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The Story of being a people helper using NLP and Self Help Procedures to solve Problems

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stevehallSteve Hall

Videographer, Editor, and NLP Consultant

I want to help as many people as I can, to have better lives, I am a helper of many, A volunteer in service to others helping the needy and the depressed to get over life’s problems. I feel notably rewarded by what I do daily, to help others along the way of life.

I’ve found NLP to be a great tool to stimulate the mind to think better thoughts and create dreams, that can be achieved to those who really want a change in their life … In my short Ebook, I talk about Divorce and family losses, that bring people to their knees and into prayer for those they love. In times like these with job losses, and people loosing homes,these are truly  hard times, we live in.

To make a difference in those lives makes me glow inside and but doesn’t pay the bills… I need your help here to keep my work going and to create a staff to help me continue what I do best…
I’m not asking for much but anything would help keep me going and help so many others who are lost and need a elping hand to get back on the right track of life…


Stephen Hall, Memories Unlimited Video, Owner and Video Editor 

PS: Just a short note of appreciation for my Tutor in NLP – Tom Hoobiar who died late last year. We lived similar lives, as he also had 52 or more Occuations, and loved NLP for how it helps people to live better lives…


Create the life of your dreams before it’s too late….

Read more abou it on my NLP Info Site:                NLP Eye Movement Reading  Helps to see how you think and tell alot about you to others.


Being Successful is a choice and takes time to develop by step by step learning NLP techniques to become the person you want to become must be learned as in education in school and from work we learn how to do many new things each year through training or minds about new possibilities we open our minds to better ways to do things and to help others learn from us too…

To learn more about this subject see  – My NLP Info Site – it tells about the creators of NLP and it’s bief history and a few videos to learn tecjniques and ideas to bring you a better life.