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Ok You want to be a Videographer

Video Production Procedures Camerawork

So you want to be a cameraman, things to think about, before you start shooting your video. Maybe you need a script, or at least an Idea of what the final product will be, and how it will be used. Lighting is very important as is Sound, either one, could make your shoot a disaster. Buy a steady tripod with a nice flowing head, this makes for smoother pans and tilts. Now your almost ready to start shooting. Next you need to think about the composition of each shot, Closeup, Midrange, or Long Shot. Will you need to zoom, or pan up or down while zooming. I use a technique called ( up and in, or down and out ) this style keeps the headroom the same and moving up or down to include the body or other guests. Also if you have multiple guests you may want to use lapel mics and an audio mixer to get the correct levels for each person.
So you think you ready now, did you make a checklist? Like how much time for the shoot, did you buy enough tape or memory to complete the job. Do you have lighting and mics ready to go. Is trypod set correctly, at level for best shots, and is it loose enough to move smoothly when needed. Is you talent in the right place, how about background is it right for the shoot. One more thing, did you load the tape in the deck, did you try to record to make sure it’s working correctly. Now your ready, is the talent ready also, are they relaxed or tense, make them feel at ease, record a short tape to show them how they look. The remember to rewind the tape and run about 10 sec of tape before you cue them. Editing takes at least 3-5 sec to preroll when you edit it later.

Start filming and create your masterpiece of video, using the techniques I have told you about here. I do professional training of production staff for the MidPenMedia Group in PA, CA. I have been #1 volunteer for about 9 years now. I do over 250 shows a year there, plus I own my own company, called “Memories Unlimited Video Productions” out of Mountain View, CA. One other thing avoid handheld unless you have very steady hands. Hard to fix the movement afterwards so try to use tripod whenever you can. You will see why when you look at you footage and can’t use it because it looks jerky and unprofessional.

I did 30% of the car commercial here in the SF Bay Area with a company called “Studio 2” with the ex, Bill Toronto owner operator, until a heart attack took him from us. His wife then closed the business. I also worked at Transvideo Studios as a facility engineer for two years Repairing Equipment, Air Conditioning and wiring the rooms..
PS: I also do video editing, using a program by Pinnacle Sys called “Studio 12” on my PC and also make masters on DVD’s for my clients.

Thanks you, comments appreciated and welcome.

My site is at:My Pro-Video Business

( I did two fashion shows last year sample of both are on this site above. )

I Prefer Bogan Tripods for their steady rigid design, and a head that moves easily and smoothly. Use Hand held shots only when you have too. Keep shots steady don’t float around and please no long shots. The best way to hand held is to hold the camera in your right hand elbow down by your body then take your left hand and hold your elbow tight to your body and camera against your face this keeps it very steady. If you need to turn use your toe on one foot and heal on the other to make smooth movement, gives you a nice pan shot. I hope this helps you become a better camera man and get better video’s too..

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Soon to come will be my video on profesional video camerawork and do’s and don’ts of videographers in the professional level of business. Like headroom, camera slant, camera movement, etc. Including my instructions for ‘up and in’ and ‘down and out’ for zooming in and out properly on directors calls. I teach professional techniques to many students that want to do great videos. See you next month with these new tools.

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