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Occupy People or Sheep in a Herd


Sometime people just follow the leader: they become an uncontrollable herd, and need to be herded like cattle or sheep. Why is it that some people just try to show our leaders what we want in the wrong way. Look at what happened last week with the government, when big business stood it’s ground on pippa and sopa and we won. We need big business to help create the power to make changes like this…

Living in tents is like primitive and trying to make a stand, with lots of people doesn’t work… Wall street may be wrong, but it does work well, it helps small companies, become big companies, who then share the wealth with it’s workers and supporters alike. People like to party, so that why they love block parties, but when they become destructive, then we all loose, plus it adds to the cost of the goods we buy. It’s alot like unions when they strike it cost us the public more to buy the goods they sell… Sort of a circle of spreading the cost back to to customer, “us”

We need to work with big business to get the power to make the changes that we all want so bad, not to try to defeat them, then we hurt ourselves. We should support them and get involved in helping them to make these changes. Look at it this way, we the 99% are like a herd out of control and and big business the 1% is driving the car. They see us as an obstacle and just go around us, like they don’t care. But if we get behind them, we help push them to get the changes done easily, we both win !!!

We need to write our congress and house of representatives, and let them know, we want changes, and we will help them to make them, by supporting them, in what they do for us… Do your part and the world will be a better place to live. We want change as Pres Obama said in the beginning, so help us to make these changes by not destroying property, and costing yourself money, by what others do do with inappropriate means. Peaceful means always work better instead of forceful means to get changes done the right way.

We can be the world leaders once again by showing the work how to live peacefully and stop wars and learn to live together in peace. Setting boundries fir peace and helping the world live together in peace.
If we keep fighting our own people how can we show others how to live in peace and harmony. Well enough said by me. I’d like people to comment on this and show what you think we need to do?

Is this year nearing half full or half empty

Love that figure of speech “half full or half empty” makes you think a bit.

Normally a glass is used to show this, but I differ with that analysis, because it leaves out the people aspect of things. You see some people are Optimists and  Optimize all the time, their lives are exciting and full, and others are Pessimists  they cause fear and anxiety to those around them. You see you can choose either  way, and you guessed it your right.

But the pessimist lives in constant fear of loosing, and wants to control you, whereas the optimist has already won, and is headed for the next step in their life. He loves to show off what he has, and wants you to join him too. Yet the Pessimist also wants you to join him, in his crusade of what if, or it’s because of, or maybe we should spread the word, about this or that. It’s these fears that drive us to wars, and strikes, and wanting to show the world “we’re right”.

We are better is the USA, than most of the world is. We don’t need to prove it, as we have in the past. We should be trying to show the world, what works, and how to achieve it. Freedom has always won, over servitude, and has always been the driving force, to help the world become free from tyrants, and insecure leaders; that use the war tactics, to keep their people in servitude, and poor.

The internet has been a leader is communication to help others to see the light, as we see it. Like in Egypt the confrontation to become free, they won!!! Now comes the hard part, to stay free, and build a great nation, like their ancestors did, not so long ago. Leadership of the people is necessary to do this, not the war machine. Why do we fight others wars for them, they call us weak because we want to create wars, not love and peace. We should have learned from our past that some wars are necessary to overthrow tyrants, in some cases, but, not in all cases.

We must fear tyrants, that want to hurt us, but also we must at the same time, let the people decide for themselves, how to live their lives. Not everyone has the same chances to make a difference as we do, Under our government we are granted the freedom of choice, and of religion, and of speech. When one of these freedoms is not heard, we rebel and march in groups to make sure our voices are heard!!! I am a believer in Peace for all nations and that we can all live in peace together, with our differences, and being non judgmental, of attitudes of other nations leaders, to help them to promote freedom to their peoples.

I believe there is a higher power that drives us, to want more out of life, and to be rewarded for our efforts, not just are successes, but our wills, to prove that love and helping succeeds, in the battle for peace. We know we can do it, we know the way to do it, and we have the right to do it. To promote peace in the world and to help others see this love, and follow their hearts to a better life ahead.

Presidents and leaders should follow their people, not their advisors, to lead the world to peace, and stop all wars, and help build a united world in peace for all people. Wouldn’t life be great, if we followed our hearts, not our minds to concur the world in a peaceful way. All fear would be eliminated and all would life is peace and harmony. Bet you guessed it i’m an optimist…

“What a wonderful day that would be to all”

Let start today like the “Law of Attraction” says think about it and it will become real, do your share to make it happen, World Peace by 2012 is achievable if we work towards it today and every day.
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