Benjamin Franklin

“In a free society, the rulers are the servants and the people are their superiors and sovereigns. For the former therefore, to return to latter is not to degrade them but to promote them. My promotion is to be one of you!”

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin, a polymath, politician and inventor. He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. The first four persons had served as Presidents of the United States being George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and Benjamin Franklin.

Franklin was the First President of Pennsylvania and the First Post Master General. He was included as signatory in the “Declaration of Independence” of 1776… a declaration that led to the Creation of the United States of America and the Liberty from British invasion.

And according to Nostradamus… The emergence of America being the Superpolice and Superpower of the World was Destiny.

The 100 US Dollar bill was attributed to Benjamin Franklin where “In God We Trust” was inscribed as their motto!

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JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY was the youngest President ever elected at the age of 43 and the first Roman Catholic?
Unfortunately. His wife Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy was not the youngest First Lady at the age of 31. Regrets to her fans she just seemed so coz of her charm and beauty but the youngest until now is Frances Folsom when she married the 49 year old bachelor Grover N. Cleveland at the age of 21 years and 8 months!

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President James A. Garfield


On June 30. 1881. President James A. Garfield listened to Abraham Lincoln Son Robert who was the Secretary of War at the time…reminiscing of his Fathers assassination. Two days later the world was shocked when President Garfield himself fell from a bullet fired by assassin Charles Guiteau!

His presidency lasted for only 200 days including he served inside the hospital for almost one and a half months. He was the second of four US Presidents who were assassinated.
James A. Garfield

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The First Mother and Son Tandem sentenced to death by Hanging!


That MARY and JOHN SURRATT was the first Mother and Son tandem sentenced to death by Hanging in the history of America? Yes! Being the supporters of Confederate; the enemy of Union…they were implicated as Accessories in the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln…the first President to perished at the hands of the Assassin!safe_image

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JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY was the youngest President ever elected at the age of 43 and the first Roman Catholic?
Unfortunately. His wife Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy was not the youngest First Lady at the age of 31. Regrets to her fans she just seemed so coz of her charm and beauty but the youngest until now is Frances Folsom when she married the 49 year old bachelor Grover N. Cleveland at the age of 21 years and 8 months!John F, Kennedy and wife Jacqueline!

Frances Folsom

Frances Folsom

John F. Kennedy
Grover N. Cleveland

Grover N. Cleveland

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What’s the Numbers?

Numerologists say each number between 1 and 9 has its own special significance. Our birth and destiny number influences our characters and personality in dealing with our daily lives…so, find your own number and judge whether it is right or wrong.

The number 1 signifies dominance and leadership.this is the strongest among the numbers (many great leaders possess this number)

2 represents patient, gentleness, kindness and lacks of ambition (mean not so ambitious in other words)

3 is the most extrovert number. the most Friendly, denoting intelligence, creativity and wit.

4 is the number of fairness, dependability, organization and attention to details.

5 is brilliance, cleverness and impatience

6 is considered the happiest number signifying balance, tranquility, loyalty and sincerity.

7 is said to be the number of the Loner (that’s why they likes parties and enjoyments) the philosopher and the mystic.

8 represents worldly success and egocintricity

9 symbolizes the height of intellectual and spiritual  attainments

so numerologists claims!

Note:  to those who can’t understand how to determine their birth and destiny numbers….here’s the guide to follow it. just add up if it two digits number….like when your birthday falls on December 25, 1990….add up 2+5 then the answer is 7….this is your birth number. to calculate your destiny number….add up all the date like 12 + 25 + 1990 = 2027….add up again and the result will be 11 then add up and the final result will be 2.

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Did You Know That?


  1. That Ferdinand Magellan, the Spanish backed Portuguese Explorer and the first Circumnavigator of the Globe has erroneously named Pacific as Pacific Ocean? Due the time when they crossed the Pacific it was summertime, thus the word Pacific was derived from the word Pacify which means Calm or Tranquil when in fact, one of the world’s most devastating typhoons produced comes from the Pacific Ocean.

2. That it was Mel Gibson, the director of the movie “The Passion of the Christ,” who disguised as one of the soldiers and nailed Jesus Christ to the Cross though his face was never seen in the entire film to avoid distractions from its male lead star Jim Caviezel.

