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The Story of being a people helper using NLP and Self Help Procedures to solve Problems

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stevehallSteve Hall

Videographer, Editor, and NLP Consultant

I want to help as many people as I can, to have better lives, I am a helper of many, A volunteer in service to others helping the needy and the depressed to get over life’s problems. I feel notably rewarded by what I do daily, to help others along the way of life.

I’ve found NLP to be a great tool to stimulate the mind to think better thoughts and create dreams, that can be achieved to those who really want a change in their life … In my short Ebook, I talk about Divorce and family losses, that bring people to their knees and into prayer for those they love. In times like these with job losses, and people loosing homes,these are truly  hard times, we live in.

To make a difference in those lives makes me glow inside and but doesn’t pay the bills… I need your help here to keep my work going and to create a staff to help me continue what I do best…
I’m not asking for much but anything would help keep me going and help so many others who are lost and need a elping hand to get back on the right track of life…


Stephen Hall, Memories Unlimited Video, Owner and Video Editor 

PS: Just a short note of appreciation for my Tutor in NLP – Tom Hoobiar who died late last year. We lived similar lives, as he also had 52 or more Occuations, and loved NLP for how it helps people to live better lives…


Create the life of your dreams before it’s too late….

Read more abou it on my NLP Info Site:                NLP Eye Movement Reading  Helps to see how you think and tell alot about you to others.


Being Successful is a choice and takes time to develop by step by step learning NLP techniques to become the person you want to become must be learned as in education in school and from work we learn how to do many new things each year through training or minds about new possibilities we open our minds to better ways to do things and to help others learn from us too…

To learn more about this subject see  – My NLP Info Site – it tells about the creators of NLP and it’s bief history and a few videos to learn tecjniques and ideas to bring you a better life.


A Quick Look at my blog and My Life :-)

Here’s a short video tour of my whole blog: http://iblog.at/videomemo

After having 53 careers, working on Air Planes in the Air Force, Computer Sales and Repair, Metal, Wood, and Plastic Fabrication, Playing Music, Studying NLP Techniques, TV Repair, Electrical Work, Product Design, Video Production and editing, plus much more. I started writing my book in this blog form, for others to learn by, Hope you like it, That’s life in the fast lane, as I lived it, though my eyes in my 66 years. (My total Blog has over 37,000 Comments on it)

Hope that You Enjoy It, as much as I did writing it !!!

Also see my Careers Site at:

Tasty tidbits about careers and job hunting knowledge for you it’s free…

Who Runs Your Life !!!

Do you have full control over your life, or is someone else in control? A Boss, a Husband, a Wife, Parents, or even your Best Friend, maybe even your Peers, etc. We all carry lots of baggage, from our past into our future, but why do we do it, is it just a Habit, or a Trait we learned? It can be unlearned and cleared from your memory, if you really want to.

Why can’t we choose for ourselves, what we do, or how we do it, Try it, you may end up, changing your life for the better. I did when I quit trying to please others, and do the stuff, I love to do, I don’t even consider it work anymore, it’s just what I do: Videography and capturing Special Occasions, and helping to Capture. Those Special Moments in their life, it is fun to do. I even got yo tape “Jerry Rice’s 40th Birthday”, and also “MC Hammer’s 40th Birthday party”. See some of my work on my website:

My Video Production Business

SLS Home Study Course

Work for yourself or for someone else, it’s your choice?

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life:
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Wow did a show at cable the other night, about Men and Women and Parenting plus much more about the way men treat women, and how women react to them, learned alot and I will be adding more to this blog about it later. What a feature to explore about feelings, and judgment, and ownership, to the love them, hate them, plus more, Watch for it starting next month.

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Message to the President Offer on the Table

Can you believe this whole blog has gotten over 36,400 Comments in one one year !!!

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Your Mind Controls Your Weight

Here’s a great link by a friend, Steve G Jones about Weight Loss and your mind. You mind controls your weight so let it work for you instead of against you. Take steps to change your eating habits, and your life will change too. You’ll have more confidence and feel better plus look better too. Stop over eating and binges totally. Your in control so take the time to learn how to eat right and exercise for a better life.

