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A Quick Look at my blog and My Life :-)

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After having 53 careers, working on Air Planes in the Air Force, Computer Sales and Repair, Metal, Wood, and Plastic Fabrication, Playing Music, Studying NLP Techniques, TV Repair, Electrical Work, Product Design, Video Production and editing, plus much more. I started writing my book in this blog form, for others to learn by, Hope you like it, That’s life in the fast lane, as I lived it, though my eyes in my 66 years. (My total Blog has over 37,000 Comments on it)

Hope that You Enjoy It, as much as I did writing it !!!

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Who Runs Your Life !!!

Do you have full control over your life, or is someone else in control? A Boss, a Husband, a Wife, Parents, or even your Best Friend, maybe even your Peers, etc. We all carry lots of baggage, from our past into our future, but why do we do it, is it just a Habit, or a Trait we learned? It can be unlearned and cleared from your memory, if you really want to.

Why can’t we choose for ourselves, what we do, or how we do it, Try it, you may end up, changing your life for the better. I did when I quit trying to please others, and do the stuff, I love to do, I don’t even consider it work anymore, it’s just what I do: Videography and capturing Special Occasions, and helping to Capture. Those Special Moments in their life, it is fun to do. I even got yo tape “Jerry Rice’s 40th Birthday”, and also “MC Hammer’s 40th Birthday party”. See some of my work on my website:

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Work for yourself or for someone else, it’s your choice?

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Wow did a show at cable the other night, about Men and Women and Parenting plus much more about the way men treat women, and how women react to them, learned alot and I will be adding more to this blog about it later. What a feature to explore about feelings, and judgment, and ownership, to the love them, hate them, plus more, Watch for it starting next month.

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Life Begins at 65, they lied to us, it’s not 40 anymore

They used to say life begins at 40 but they lied to us it actually begins at 65. I just had my 65th Birthday and I feel young again, unstoppable and ready to explore the world of retirement. I now get up when I feel like it, don’t have a boss telling me i’m late or i’m fired again, I do what I want when I want, and much more than that i’m happy being me.

Don’t wait till it’s too late to begin your life, i’ve had friends that worked themselves to death and never got to enjoy life and freedom. I was working for such a guy doing video production, doing car commercials here in the bay area. He lived by the clock and kept taking on too many jobs and being stressed out all the time, his heart was in it but his body was not, it ended in a heart attack. His wife was speechless, as she had asked him to give it up, so they could enjoy more time together. He never listened and kept going to the end, he died in my arms trying to do what he thought life was all about, his work was his identity. Don’t let life do this to you, while you still have your health. Eat better, do exercise, help others enjoy their lives, the payoff is more time to do the important stuff like seeing the world around you, and enjoying it more, not pushing yourself and ending up like he did.

I feel that too many of us don’t get it, we go on living day to day lives, living for tomarrow not looking at today as a tool to live life to the fullest, to create your destiny for helping people do better lives and be much happier living them. Learn from others, read books, watch movies, got to meetings, make friends, and live for today as if it was you last day. Be here in the present and see what others around you are doing and encourage them to live their dreams, because dreams do become realities if we can let them unfold in time, without pushing our destiny to meet them head on. Do something wonderful today, that helps others to live happier lives here on our wonderful planet earth…
Steve Hall

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Who Are You ?

Ask anyone who are you, the stock answer is “What you do for a living”, mine is different because of my life experiences and having had over 52 occupations. I am what they call a jack of all trades. But more than that is my study of NLP and human behavior. I am an Audio/Video Engineer, but also a repairman, builder, and designer, as well as a trainer, a consultant, a salesman, and a cook.

I have also had 3 ex wives and lots of friends during my 64 years here on earth and very few enemies. I like to show the things I know about to others, and help them learn how to do better jobs. When I was in High School I was very shy and never dated much, although I learned to play Guitar, Bass and Organ  plus the drums from friends in a band. But never got my own band going, just jammed with the band once in a while, when one of the members couldn’t make practice, I filled in for them, also did a few party’s. I got my draft notice and desided to Join the Air Force. I became a Aircraft Mechanic on C141 airlifter in Fair Field at Travis AFB. Learned about aerodynamics, Jet Engines, Hydrolic and Neumatic Systems, that learning paid off later in life.

I also did Plasitc Fabrication and Machining as well as Sheet Metal and building parts by machine. Designed PC fabrication on a few boards for a couple of companies. Designed Cable tester for testing out computer cables and building specialized ones for printers and hardware as needed.  Lately I retired and started volunteering at a local Cable Broadcast in Palo Alto, where I was recently honored being #1 volunteer of the year for the 9th out of ten years here.

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