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A Tribute To My Blog Guests

This site gets lots of eyes on it, why, because it is different from most blogs. I created it myself, and do all the publication and writing for it. None of it comes from other sources. It all comes from my personal life history, the people I’ve met, and things I myself have done, both for myself and others alike.

Most blogs today are bits and pieces from other blogs, automatically updated by a service that does a few changes to make it similar but not a copy of the original. How funny, people who can’t think for themselves use this to get you hooked on buying their ebooks and junk, just like everyone else is doing… but not me!!! That’s not for me, I’m a true believer is possibility thinking and helping others to better lives.

You see, you can’t change a mind, that isn’t open to new ideas. That’s where I come from, an Open minded person, with Ideas to change the world around me. I am not a millionaire, but think like one.

What would you do if someone gave you lots of money?

Open your mind to the possibilities that you might get lucky and get all you ever wanted in life…

How would you change you life?

How would it change those around you?

What would you do first than second and third?

Think about it for a while, how do you feel, how will you look, how do you treat others around you?

Lots to think about isn’t there!!!

But now comes the real test, You lost it all the next day, What changes will you make now?

How has you life changed and what can you do about it?

Can you think of starting over from scratch, or begin where you left off and see how easy it is to have learned to cope with both success and failure…

You see life deals us a hand, like in poker, and we have to choose, to keep it, or get new cards, or to fold. So many people just fold, and give up before they give life a chance. I have done both ways and learned how to cope and show others how to do it too. NLP Consulting has allowed me to learn the techniques to help others to have better lives and feel 100% better about life and living.

A new dimension of your life opens up with possibility thinking, it allows you to extend you present life into one you really want to become. To own your life and what you do to make life better for those around you. You can still work a job if you need to but think about it differently than just a job to get done. Think of better ways to do the job skills that set you apart from others so your worth more to the boss. To meet new people and have something to cheer them up and make them feel worthy. This adds value to your life and will help you grow at the same time.

I learned alot but never being satified with learning one thing, I wanted to learn it all…That’s what set me on my lifes journey to work at learning 52 Careers, like I tell people “I’m a know it all”, I’m telling the truth… “A true Jack of all Trades”, from Electronics, to Jet Engines, Carpentry to Metal Fabrication, Design to Product Manufacuring, Hardware to Software, and much much more. My 65 years have been busy learning it all and helping others to learn also, Like at cable TV, I volunteer and help other make programs for the community, this makes life better for the people who watch the programs, and learn from them…

I am retired now, but I still volunteer allot. It keeps me busy, and at the same time, helps others to see that learning never ends, It’s a whole life pocess. We all learn daily from those around us, (be it right, or wrong), we learn it, and it becomes a habit. Don’t let your life be a bad habit, break free and learn better ways to improve your life, plus the lives of the people around…. Get true riches, that are more worthy than just money, or a paycheck. Real life improvement it can be yours today… “Just Go For It”

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