From the Old Typewriters to Printers

During the time when typewriters were a necessity, the use of typewriter ribbons became big business. Why? Almost every home and business office has a typewriter. At present, typewriters have become obsolete, save for those people, especially the elderly, who do not want to adapt to change and instead stick to their old typewriters.

At present however, computers have replaced typewriters. What used to be a tedious way of typing and editing documents has become easier and faster. It greatly reduced the use of correction fluids and it led to perfectly edited documents.

Along with the ability of individuals to create documents using office software applications, came the need for printers, where documents and images are printed. The printer in itself is useless without the intricate mechanisms it has which make it work, and one of the most important components of the printer is the ink cartridge.

There are primarily two types of ink cartridges, the first one is commonly called as the ink cartridge and the other one is referred to as the toner cartridge. Inkjet printers use the ink cartridge while the toner cartridge is used by laser printers.

One of the biggest disparities between the two is that the volume of documents that ink cartridges can print on is lesser compared to toner cartridges. And, the speed by which each document is printed also varies with the former, and that is, it is typically slower in printing a single-page document than the latter. You can expect more documents to be printed by laser printers in a single minute than with an inkjet printer.

Another thing is that, the quality or fineness of the output of the laser printer is way better than the inkjet printer. You can clearly see the smoothness of each image and letter with printouts coming from laser printers.

Although one thing that deters a few from getting a laser printer is the price of the toner cartridge. Ever since, this has been more expensive than ink cartridges. However, the fact that it can print double or triple the volume of the inkjets also makes it a better choice for many. You can Toner Cartridge or at electronics stores. If you get to search on the net really well, there is a very high probability that you can find cheap ink and toner.

Just remember that if you would opt to Toner Cartridge recycling, make sure that you get it from a reliable store or supplier. Remember, there would be many online stores that will offer you cheap ink and toner but it is your utmost responsibility to ascertain that they are reliable and trustworthy sellers.

Compare the current printers with the old typewriter and you will see that technology has indeed come a long way. It can be safely assumed that in the next decade or perhaps the next five years, you can expect that technology will provide consumers with more innovations that can help alleviate daily tasks, whether at home or at the office.

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