How To Do Exciting Things With Metronome

If you are a young artist trying to learn new at every instant of the life, then you have come to the right place and at right time. Today, we are going to discuss metronome, its working, and its applications in blend with other musical instruments. So let us now discuss metronome in detail without wasting any time.

  • Metronome: for those who are new to this, let me tell you how a metronome works. A metronome is a simple device that makes a ticking sound (like that of a wall clock) when disturbed about its mean position. It does simple harmonic motion like a pendulum to and fro. These devices are now days used with many other music producing devices to discover a new sound. These are extensively used with guitars, drums, piano etc. so, let us now try to unveil all the combinations of this device with other music producing instruments.
  • With guitar: artists love guitars. They always try to play their guitars with non conventional music devices. They play the guitars with dog bark, lion roar, and other animals also. Similarly, metronome can also be used with guitar in an excellent way. Metronome usually produces tucking sound and guitar’s chords can be played with those ticks. The overall combination of the two music producing instruments makes a complete entertaining package of sound. There are many videos online which have been posted online so you can learn all those tricks from the videos posted by them too.
  • With drums: most of the films have used this combination of drums and metronome to produce usually a horror sound. This sound is pretty popular in horror movies also. The beat of the drum is usually resonated with the metronome’s ticking and together they give a complete new sound experience. A new instrument called drum metronome is also now available which simultaneously produces the sound of drum and metronome. You can buy the drum and metronome together or individually. You can also play metronome on the phone and start drumming by yourself.
  • Soft metronome: well, for those tech geeks who don’t want to derail from their technical life, they can download the metronome application on their smart phone and enjoy the metronome experience. As this is the software version of this device, it is also known as soft or online metronome. It is quite easy to use the online way as it never damages or gets dirty with time. The only thing that gets dirty with time is your mobile phone. So, keep changing your phone for keeping metronome playing. With rise in competition, online websites now offer this metronome software for free of cost. All you have to do is to go to that particular site on computer and start playing the sound of metronome free. In case of a phone, you need to download the application onto your phone for free and then play it for unlimited period of time ahead. For moreinformation you can search the internet or go to the metronome websites.

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