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Here’s Some NLP Concepts I’ve found helpful

NLP Concepts

By Stephen E. Hall

“What’s Real”, and “What’s Not Real”, in our lives, what we perceive to be ”Real”, may not be “Real”. But our reflex is often to believe it is “Real”, so we store it in our memory. Our sub-conscious and conscious minds sometimes disagree with each other on this. We perceive what we see, and react to it as such. As children we where in the research and development stage of life, we were told and apple is an apple a rock is a rock, and allot of don’t touch this stuff… All this stuff is anchored in our brain somewhere. We have a fractural response held in our memory of every event that ever happened to us. We can recall these incidents even if they happened years ago, but sometime cannot remember what we did yesterday. It was not important so we never stored it to memory. Plus we learn to tune out stuff that doesn’t involve us. Like music, background noises and people talking to others around us not directly to us.

We have a reactive mind as L Ron Hubbard puts it, we don’t change, unless we clear the memory out of that saved pattern. We all have capabilities of doing many different things at one time. Allot of which we were taught in school or by our parents or co- workers at a job. We sometimes can do things we’ve never attempted, and learn from the experience of doing it… We also have limitations stored in our memory, things we failed at or don’t want to do, for reasons like, we might get hurt, or die from it. We do this response without even thinking, it’s a programmed response. Also our sensory observations cause reactions these are used to prevent us from problems later or from getting hurt.

We set boundaries for ourselves, and those around us, to protect or limit how far to go, in some cases. We all have needs, wants and concepts about each other and how to react.

We want to work on our ideas and concepts, to make them a reality. We need to organize our thoughts to do this. We manifest the process, giving it our all, so to say.

We put all the drive we have, to accomplish our goal. We can even imagine it real before we start the project, we then create the concept. We are willing and able to complete it, all the way through. As it takes form, we nurture it, with our lives; we focus on the end product as being done. It’s called a light bulb or “Ah Ha” moment, as we think it through.

Now we also have transformation or state changes or reaction changes and that are possible, re- programming, as they call it now. Unlike mind control or brain washing of the past. We can anchor a new patterns, in place of old habits, and change how we react to the same stimulus that once bothered us, made us scared or afraid to continue the process. How we relate to these stimulus can make us a better more and more active life.

We can learn to eat better, and do more exercise, instead of sitting around just watching TV, letting our life go by us, day by day. We can also improve our minds but the choices of better foods. We can walk each day, more than the day before, and have more fun in our life, plus meet more people as we walk… Life can really improve if we take these steps into action… Just, Go For It!

Some NLP Terms Explained

Anchoring – to set in memory

Change – to modify results

Create – to make new

Dismiss – to eliminate

Establish – to create new thought pattern

Evaluate – to understand the problem

Hypnosis – to change process of thoughts

Manifest – to secure a process

Monitor – to check on progress

Pattern – to make normal a process

Re-Program – to change a thought pattern

Swish – to change automatic pattern

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