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PLR Products – Your One Stop For Free & Unlimted PLR & MMR Products

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Doing Business on the WEB


It’s not the easiest job, but it pays well when it works. You have to first market yourself and then your product on the web. So many people try to tell you how easy it is, just email your list with your product, and the money starts rolling in. (What a lie they tell you to sucker you in to buy their ebook or health product or service, even MLM stuff), it’s all just junk unless you gain their trust first.

Start out by making friends first on facebook and twitter and even others like IBOToolbox and Referral Key, then you can talk about common things, not your business, get acquainted with them first, then you can show them your product or service. They will in turn, tell their friends and soon your group grows, and then you may just see the money start rolling in. But don’t stop there, become an Affiliate and learn all you can about other peoples products on line, see how others work their business. It’s all just a learning process, and it takes time to build a great business, on or off line, then you can help others to do the same. Good luck below are some ideas to get you started:

Here’s a great place to start your training SIC

Join us at Business Builders Group:

Our Affiliate Program

Business Builders Group

Building your list: Here’s out 10 Days to Membership List Building Program.

Here’s a sampling of our products to buy and sell:
Affiliate Zip Program

Sample of our Products when you join us at business builders group

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Log into paypal and send money to me at videomemo@yahoo.com


Here a great view on the economy “A Strong Middle Class is needed to pull us up and out”


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The Riding The Traffic Roller Coaster

Quick note: my whole blog has been updated with more info, check it out, see what’s new!!!

Getting traffic to your site, can be easy, but getting interested visitors who want to buy your product or service is another thing altogether. I have several comments on my blog here about why I don’t charge for my authoring here, well here goes my story. I have wanted to help others who struggle in life, to seek better tools and mindsets to improve how they live their lives… Where not all the same we have several differences in our ways of thinking. When I went through my divorces, I felt pain and hurt inside. One person changed all that but helping me in my desperation, he taught me about NLP and the power of the mind to learn new ways.

I had several people who wanted me to pay for their services to learn NLP, but all were too expensive at that time, like you might be right now… So I decided to work for free to volunteer my time in helping other to learn these lessions. Now some would say that’s wrong, to give it away, why not charge for it… ok maybe I should, but I also find that others lend me a hand, when it’s most needed, and I get paid, in other ways, like happiness, hugs, smiles, great comments, etc. Plus traffic to this site, where you can read about my life and helping others to learn lifes lessions for free. I do have a few ads on my site and once in a while get traffic from here to other sites that pay me.

People like to find free information that adds to their knowledge of the world around them, I try to give them a glimps of ideas they can use to improve how the feel about others and how the can learn to work for themselves and make good money too… I started my own business out of frustration of loosing jobs and having to find a replacement job to replace it to make ends meet. My choice changed my life direction and I had to learn stuff like accounting, sales, inventory management, view points of others, and running my business, when I didn’t feel like it… That’s life in the fast lane, you just do it or else, no one else can do it for you…

Getting back to traffic on the web, you can join click sites or leads sites to get your traffic or use pay-per-click, be careful it can cost you if you spend too much per click.
You can also write blogs and draw interested people to your sites like this one. It’s your choice, make a wise decision and you get paid well for your work…

Need Leads for your business

Want some business marketing help, check out “Second Income Coach”, a friend showed me how easy it is to use, and get trained to coach others to do the same, here is the site:
Second Income Coach

Plus if you haven’t yet seen my other blog page here it is:
My other blog page

Same great work with a slightly different angle on it.

Want to learn about Giving Seminars, Authoring Books, Being an Expert, this is for you!!! Check it out, it’s only on facebook here it is:
You should know about this guy Brendon Burchard

Enjoy His Energy and Projection…

This just in, here a great new networking site that trains you, as you make money, It’s almost free to get started earning money. Check it out before they close down the special offer.

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