Join Bisnis Oriflame Today And Explore A Whole New Way Of Making Money

Oriflame is one of the leading cosmetic brands in the world. The company was founded by Jonas af and Robert afJochnick in Sweden in the year 1967. Apart from cosmetics, Oriflame also deals in nutritional products and personal care products and accessories like skincare, perfumes and gifts. The company, in today’s date, has its presence in more than sixty countries around the world. It has about nine hundred products in the international market. Oriflame has production units in Sweden, China, Poland, India and Russia with a workforce of seven thousand and nine hundred employees worldwide.

Oriflame uses multi-level marketing to spread its business. It is a way of direct selling in which the consumer himself is the dealer. A person who joins the business consumes Oriflame product himself at a rebated rate and at the same time recruits other joiners under him who, in his turn, gets in more correspondents under him. In this way, a chain of business correspondents cum consumers is created like a pyramid network. The correspondents are then compensated according to the strength of their network and the product sales generated in this process. More and more people are opting for this model and making money through bisnis online oriflame.

Anyone and everyone can join bisnis oriflame. People of varied backgrounds from different countries are joining Oriflame every day and making loads of money. With Oriflame, you get rare opportunity to start a business of your own investing nothing but your passion and commitment. At the beginning, you will be coached by a senior and experienced coach who will introduce you to the company and its products. He will furnish you with the necessary information you will require. You will also get a starter kit which will get you started very easily.

Making money with Oriflame is easy. As a consultant of sales, you can purchase products directly from the company at a discounted price and then sell them to customers at the marked price. You can keep the profit as your earning. Moreover, you can go for network marketing model. All you have to do is invite people to join under you as business correspondents. People under you can get more people to join under them, thereby building a team. In this way as more and more products are sold within the team, compensation is generated and each correspondent gets paid according to seniority and the business he delivers to the company. In Indonesia, there are many successful Oriflame business correspondents like Putri Nurasari.

Oriflame is doing brisk business worldwide using the multi-level marketing model. But before entering into mlm oriflame business, you should do a very good reality check. This model of business is legitimate but is sometimes regarded controversial. One of the problems often reported is that in the pyramid model, people on the top are paid with the money collected from new recruits at the bottom. It is often accused that mlm model focuses more on collecting money through new recruitments rather than from product sales. As a marketing consultant, there is a good option of earning money.

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