Here’s the link below: Do it today, the life you save may just be your own!!!
Learn how your mind controls your weight

Here’s another link to a Program to enhance your brain power, also by Steve G Jones.

Learn About Brain Power

I’ve used Steve G Jones courses, and he knows what he’s talking about!!!

If you still need More help loosing weight try the Cinch Plan from Shaklee

Shaklee Products


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Learn more about hunger management here :

Helping People To Create Better Lives Using NLP and Coaching

I came up with a simple process to get over depression, anxiety, divorce, job loss, etc to help you get over some of these problems. I call it, “The Train Tracks at the Switch”. Your headed down the train track, there’s a switch ahead, one TRACK keeps you where you are, the other TRACK leads to your new life, with new friends, and new ideas, plus your doing the things you love to do, etc. It’s up to you to make the choice, which way the switch goes. Most people want to at least, want to try out the new track, and see what it comes up with, maybe a new life or business you always wanted to try out… (A swish pattern) as they call it in NLP. “Helping People to create better lives using NLP”

I had written several webpage articles on AOL, but as you know they pulled the plug on “Hometown sites” a few years back. Everything was lost, peoples history’s, blogs, livings, all gone. I treated it as a learning experience, (like your house had burnt to the ground, and you lost everything). It’s time to rebuild now, so you chose the right foundation for a strong life, the right content, to make it feel like home again, and make people feel welcome to come into it. To offer a learning experience, and a chance to help others in building better lives. A team to build it, and a story to tell, to keep them coming back for more.

I hope this helps more people to get started doing what you love, and become your own boss. It gives you a chance to grow and help others along the way. That feels good inside too. The ablity to show how to produce the fruits of your life, be it by word, or by your actions, it is always appreciated.. Just get started and it will flow, sort of like the Movie “The Secret” you put your mind to, it and let it flow out of you. You can make a difference, in your life and others lives too…
Where the movie sort of left off was: “Take Actions Toward Your Goals”

First let me start out introducing myself, Stephen E. Hall, Videographer, and NLP Guide, here to help you down the right path in your life. Not as a controller but a Coach, ready to serve you when needed. I look forward to helping people get over lifes problems, that seem to hold them back from their goals, to help you achieve, and to give you the insight along lifes path. My life is so different now that I am retired, and I am doing what I love, “Videography”, capturing life greatest moments for people to share. I do video productions at Mid Pen Media in Palo Alto, and have been recognised as #1 volunteer there for the last 9 years. Check it out at:
Mid Peninsula Media Center

I have videotaped some great events like Jerry Rice’s 40th Birthday in Menlo Park, and MC Hammer’s 40th Birthday in Tracy, but they were private and cannot be shown in public. I love what I do so it’s not like work because I enjoy it. Everyone should enjoy what they do and feel proud to accomplish their goals in life… It took me 52 careers to find one I really liked, I now understand why people feel comfortable to do their own work and have pride in it. Making a living, and having a job, are so different, one you love, the other you hate. I love to teach others to reach out and go for their goals in life, I really makes a difference in how you feel and treat others too…

Thanks, Stephen Hall


Here a great tool to learn more about NLP it’s called the NLP Toolbox

The NLP Toolbox

Get Healthy & Make Money too, with Shaklee

See Tony Robbins about coaching

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The Riding The Traffic Roller Coaster

Quick note: my whole blog has been updated with more info, check it out, see what’s new!!!

Getting traffic to your site, can be easy, but getting interested visitors who want to buy your product or service is another thing altogether. I have several comments on my blog here about why I don’t charge for my authoring here, well here goes my story. I have wanted to help others who struggle in life, to seek better tools and mindsets to improve how they live their lives… Where not all the same we have several differences in our ways of thinking. When I went through my divorces, I felt pain and hurt inside. One person changed all that but helping me in my desperation, he taught me about NLP and the power of the mind to learn new ways.