3. That the size of the moon is equal to the size and depth of the Atlantic Ocean when you fit it in? This fact or myth was according to some scholars during the ancient times. Some ancient civilizations noticed some mountain or group of mountains that forcefully moving upward due to reversed gravitational pull. Thereby, the Moon derived its name from the ancient name of the Lost Civilization or the so-called Atlantis which are Mu or Lemuria or in English transformation means Mu or Moon or Lemuria or Lunar.

4.That Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock of the famous singing group Air Supply first met in the early 70’s as co-performers in the religious rock-opera movie “Jesus Christ Superstar” which earned the ire of The Vatican and declared it blasphemous in relation with Jesus Christ Divinity.

5. That the almost invisible capability of Military Jet Plane was accidentally discovered when a bird that landed on the wings of the plane inside the hangar was detected by radar and the plane was not? This discovery prompted the US Military to launch Project Harvey based on the cartoon character of a rabbit that becomes invisible whenever she likes it.

6. That Tom Hanks “Forrest Gump” won Special Visual Effects over Arnold Scwharzenegger’s “True Lies” and two others which featured Tom Hanks shaking hands with President John F. Kennedy in the old actual video footage of the President shaking hands with the young Bill Clinton during his college student days.

7. That an Archeological Exploration around the Dead Sea unearthed the famous and so-called Dead Sea Scrolls? The discovery surprisingly contains the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and Gospel of Judas among others belying Jesus Christ Divinity. These manuscripts were the subjects of conquest of search and destroy by Constantine The Great, the founder of the East Byzantine Empire of which Constantinople is the city capital in Turkey during the Counter Reformation Era. All the manuscripts belying Jesus Christ Divinity were the subject of eradication during the Cruzader’s Era upon the orders from The Vatican.

8. That Basenji is the breed of Dog that knows how to laugh and knows how to cry but don’t know how to bark? It emerged long before the time of Moses come.

9. That Mary and John Surratt was the first Mother and Son Tandem sentenced to death by Hanging as they were implicated as accessory in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

10. That Robert Powell was the star of the movie “The Magician” in the mid 70’s which also portrayed the role of Jesus Christ in the movie “The Last Temptation of Christ” which also earned the ire of The Vatican and declared it blasphemous in relation with Jesus Christ Divinity.

11.  That the Undersea Boat 65 (U-65) of the Germans was considered jinx due to numerous accidents that resulted to death when it was being manufactured in the shipyard? This ship was being haunted and home to some Ghosts that some of the personnel’s committed suicide, some leaps to death, some leaps overboard and never been found again and some became insane while on navigation.

12.  That the 16th President of the United States of America Abraham Lincoln foresaw his own death in his dream before his assassination.

13. That according to Philippine Historian Gregorio F. Zaide, the Japanese Forces hardly invaded The Philippines due to its geographical location or scattered islands and thereby delayed by 7 months in attacking its next target…..Australia!

14.   That the Black Jews of Ethiopia considered the “Lost Tribe of Israel” found their way to Ethiopia when they were lost and scattered after Moses divided the famous Red Sea? This group belongs to the Tribe of Dan and the only link they had with them with their Jew Ancestor when they reached Ethiopia is The Torah, the First Five Books of Moses.

15.  That the contradicted findings of FBI and Warren Commission in  the assassination of John F. Kennedy where the shot that killed the President was fired in two different locations and that the shot was being fired by 2 persons simultaneously was called Grassy Knoll Theory based upon the feedback of the gunfire heard at the Grassy Knoll Wall.

16. That Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson became President by the rule of succession upon the assassination of President John F. Kennedy while he was on the air? He was sworn in and took his oath of office while inside the Air Force One….the official Air Transport Carrier of the Presidents of the United States of America.

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The Esteban Abada High School Batch82 Grand Reunion (March 19-20, 2011) Pansol, Laguna, Philippines

The Esteban Abada High School Batch82 Grand Reunion (March 19-20, 2011) Pansol, Laguna, Philippines(Part 2)


Prez Rey Dayrit On The Job!

Basketball Game-Group 1
Elenita Dela Rosa
Melody Suarez-Bustos
Agnesia Javier
Jasmin Deano
kulang ng isa?

