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I found a great place to learn about online business plus leads and making friends online. It started out with a chat on Skype and turned into a great friendship and business by design talk. Sort of a what’s next type of talk that lead to redesigning my website and restructuring how I did my online business. We had quite a few talk sessions before I got it. Still working on programming and html stuff for Web 2.0, as I learned the old html codes pretty well, but had to work at learning the new stuff… It makes a difference in your site design, when you finally start using Web2 coding.

With the newer codes you can offer Video, Articles, News, Graphics, and Tables with color, and much more great stuff, like squeeze pages, payment services, lookup tables, just to mention a few new bells and whistles they have now.
We have both learned this new code together and them we created the Business Builders Group Training sites, we are still in process of finalizing them for your use. But as a sample we have some great tools you can use to get more clients and learn how to use chat rooms and forums to begin friendships and not blast our business at first. You develop friendships first and build trust, before you can share your business. Something everyone should take note of, the new world is one of building trust with others, mainly because of the Guru’s blasting you with BS ads that you buy their ebook and suddenly become rich !!! Yea, I’ve heard lots of those video’s promising you the best way to get money, who’s making that money, they are with all those $19.95 payment by listeners who think they have found the holly grail !!! Don’t be sucked in like so many others to this BS… you have to build trust and help other with real marketing ways that work.

That’s where Business Builders Group help you build from the bottom up, getting that trust, building you list, setting up your autoresponder, and doing business the right way, with trusted Affiliates and good friends not salepeople but helpers to guide you along the way. We start off with a one dollar business that builds your team plus we add a bit more in the process by multiple ads page and affiliate offers. Then help you to know what good business to get into and what to stay away from to keep you on track.

Some sample of what we do to help you, are, “Affiliate Systems”, “Products”, “Rebranding PDF’s”, “Private Label Rights’s”, “Product Sales Pages”, “Squeeze Pages”, “Membership Sites”, “Educational Tools”, “Worling with Click Bank”, “PayDotCom”, “Paypal”, “Click 2 Sell”, “Affiliate Zip”, “writing ebooks”, “Joint Ventures”, etc plus much more to come.

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