Information Required While Setting Up Company In Malaysia

Incorporation of a company in Malaysia, won’t be a problem anymore, as here the best and reliable company exist, which is working in a great and professional manner.

3E Accounting is a company which is best of all in incorporating a company and managing a lot of activities, including- accounting, taxation, auditing, STAMP/ SEAL Makers and many other things one can expect to get. It’s a pool of all sorts of business services, where nobody will back with the empty hands. Apart all, talking about Malaysia Company Incorporation, everything will be easily done, doesn’t matter whether you are a resident or non-resident of Malaysia. Yes, from natives to foreigner investors can easily incorporate a business over here with the help of 3E Accounting and get a reason to earn galore of income. What you should do, how and in what manner, everything will teach you up by the company and you can easily move forward by following the perfect roadmap given by the company.

For Malaysia Company Registration, 3E Accounting will ask you to submit most essential information, which later help the company to start up and piling up the necessary documents and work accordingly in order to get a certificate of incorporation. Must check up what they will require from you are-

The very first thing is what will be the company name you are going to open in Malaysia you must be finalized in advance. The company name should be 100 percent unique and should not match up with the name of any other company which is already available in the market. The proposed company name you must need to discover and it should be the best of all as later it will represent your brand identity. Later, forward the same name to the company and professionals will check out whether this name available or not.

You must need to give a rough idea about the business you are going to open up in the Malaysia. Based on the nature of the business the authority will find out whether the business is legal in the country or not. If everything will go in a correct manner, you will get a clean chit of doing the rest of the procedures.

The company will ask you to provide a valid photocopy of identity card of all the directors and shareholders associated with your company. It is very important as the authority will check whether you provided legal information or not as well as all the directors and shareholders are in a good position or not.

To Setup Company in Malaysia, later you need to submit latest residential addresses of all the directors as well as you should submit the information of paid-up capital which should be not less than RM 2. Percentage of shareholding of each shareholder and many other formalities the company will ask and will guide you how to pile up all the information and forward to you.  

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