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Life Begins at 65, they lied to us, it’s not 40 anymore

They used to say life begins at 40 but they lied to us it actually begins at 65. I just had my 65th Birthday and I feel young again, unstoppable and ready to explore the world of retirement. I now get up when I feel like it, don’t have a boss telling me i’m late or i’m fired again, I do what I want when I want, and much more than that i’m happy being me.

Don’t wait till it’s too late to begin your life, i’ve had friends that worked themselves to death and never got to enjoy life and freedom. I was working for such a guy doing video production, doing car commercials here in the bay area. He lived by the clock and kept taking on too many jobs and being stressed out all the time, his heart was in it but his body was not, it ended in a heart attack. His wife was speechless, as she had asked him to give it up, so they could enjoy more time together. He never listened and kept going to the end, he died in my arms trying to do what he thought life was all about, his work was his identity. Don’t let life do this to you, while you still have your health. Eat better, do exercise, help others enjoy their lives, the payoff is more time to do the important stuff like seeing the world around you, and enjoying it more, not pushing yourself and ending up like he did.

I feel that too many of us don’t get it, we go on living day to day lives, living for tomarrow not looking at today as a tool to live life to the fullest, to create your destiny for helping people do better lives and be much happier living them. Learn from others, read books, watch movies, got to meetings, make friends, and live for today as if it was you last day. Be here in the present and see what others around you are doing and encourage them to live their dreams, because dreams do become realities if we can let them unfold in time, without pushing our destiny to meet them head on. Do something wonderful today, that helps others to live happier lives here on our wonderful planet earth…
Steve Hall

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What is Love ? (-: Happy Valentines Day :-)

With valentines day around the corner, one asks
“What Is Love?”,

Why is it so difficult to explain it, how does one find it?, and how do we know we’re in love?.
Is it a simple feeling or a chemical change in our brain that causes it? Is it really our heart or our brain that feels it first? Love is sometimes elusive, sometimes overbearing, sometimes controlling, sometimes lost by the wrong choice of words, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose, sometimes foolish, sometimes the best thing ever.

We learn to love around the time of high school, it’s never taught to us, but we see others doing it by kissing, hugging, and just being close to someone you wanted to meet. We meet others at dances, parties, and by a friends introduction. How do we know when we’re in love? We feel warm inside and want to share ideas, we want to fit in. But sometimes we get shut out too. But we just try again, maybe this time we will find love… It’s out there somewhere, but you have to look for it, it won’t come to you, unless your looking for it… Sort of like a job you need a good resume but still have to do the interviews… You have to meet the people at places they go to, clubs, dinners, occations, etc…

Let’s send love all around the world, stop wars and stop hate and violence to all human beings
and animal alike.Appreciate your world and your friends gather in love for eachother, We were created out of love for all mankind by out higher being, whoever that is for you praise what we have here on earth. Religion was created to teach man how to live together in peace and harmony not war and violence.

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