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Who Runs Your Life !!!

Do you have full control over your life, or is someone else in control? A Boss, a Husband, a Wife, Parents, or even your Best Friend, maybe even your Peers, etc. We all carry lots of baggage, from our past into our future, but why do we do it, is it just a Habit, or a Trait we learned? It can be unlearned and cleared from your memory, if you really want to.

Why can’t we choose for ourselves, what we do, or how we do it, Try it, you may end up, changing your life for the better. I did when I quit trying to please others, and do the stuff, I love to do, I don’t even consider it work anymore, it’s just what I do: Videography and capturing Special Occasions, and helping to Capture. Those Special Moments in their life, it is fun to do. I even got yo tape “Jerry Rice’s 40th Birthday”, and also “MC Hammer’s 40th Birthday party”. See some of my work on my website:

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Work for yourself or for someone else, it’s your choice?

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life:
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Wow did a show at cable the other night, about Men and Women and Parenting plus much more about the way men treat women, and how women react to them, learned alot and I will be adding more to this blog about it later. What a feature to explore about feelings, and judgment, and ownership, to the love them, hate them, plus more, Watch for it starting next month.

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Can you believe this whole blog has gotten over 36,400 Comments in one one year !!!

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