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Reconstruction and Demolition is there too much going on here?

Why are we tearing down good buildings, to put up new ones? We have lots of empty building, that could be rebuilt to use again, but no, we tear them down, and fill out landfills with more garbage. We are a throw away society now, we don’t fix things anymore, we create new things, and throw the old things away.

Reminds me of companies, that lay off workers, instead of creating, or finding new products that they can build and sell to make even more money… Let’s also look at the homeless problem, we have older hotels and motels that could be used as shelters, but no we tear them down and build housing developments for the rich to buy… With all the foreclosures going on, isn’t there’s enough houses to sell, why are we building more new houses? Sort of all sound firmiliar doesn’t it!!!

We can’t continue as we are for long, we are going broke trying to rebuild America, the new way, not the old way that worked, so well for many years… Plus this forced health care cost, and lack of service to the elderly, what’s wrong here, have we lost our minds…

Health care costs, have gone up more than housing costs, why is that? Do you think the insurance business is going broke? Well it could be, ecause of the bad investments by them, with your money !!! They owe us our health care, we paid for it through years of payments, they just lost it in a stock gamble. Also look at our Social Security, how long is it going to last, with all the government spending it like it was theirs to spend…. what’s going on here these days…

Are you mad yet? I am mad as hell, at our servants, that never pay for their health care, and use our social security, as if it was their money… We need to get new people in our government offices one’s that care about the people they serve in this country of ours, not lining their pocketbooks, with our money.$$$..

Teamwork is needed, not policy changes, and new laws, about gays, birth control, drugs, and other unrelated laws, what the heck, are they against us !!! It should still be, a governmentof the people, and by the people as the Consitution states? Comments welcome

Your Brain is the Sexiest Part of your Body

How few of us know how to use it!!!

Just think about it for a moment, you brain is the sexiest part of your body, it controls how we perceive friendship, how we react to people and how we get paid. It’s like a computer programmed to satisfy our daily needs, but yet so many of us don’t know how to use it. We find things we like and buy them, but we forget about others, their needs and wants.

Here’s my point, think outside the box for a change, not what you want and need, but what those around you want and need, you can help them get it. By doing so you gain friendship and love and lots of happiness inside to see their faces light up as you help them. It’s a process not many of us take, we are out for ourselves and want it all for us…

Sharing goals and helping people is the best way to make longtime friendships and business associates. Look at the web so many people telling you to click on their product so they get paid. It should be the other way around, click here to meet friends that want to help you to reach you goals in life. How great our world would be if we just helped one person to reach their goals.

Appreciate others and the money will come to you, you just have to lend them your hand, and help them to make the first steps toward their goal, they will help others in turn and friendships grow for both of you.

Thanks Steve Hall

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Unlimited Possibilities are all around you !

The reason most people fail is, they don’t take chances, and don’t learn about new things that may change your life. I see it all the time, people that just sit there watching tv, or letting others run their lives. They fail to read books, and look for websites, that will help them get to the next level in life. Just become interested in something you like to do, give yourself a chance to grow inside, and become the person you were created to be.

The mind is like a forest fire, get it started and the fire will grow inside, almost out of your control, but here’s the difference, you do control your mind and the thoughts within it. You control the volume and intensity of the ideas. You are the creator of the sculpture on your own canvas or mold. Making the colors shine or blur within. You can fine tune to a point or widen it, with others contributions. You see the picture in your mind, and express it to others, so they can help you paint your life picture as you help them with theirs.

Don’t do it alone, so many people want to help you, as you help them, to do their painting within their mind. Each unfolding a new piece like a paining, to be seen by all. Appreciate them and help them grow inside. As your worth and your happiness, grows, you will start living a better and fuller life. Don’t keep it inside you, or it will break your heart, as does lost love. Let it shine out for all to see and grow with it. What a difference it will make in your life and to theirs.

Don’t let your hands be tried behind you, you have control of your destiny and are willing to do all you can to achieve it. We are meant to be free, and produce the fruits of your desires and to promote others to do the same. Like teachers in a world classroom, teaching our friends to do their best. I know you can do it, and that you want to help others, do the same. I hope you see the big picture as I have painted it here in words. You just have to read it and take action and you will share in it. Your part is small but without it the painting will go unnoticed and just sit on an empty wall. that no one see’s. Share it and the gold nugget will be yours, help others to see the light and your mind will see the truth unfold like magic, your dreams will come true.

PS: I will soon be writing an ebook about My 52 careers, and the life and times of a retired technician, videographer, fabricator, designer, and much more. It tells the story about a worker bee that now uses his knowledge to save lives and show how NLP saved many people from distruction and depression to become famous and productive again. Watch for it soon.

I just came back from the National Achievers Conference in San Jose, we listened to Wealthy Leaders such as “Tony Robbins”, “Donald Trump”, “T Harv Eker”, and many other Wealth Experts. They all said one thing, “Wealth does not come from a JOB”, but from “Intelligent Financial Planning” and taking the right chances in life. It’s how we learn to keep or spend our money, in the right way. Investing in ourselves, not in the things around us. Our educational system teaches us get more knowledge and get a JOB, but never tells us how to invest or start a business and gain tax advantages of the rich. We end up broke at 65 when we retire and have to keep working forever to pay our debts off… Social Security only suppliments enough to eat and maybe keep a home over our heads till we have to go to a retirement home and be taken care of like babies again… I want to be Rich, don’t You !!!

Stephen Hall

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