Basketball Game- Group 2
Ramon N. Araja, Jr.
Noel David
Emmanuel Atienza
Lilibeth Toledo-Simon
Ma. Ayra Adora-Mercano

Ladies and Gentlemen…..Are you ready?

Nalingat si Mon….kung saan nakatingin?

Gruop 3 yan Adonis…ba’t andiyan ka? group 4 tayo ah!

And the winnnnnerrrr isssss……group 2!!!

Father Dante: Ano kaya lalaruin namin? (isip-isip)

Adonis Adora
Cecille Dimaano Gurliza
Ronilda Borromeo

Cecille: Hawakan nyo ako….matutumba ako!

Hayyyyyy! wow mali ata!
parang wash your face ang game namin ah?

Cecille: Ayun O!

All smiles sila!

Hospital Game




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Lend me your ears: Prevention and treatment of ear problems

Lend me your ears: Prevention and treatment of ear problems
MIND YOUR BODY By Willie T. Ong, MD (The Philippine Star) Updated February 22, 2011 12:00 AM

Most people will encounter ear problems in their lifetime. It could be earwax, earache or ringing in the ears. It pays to have some basic knowledge on what to do in these situations. The three most common problems are ear wax, swimmer’s ear, and middle ear infection.

Ear Ye, Ear Ye

Everyone is born with either of two types of earwax. Does your ear have the dry and whitish kind of earwax or do you have the sticky, wet, and yellow-orange type of earwax? Having either one is something we inherit from our parents.

Earwax (medically called cerumen) is designed to protect our eardrums from dust and dirt. Left alone, our earwax does its job of catching dirt and then slowly draining out of the ear as it dries up. Periodically, fresh ear wax develops inside the ear canal.

However, in some cases, the earwax may get clogged up and cause hearing loss. The usual culprit is an overeager person with a cotton bud pushes the earwax further inside the ear. A life-saving medical advice: Never, never insert anything inside your ears because it can puncture your eardrums. Take note that a punctured eardrum may not heal anymore and the person will be left partially deaf for life.

To treat a plugged ear, follow these steps: 1) Drop a softening fluid like mineral oil or baby oil inside the ear. Doctors usually prescribe Otosol liquid. (Note: Do not do this if you think there’s a chance that the eardrum is punctured.), 2) Lie on your side for 20 minutes to let the oil soak into the earwax. Do this twice a day for three days. Usually, the plugged ear will loosen by itself. If it doesn’t work, see your ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist to remove the earwax.

Swimmer’s Ears

Swimmer’s ear is an infection of the outer part of the ear due to bacteria or fungi. As the term implies, this is caused by swimming in dirty water. Swimmer’s ear starts as itchiness in the outer ear, followed by ear pain. As the infection progresses, there may be a smelly discharge coming out of the ear. This signifies a full-blown infection.

How do you prevent swimmer’s ear? 1) Choose clean swimming pools only, 2) Use an ear plug so water will not go inside your ear, 3) Before you swim, protect your ear with a few drops of baby oil, 4) If your doctor says it’s safe, you can prepare your own eardrops to use after swimming. Mix a few drops of alcohol and a few drops of white vinegar in a 1 to 1 ratio. Place a few drops inside the ear and let it dry. Both alcohol and vinegar kill many bacteria and fungi.

If you develop swimmer’s ear, consult your ENT doctor who will prescribe an ear antibiotic.

Middle Ear Infection

This common childhood ear infection occurs when the child has a cold, a sinus problem or an allergy. Medically, it is called Otitis Media. The problem lies in the Eustachian tube, a small tube that connects our nose to our ears, which is shorter and wider in children. Therefore, phlegm from the nose can easily migrate inside the child’s ear, which starts the infection.

These children develop ear pain, fever, and hearing loss. In more serious cases, the eardrum could get punctured, and release yellowish fluid from inside the ear. Adults can suffer from this problem, too. Treatment for middle ear infection is 7-10 days of oral antibiotics.

Rx: In order to differentiate swimmer’s ear (infection of the outer ear) and middle ear infection, a clinical maneuver is to wiggle the patient’s outer ear. If he complains of pain, then the infection is usually in the outer ear. If there is no pain, the infection could be in the middle ear.

For those with middle ear infection, here are some tips:

• Sit up more often to facilitate drainage of the Eustachian tubes. Babies should be fed at a 30-degree angle.

