Learn How to Reduce Your Exposure to Mobile Phone Radiation

Since mobile phones started to become popular amongst the public, there has always been a worry that they may have an aadverse effect on a person’s health. Over the last two decades, many research papers have been published, but none of them have conclusively proved that there is any need to worry about this modern technology. One of the worries is that mobiles broadcast in the microwave spectrum, and for some people, this gives them images of food cooking in a microwave. This is not really the case, as a microwave works on high frequency targeted microwaves. While a mobile phone works on a lower frequency, and tends to be scattered.

Of course, for those that do have worries about the safety of mobile phone radiation, there are a number of things which can be done to lower any potential risks. Most of them are based on common sense and are easy to do. It is possible to purchase low radiation phones these says, so it is always a good idea to check the full specifications of each phone before buying one. The difference between the levels of mobile phone radiation each gives out is only small, so in most cases, it is not worth replacing the phone that you have.

Below are a few ideas to make using a mobile safer, and these have been backed by a number of experts.

1 – When we use a mobile these days, we instinctively put it next to our ear so that we can hear what the other person is saying. The solution to this is quite a simple one. Use a headset. There are many types available, from those which are almost hidden in the ear, to those which cover both ears. Headsets also emit a small amount of radiation, but it is less than what a mobile phone produces. Just ensure that it is only used when necessary.

2 – When the phone is broadcasting, such as transmitting what it is that you are saying, the radiation levels increase. When it is receiving a transmission, the levels will decrease. This means that shortening calls, and talking less, results in lower radiation levels.

3 – Texting results in much less radiation, and it also helps to prolong battery life over physically talking to someone. Texting also means that the phone is never near your head.

4 – Make use of the speakerphone function now available on most phones. Most people still tend to use phones the old way, which is next to the ear. There is no need to do that if the call is not private.

5. be aware when you are out of signal or strength is low. This means that your phone will be trying to stay in contact with the nearest tower more. So, the lower the number of signal strength bars there are, the more radiation the phone is putting out. Try making phone calls only when the signal is strong.

There are also radiation shields available to buy, but just by following the tips above, the amount of radiation that you will receive will be reduced.

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