I had several people who wanted me to pay for their services to learn NLP, but all were too expensive at that time, like you might be right now… So I decided to work for free to volunteer my time in helping other to learn these lessions. Now some would say that’s wrong, to give it away, why not charge for it… ok maybe I should, but I also find that others lend me a hand, when it’s most needed, and I get paid, in other ways, like happiness, hugs, smiles, great comments, etc. Plus traffic to this site, where you can read about my life and helping others to learn lifes lessions for free. I do have a few ads on my site and once in a while get traffic from here to other sites that pay me.

People like to find free information that adds to their knowledge of the world around them, I try to give them a glimps of ideas they can use to improve how the feel about others and how the can learn to work for themselves and make good money too… I started my own business out of frustration of loosing jobs and having to find a replacement job to replace it to make ends meet. My choice changed my life direction and I had to learn stuff like accounting, sales, inventory management, view points of others, and running my business, when I didn’t feel like it… That’s life in the fast lane, you just do it or else, no one else can do it for you…

Getting back to traffic on the web, you can join click sites or leads sites to get your traffic or use pay-per-click, be careful it can cost you if you spend too much per click.
You can also write blogs and draw interested people to your sites like this one. It’s your choice, make a wise decision and you get paid well for your work…

Need Leads for your business

Want some business marketing help, check out “Second Income Coach”, a friend showed me how easy it is to use, and get trained to coach others to do the same, here is the site:
Second Income Coach

Plus if you haven’t yet seen my other blog page here it is:
My other blog page

Same great work with a slightly different angle on it.

Want to learn about Giving Seminars, Authoring Books, Being an Expert, this is for you!!! Check it out, it’s only on facebook here it is:
You should know about this guy Brendon Burchard

Enjoy His Energy and Projection…

This just in, here a great new networking site that trains you, as you make money, It’s almost free to get started earning money. Check it out before they close down the special offer.

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What is Love ? (-: Happy Valentines Day :-)

With valentines day around the corner, one asks
“What Is Love?”,

Why is it so difficult to explain it, how does one find it?, and how do we know we’re in love?.
Is it a simple feeling or a chemical change in our brain that causes it? Is it really our heart or our brain that feels it first? Love is sometimes elusive, sometimes overbearing, sometimes controlling, sometimes lost by the wrong choice of words, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose, sometimes foolish, sometimes the best thing ever.

We learn to love around the time of high school, it’s never taught to us, but we see others doing it by kissing, hugging, and just being close to someone you wanted to meet. We meet others at dances, parties, and by a friends introduction. How do we know when we’re in love? We feel warm inside and want to share ideas, we want to fit in. But sometimes we get shut out too. But we just try again, maybe this time we will find love… It’s out there somewhere, but you have to look for it, it won’t come to you, unless your looking for it… Sort of like a job you need a good resume but still have to do the interviews… You have to meet the people at places they go to, clubs, dinners, occations, etc…

Let’s send love all around the world, stop wars and stop hate and violence to all human beings
and animal alike.Appreciate your world and your friends gather in love for eachother, We were created out of love for all mankind by out higher being, whoever that is for you praise what we have here on earth. Religion was created to teach man how to live together in peace and harmony not war and violence.

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What does this mean?

How do you make a living?

If you change the way you think about money, money can be your friend, So many people know how to rip people off on the web, so we are careful not to be taken advantage of here. But then again we want our share of the wealth. Knowing what to invest in has become difficult, with people losing homes to foreclosure. Education is one way to invest in yourself, and get a better job in the future, but for now, we need to make a living while we go to college and learn. Self study can help us learn about ourselves and those around us. I started this blog to help people learn about NLP and lifes changing solutions.

The next URL is a excerpt from a talk on NLP the beginnings.

NLP The Beginnings

Now you can learn more here about NLP and its secrets to success
NLP Secrets

Join my Facebook Group Study of NLP Here

Learning to love oneself is only the beginning, to love others is giving your love away, without expectation of return. The only true love is love that’s never held back…

Be Motivated Today

Here a cool item I found that came in really handy to store name and projects in watch the video here:
Electronic Note Pad

How to be an Expert Persuader:
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For more information or to contact me click here:

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