A New Way Of Writing On The White Boards

We use writing material for everyday use. Equipments like pens, pencils, draw boards etc are of utmost importance in our lives. You must have also observed that it is the pen that stays with us every time we are out for some work. For presentations and lectures, there needs to be some other equipment that could draw very thickly. Chalks are preferred up to now and the trend is changing rapidly. Firstly, there used to be white conventional chalks and now liquid markers have taken their place. Instead of using cemented black board, smooth white boards are now used. Let us try to discuss these liquid chalk markers in detail.

  • Chalk markers: Ever since the advent of 21st century, there have been advancements in almost every field. Form smallest things to the biggest, everything has developed enormously. Similarly, writing materials have also advanced. Now days, we prefer using liquid chalk markers than using the conventional chalks. Basically. It contains the color and alcohol stored in a long thin cylindrical container attached to the nib, just like a permanent marker. It contains one additional solvent which helps keeping the fluid in liquid state even after we have applied the ink on the board. We use them because they present us some serious advantages over the conventional chalks. Let us discuss some of these advantages below.
  • Noise less: The noise that a conventional chalk produces on the white board is pretty irritating. This is not the case with the chalk markers as they run smoothly on the white ply board. They are just like writing on the notebook with a pen.
  • Clarity: Sometimes, we must have observes that a chalk is not fully efficient in giving full clarity to what we try to draw on the white board. There is always blurredness in the text written with conventional chalks. While using liquid markers on the plywood boards, it gives the smoothness and clarity at its highest.
  • Color variations: This probably the latest advantage of using high tech markers. Mostly, there is only white colored preferred in the case of conventional chalks. The boards are black and the chalks used are white. Or in rare cases, we can have a pink colored chalk or blue colored at most. But in the case of chalk pens, we can have as many colors of our choice as we want. Almost any colored chalk marker can be bought and written on the white ply board.
  • Buy them online: If you are living in a small city then buying a liquid marker might be a problem for you. Well, there are online websites that offer you multiple colored markers with different tip shapes at alluring prices. There are round and chiseled tips also that you can choose amongst, depending upon your application. Also, you have the variety of markers under online mode that you cannot even imagine of having it in a retail store. If you order the chalk board pens in a bulk, then the website may offer you some discount also, which would ultimately reduce the cost per piece.

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