledge ?

23.Do You Like To Help Others Any Way You Can ?

24.Do You Always Expect Payment For What You Do ?

25.Do You Ad Value To Products You Build ?

26.Do You Always Want More Money For What You Do ?

27.Can You Identify Problems And Find Solutions Quickly ?

28.Are You A Driven Person Who Is Always Busy ?

29.Do You Feel The Need To Prove Yourself To Others ?

30.Do You Like Meeting New People ?

31.Can You Sell A Proctuct You Like Allot Easily ?

32.Can You Sell A Product You Don’t Like Easily ?

33.Do You Like To Coach Others ?

34.Do You Like To Be Coached By Others ?

35.A You Different Than Others In Any Way ?

36.How Do You Differ ?

37.Are You Critical Toward Others ?

38.Do You Judge At Fist Sight ?

39.Do You Love Doing Something You Like ?

40.Do You Hate Repetition Or Repetitive Work ?

41.Do You Always Follow Directions ?

42.Do You Know It All ?

43.Given A Task To Do, Do You Always Follow Through and Complete It ?

44.Do You Like To Entertain Others Or Be Entertained By Them ?

45.Have You Ever Had A Dream Become A Reality ?


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