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Envisioning Success

One of the Best and Most Well Known Tools in NLP is called “Envision Success” or see it in your minds eye before you see it in reality. This is the way most successful people make their dreams come true, They make their dreams into realities by a belief system. It’s how companies are born, from little ideas, we once had, as a vision, in our inner mind, our so called “our subconscious mind”, it holds the spirit of our dreams, before we make them a reality. If we work toward achieving our goals our mind will help us cope with success or failure and then do it again till it works, we learn from it and go on.

But some people repress these thoughts and keep them from becoming a reality. That’s called negitive thinking or the suppression of our goals. We say to ourselves, it’s not the right time, I don’t have the money, I feel that I’m not worthy of this goal, the list goes on and on. This is what stops your dream from becoming realities, and it hurts you inside when you feel this way. You become bored and depressed and sit in our comfortable tv chair watching the world go by us on the tv. Stop it !!! Get up and do something toward your dream, write about it, talk to people about it do list and set goals step my step till it become part of you life and living. You deserve the best of life, your only here for a short time so you better make the best of it.

Ok now that I have your Undivided Attension: Stand up and cheer yourself to success, you can do it, don’t hide from it, just do it. Make your dreams come true, start living the life of your dreams, nothing holds you back but you!!! Once you got that going you will successed in whatever you approach, as long as you have a positive attitude and are working toward you goals, your mind will follow. Baby steps lead to walking, lead to running, lead to marathon winning… It’s that simple, once your headed in the right direction, you are a winner. Go out and get um, your team is right behind you, leading you on, to see your dreams become realities… Just Go For It !!! Use all you have and don’t hold back, you’ll now have the momentum behind you, and it will lead you to the best time of your life.

As always, your coach is there for you, inside your own mind, making you get up and start moving, and never look back. Practise this every day, and you will meet your dreams with a smile, and a feeling of a proud winner. Project your love to all around you, and give with all your heart. Experience is a great teacher, but a strong will to achieve, will get you past the finish line, ahead of schedule. Be determined to manifest your dreams, and they will come true. Remember your mind controls your body and your body controls your health and well being, the spirit keeps you on your toes, ready to forge ahead, so get out of my way world, I’m coming through.

I love to help people over their probems and NLP is a great tool for those of us that really know how to use it to get the best out of people, My friend Tony Robbins has done great work on this subject and has help many people see the light of becoming better people to ourselves and those around us. Vision is the key to most achievements in human development, and personal growth too. Some people use a vision board, (a board on your wall with images about you dreams and dersires on it) to realize that to see is to beleave. Looking daily at your dreams and goals, causes the soul to achieve them internally and like magic, you start seeing them come true. The movie “The Secret” show how people envision success and bring it to them in life. You still have to do your part in it to work toward your goals and talk to people and share your ideas.

Here’s a sample of “envision success” that brought forth a reality in someone’s life. I had a friend, a guitarist who played in small coffee houses, one day a guy came up to him, and gave him a ticket to Nashville, he now lives there, and is living his dream, of writing music, recording friends, and now owns two or three recording studios and a great songwriting business too. You might have heard of him his name is “Cliff Goldmacher”. A one time dream, is now a reality for him, he writes a newletter, and has many friends in the music business.

Stephen Hall

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Life Begins at 65, they lied to us, it’s not 40 anymore

They used to say life begins at 40 but they lied to us it actually begins at 65. I just had my 65th Birthday and I feel young again, unstoppable and ready to explore the world of retirement. I now get up when I feel like it, don’t have a boss telling me i’m late or i’m fired again, I do what I want when I want, and much more than that i’m happy being me.

Don’t wait till it’s too late to begin your life, i’ve had friends that worked themselves to death and never got to enjoy life and freedom. I was working for such a guy doing video production, doing car commercials here in the bay area. He lived by the clock and kept taking on too many jobs and being stressed out all the time, his heart was in it but his body was not, it ended in a heart attack. His wife was speechless, as she had asked him to give it up, so they could enjoy more time together. He never listened and kept going to the end, he died in my arms trying to do what he thought life was all about, his work was his identity. Don’t let life do this to you, while you still have your health. Eat better, do exercise, help others enjoy their lives, the payoff is more time to do the important stuff like seeing the world around you, and enjoying it more, not pushing yourself and ending up like he did.

I feel that too many of us don’t get it, we go on living day to day lives, living for tomarrow not looking at today as a tool to live life to the fullest, to create your destiny for helping people do better lives and be much happier living them. Learn from others, read books, watch movies, got to meetings, make friends, and live for today as if it was you last day. Be here in the present and see what others around you are doing and encourage them to live their dreams, because dreams do become realities if we can let them unfold in time, without pushing our destiny to meet them head on. Do something wonderful today, that helps others to live happier lives here on our wonderful planet earth…
Steve Hall

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We must always keep a positive attitude, and keep our minds busy with great ideas. Too many people let lifes problems get them down, they worry and wish things were better. But they keep the loop going with negitive thought from the past, don’t do that!!! You are a special person here on the earth, and you matter to all of us,  just let go of your troubling thoughts and start thinking of what you can be, and how it will feel when you achieve your deepest goals.

I used to be there in the blues, most of the time, doing just what I needed to get by. That was before I heard about NLP, and how it helps people to get over problems.I was hesitant at first, like you right now, I heard Tony Robbins on TV and thought this guys is just in it for the money… But to my surprise a friend loaned me his 30 day tapes. Just 15 days later, I had heard them all, and made some drastic changes in my life. I stopped Smoking, and Drinking, and begain to live a fuller life.  I re-started my video business and got three clients right off.  I also started volunteering my services at cable, WOW, this is my 9th year being #1 volunteer, at MidPenMedia,  Palo Alto, CA. I enjoy a full life have lots of great friends and honored by all for what I do. You too can do what you love, just keep working toward it and it will happen.

Transformation is a state of mind, that changes the way you think about life.It is like the wings of a plane that support the plane while it’s not on the ground, you don’ t have to hold them up they always work to support you, it’s like a faith that you can’t see, but you know it’s there, holding you up and keeping you happy…    “Smile”,  It looks good on you

I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

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