• Drink lots of water to thin the mucous secretions; swallowing helps drain the Eustachian tubes.

• Try using baby oil or mineral oil heated in lukewarm water. Put a drop or two inside the ear to lessen the pain. (Note: Do not do this if you think there is a chance that the eardrum is punctured.)

• Don’t sleep on an airplane’s descent. Stay awake and chew gum as this helps equalize the pressure inside your ears.

Lastly, if you have ear pain and it does not go away in two days, it is wise to consult your ENT specialist.

Ear Trivia

• People with a diagonal crease (line) across the lower part of the ear lobe have a higher chance of developing cholesterol problems and hardening of their arteries. They are at higher risk of a heart attack. (It’s true.)

• Men experience more hearing loss compared to women. This may be due to men working in jobs where they are subjected to loud sounds.

• Eight hours of exposure to sounds above 90 decibels can permanently damage the hearing. Ninety decibels corresponds to the sound of a large orchestra, a vacuum cleaner or loud snoring.

• Did you know that 10 percent of men purchase hearing aids because their wives are annoyed that their husbands don’t hear a word they’re saying?

Note: I admire Dr. Willie Ong’s posts and guidances in his column.

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I Saw A Ghost

It happened one night!

This is one of the unforgettable experiences in my life.

It happened sometime in 1975 when I was still  schooling in elementary….I was about 9 or 10 years old.

I slept side by side with my 3 older brothers and 2 sisters in our Sala (Living room) around 9pm.  I was no. 3 located from the extreme corner within them. The only light comes from an electric post outside of the house and the amount of light entering inside was so relatively scanty.
Around 1 hour past midnight…I was awaken by the shivering cold and I was chilling due the electric fan was focused directly to my side. The roaring sound of the electric fan was surprisingly noisy in my ear when it is normally silent in the morning time. I opened my eyes and scanned the whole Sala(living room) still covered with partial darkness. I decided to stand up and when I looked to the door about 4 meters from where I was…I saw Kuya Talik (Kuya means elder brother) sitting in one small wooden sofa and smoking his cigarette with one battery powered small toy ferris wheel rolling beside him which is glowing in the dark.

I called his attention…”Kuya Talik?” …”Kuya Talik!” “bakit andiyan ka?” (Kuya Talik…why are you there?) He did not reply and continue smoking cigarette. I repeat and called his attention again, “Kuya Talik…bakit andiyan ka?” (Kuya Talik…why are you there?) It seems he can’t hear me and got no response from him so I decided to come near him…slowly and gradually I walked towards him…I will come by surprise from his right side.

“Huy! Kuya Talik…bakit andiyan ka? (Huy! Kuya Talik…why are you there?)  He’s still silent and never respond to me and incidentally never looks to me and continue smoking his cigarette. My attention now focused to the battery powered toy ferris wheel rolling beside him which is still glowing in the dark.

I decided to touch him in the shoulder and said “Kuya Talik!”…Alas! I wondered and was surprised!! I can’t touch him!!! Then it was also the time I realized it was not Kuya Talik……….and I also realized he was very very white that night………and surely, It was not Kuya Talik! It was a Ghost!

My heart started to rumble like a racing clock…..tik!tak!…..tik!tak!… eyes grew in big exasperation…..all my hair in the body especially in my head stiffened… blood pressure rose to a high that I can’t determine how high it was. I was nailed to the floor!

I looked around the Living Room and realized that the only human awake that time is no other than but myself! My Family and the whole community was still lingering with a good and silent deep sleep.

With one last effort…I finally made my move….I rushed to the 10 stairs going up to my parents room….I almost fly and makes 3 steps in each move…I knocked so loud in the door and my father opened up in wonder….I speak no one!….I talk no one!….I see no one!

I grabbed a blanket and covered my self wholly….that night was the longest night I had in my whole life….I asked my elder brother the next day if he was the one in the door last night and he replied negative…..besides, we don’t have any battery powered toys as we are comes from a poor family.

The remembrance of the Ghost that I saw made me sick and instantly became a constant visitor to the Hospital with no apparent reason to become sick.

The memory of the Ghost would surely haunts me for the rest of my life.

But one thing is sure………..he remains Ghost for the rest of his life!

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