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Helping Returning Veterans To Cope and Play Golf :-)

Here is a fantastic idea whos time has come and like magic it improves our lives in many ways.
These two organizations have changes and save lives of many returning solders. Interviews with:
Dick Rutledge and “Tee it up for the troops” and Fred Brattain of Disabled Golfer Learning Foundation

Host Sheryl Shaffer Interviews two people that change that ( I CAN’T into I CAN Do This ) rewards our society with honored people who served our country and came back injured or with PTSD problems.
See how they make people whole again and feeling normal again, like before they went to war…

I was in the Air Force and a veteran also, so this video make make you cry with happiness !!!

Thanks For All You Do !!!
Steve Hall

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Helping People To Create Better Lives Using NLP and Coaching

I came up with a simple process to get over depression, anxiety, divorce, job loss, etc to help you get over some of these problems. I call it, “The Train Tracks at the Switch”. Your headed down the train track, there’s a switch ahead, one TRACK keeps you where you are, the other TRACK leads to your new life, with new friends, and new ideas, plus your doing the things you love to do, etc. It’s up to you to make the choice, which way the switch goes. Most people want to at least, want to try out the new track, and see what it comes up with, maybe a new life or business you always wanted to try out… (A swish pattern) as they call it in NLP. “Helping People to create better lives using NLP”

I had written several webpage articles on AOL, but as you know they pulled the plug on “Hometown sites” a few years back. Everything was lost, peoples history’s, blogs, livings, all gone. I treated it as a learning experience, (like your house had burnt to the ground, and you lost everything). It’s time to rebuild now, so you chose the right foundation for a strong life, the right content, to make it feel like home again, and make people feel welcome to come into it. To offer a learning experience, and a chance to help others in building better lives. A team to build it, and a story to tell, to keep them coming back for more.

I hope this helps more people to get started doing what you love, and become your own boss. It gives you a chance to grow and help others along the way. That feels good inside too. The ablity to show how to produce the fruits of your life, be it by word, or by your actions, it is always appreciated.. Just get started and it will flow, sort of like the Movie “The Secret” you put your mind to, it and let it flow out of you. You can make a difference, in your life and others lives too…
Where the movie sort of left off was: “Take Actions Toward Your Goals”

First let me start out introducing myself, Stephen E. Hall, Videographer, and NLP Guide, here to help you down the right path in your life. Not as a controller but a Coach, ready to serve you when needed. I look forward to helping people get over lifes problems, that seem to hold them back from their goals, to help you achieve, and to give you the insight along lifes path. My life is so different now that I am retired, and I am doing what I love, “Videography”, capturing life greatest moments for people to share. I do video productions at Mid Pen Media in Palo Alto, and have been recognised as #1 volunteer there for the last 9 years. Check it out at:
Mid Peninsula Media Center

I have videotaped some great events like Jerry Rice’s 40th Birthday in Menlo Park, and MC Hammer’s 40th Birthday in Tracy, but they were private and cannot be shown in public. I love what I do so it’s not like work because I enjoy it. Everyone should enjoy what they do and feel proud to accomplish their goals in life… It took me 52 careers to find one I really liked, I now understand why people feel comfortable to do their own work and have pride in it. Making a living, and having a job, are so different, one you love, the other you hate. I love to teach others to reach out and go for their goals in life, I really makes a difference in how you feel and treat others too…

Thanks, Stephen Hall


Here a great tool to learn more about NLP it’s called the NLP Toolbox

The NLP Toolbox

Get Healthy & Make Money too, with Shaklee

See Tony Robbins about coaching

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