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Occupy People or Sheep in a Herd


Sometime people just follow the leader: they become an uncontrollable herd, and need to be herded like cattle or sheep. Why is it that some people just try to show our leaders what we want in the wrong way. Look at what happened last week with the government, when big business stood it’s ground on pippa and sopa and we won. We need big business to help create the power to make changes like this…

Living in tents is like primitive and trying to make a stand, with lots of people doesn’t work… Wall street may be wrong, but it does work well, it helps small companies, become big companies, who then share the wealth with it’s workers and supporters alike. People like to party, so that why they love block parties, but when they become destructive, then we all loose, plus it adds to the cost of the goods we buy. It’s alot like unions when they strike it cost us the public more to buy the goods they sell… Sort of a circle of spreading the cost back to to customer, “us”

We need to work with big business to get the power to make the changes that we all want so bad, not to try to defeat them, then we hurt ourselves. We should support them and get involved in helping them to make these changes. Look at it this way, we the 99% are like a herd out of control and and big business the 1% is driving the car. They see us as an obstacle and just go around us, like they don’t care. But if we get behind them, we help push them to get the changes done easily, we both win !!!

We need to write our congress and house of representatives, and let them know, we want changes, and we will help them to make them, by supporting them, in what they do for us… Do your part and the world will be a better place to live. We want change as Pres Obama said in the beginning, so help us to make these changes by not destroying property, and costing yourself money, by what others do do with inappropriate means. Peaceful means always work better instead of forceful means to get changes done the right way.

We can be the world leaders once again by showing the work how to live peacefully and stop wars and learn to live together in peace. Setting boundries fir peace and helping the world live together in peace.
If we keep fighting our own people how can we show others how to live in peace and harmony. Well enough said by me. I’d like people to comment on this and show what you think we need to do?

How much money can be made online?

ARE YOU AS MAD AS ME!!!, with the BS out there, of how much money they made on ClickBank. So am I, they have some nerve, taking our money for their worthless junk. We are looking for the truth and get only get more lies, to make us buy the next great thing that come along. I have spent my last dime on these guys, looking for the secret to getting rich, and here I am broke like you.

I have stopped buying in to their world, of get this, and you too will see the money coming into your paypal and your clickbank accounts… ?Na DA Zip, just “withdrawals and no income”. I am mad as hell, and gonna fight back, we deserve more than this!!!, we are looking in the wrong places for the money, it’s not where they say it is, it is hidden from our view, like they want us to think…

Ok lets do something right for a change, we can build our own lists and give the people the right information for a change. This money thing is not all it’s made out to be. People who stick togethers and join groups and affiliate with others, do make some money back, so here’s the idea…

Here’s some great ideas to change your world for the better these guys are telling it like it is and help you grow you business the right way. Like what is your freedom number, how much do you need to be free of debt and have time to do what you like to do? These questions are answered here in these links below…]

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