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Experience is the best Teacher

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We learn so much from our failures, yet we are afraid to try something new because we might fail at it. Sort of a double standard we live by, we have to be pushed into something New before we try it. Like the Internet, we try to make web paged using html but we don’t know it that well. But still we try it until we make a successful web page. Most people first learn to use WYSIWYG or “what you see is what you get” it’s easier because we can see what the page looks like first. Others use Front Page to do their web pages, but yet others use a little trick with Word, by save the file as an (.htm) then upload it to their site.

WordPress has entered the game now making anyone a site that looks good and has lots of functionality. They can use pictures, files, pdf’s, and widgets and more to make a blog For a  family history, a text blog or a simple web page too. We all like to share information here on the web, we also need to get visitors to see it. Or customers to buy our products. The traffic game is still and unusual art, to get qualified eyes to your blog of site is and Art in itself.  You can have a beautiful web page or blog, but if no one sees it what good Is it. People use lots of gimmicks to get page views like click sites to back link their site or Goggle Ad words, or even Pay Per View or Pay Per Click, or similar things. Sometimes all it talks is some word of mouth or recommendation site to get viewers to see it. Some

Marketing experts claim to know the secret, just pay them $$$  to download the latest ebook. Most are rehashed stuff that no longer works, they just make you believe it does, to get your money, they are called  smammers, sending out their worthless “Guru Info” that like magic will get you lots of Money, Most of that money goes to them, for selling that worthless ebook garbage. Some make you think that you can get Thousands or dollars selling other people ebooks from clickbank… Yea right been there done that, it doesn’t work or they wouldn’t  try to sell you on it. They would keep it to themselves don’t you think.

So im not here to BS you, I just tell it like it is, i’ve been burnt and learned from it ways to approach traffic and comments and back links too. I’ve tried Traffic Roundup, Top Surfer, Spash Surfer and lots of others, all playing the traffic game to get hits, most people just don’t even look at the surfed pages the just keep clicking in hope they will get lucky somehow and get customers and more eyes of their site to get interest… I use Viral Network they have a wordpress website for you to use and get lots of comments like mine does. Here’s how to signup for your own blog that works very well and get lots of traffic too: Check out my comments section to see proof of my followers.

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