Area of work

The modern day drainage clearing companies work with a holistic goal in their objective. They operate in the areas

    Maintenance of drainage and sewerage

  • Clearing obstructions
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Engaging trucks for the clearing operation.
  • Providing a solution, definitive in nature – with regard to pipeline problems,
  • preventing flooding of premises, streets, by lanes and broad ways
  • dispelling stench
  • annulling damages which may incur much bigger costs for repair

Monthly maintenance in details

With regard to monthly maintenance these companies

  • take care of the entire network of drainage
  • Engage electric machines for the maintenance
  • Use pressure machines
  • Takes care to remove all the possible causes that might cause damage to the pipelines and drainage which in turn might prove costly to mend

Special Measures for Drainage Cleaning

The companies ensure

  • Guaranteed cleaning of building drainage in prevention of any damage caused whatsoever
  • Employ extremely experienced personnel to prevent apofraxeis, which is the Greek word that means “occlusion”.
  • Engage the most modern and state-of-the-art machinery to ensure that no apofrakseis ever creeps in to the drainage and sewerage system. This is also the Greek word which implies “obstruction”.
  • The above process is, in principle, is executed by means of a thorough and overall cleaning of the network
  • The above process also ensures that it is completely risk proof for the facilities and pipelines of the building
  • One striking feature in the service rendered is sewage suction with optimum speed and force, simultaneously continuously ensuring safety
  • The vehicles engaged in the above process are the most modern ones
  • The whole fleet of men, machineries and vehicles can clear sewage to the extent of a whopping three thousand cubic meters in one hour!

The catchword

Thus the point of prior importance in the above set of activities is the blockage and ensuring a solution to absolutely eradicate such occlusion. The fleet and personnel take care of any obstruction of any propensity for any occlusion — which they trace anywhere in the pipeline or drainage system. This is the focal point in their service rendered. It is needless to mention that the customers and esteemed clientele are spared of a much bigger threat of the future. If the occlusions get unnoticed at any point of time – there may be unending suffering on part of the buildings’ residents and the common people as a whole. Side by side there will be the urgency for expenditure costing the consumer a fortune owing to obvious reasons.

Thus the buzz points here are apofraxeis which means “obstruction” and apofrakseis which also essentially point to the same condition, if it at all exists in the pipeline.

Tail piece

Thus it would be fair to conclude that the drainage clearing companies are doing a great service for the residents of domestic of office buildings in the micro level and for the entire civic society at large. All this is being executed against a nominal charge and in response the care and dedication exhibited are awesome. The use of technology is superlative. This sector of the service providing industry is not a luxury but something earnestly sought for.

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