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One of the best traffic generation
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Leased Ad Space.

Here are the reasons why I absolutely love this!

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3) No monthly subscriptions.

4) Unique 8×7 matrix pay plan that earns you
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Have you ever wondered what it would have been
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Alliance in its very beginning?

Just imagine how large your downline and income
would be today..?

If you can imagine it, you CAN make it happen!

Built to last
and designed for the members!

Don’t hesitate – grab your spot today!

May all your endeavors be prosperous,
Thomas H. Keoppel

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Interested In A Private Prelaunch Invite?

This could be your lucky day!
Read on to see how you can get an early bird private invite code.
I’ve just joined the VERY Private, Pre-Launch of an innovative Advertising/Income project.

I am Only Allowed to Invite FIVE People at this stage of the Pre-Launch.

The reason I am excited is that we are on the GROUND Floor of what could be a Million+ Member, Worldwide Community that could very well redefine the entire Advertising/Income Industry.

This project, InfinityPUSH, will be in Private, Pre-Launch until mid-January,2017 when the full public pre-launch will occur with the full launch ocuring just a few weeks later after final checks and tweaks have been completed.

But, the incredible news,
is that you can join and get positioned NOW in not one, not two, but THREE integrated compensation plans ahead of the general public.

And, that could be VERY valuable to you and your family in the years ahead.

Check this out: The Core Compensation Plan is a 2×10 Forced Matrix and there are still positions available in the upper levels.

The PUSH Portion of the System is the Infinity Depth “PUSH Team” system that allows you to earn to, um, yes INFINITY Depth, and, better yet,provides you with the potential for unlimited re-entries in the 2×10 “Group Team” Matrix.


And both are fed by a company managed advertising co-op where you can earn and/or purchase shares.

The owners of InfinityPUSH are anxious to place leaders and builders like us at the very upper levels of the 2×10 and the PushTeam (binary).

Be Aware, too, that the program owners are experienced with design, implementation AND operation of large membership sites.

Further, their focus on VALUE is a key element to the long term success in addition to an astounding array of additional features and benefits for members including an Admin Funded Advertising CO-op.

So……. if you are interested in more details and, if you like what you see, would be willing to take action, please contact me now and I can send you more details.

Remember, I can only INVITE five people at this early stage so if this doesn’t sound like something for you, please let me know and I can alert you at a more public stage when there are no restrictions on participation invites.

Thanks in advance for your time and I do look forward to hearing back from you.

Thomas H. Keoppel
Serious inquires only please reply to:

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Give The People What They Want!

Hello Opportunity Seekers!

If you are reading this, you are either looking for ways to make money online, or to improve your marketing skills.
Let me give you a few tips.

There are more ways to earn from the internet than you might imagine,
but a few basic principals apply to all of them.

1> You must have traffic. No traffic = no people = no money.
No matter what the person or program you are looking at tells you,
there MUST be some kind of traffic.
This is where I learned basic traffic generation skills.

2> Don’t believe everything you hear, read, or see.
It is never as easy as people want you to believe, when they are trying to get you to sign up to their opportunity.
One statement I see used quite often: If I can do it, so can you, often leaves out key details of how they did it.
They likely do not even think about all they have done to get where they are. Without knowing your situation, who could know what you can do?
I would not expect you to be able to do everything I do right away,
but, if you have a strong desire and are willing to put in as much effort as I have, you can do as well, or even better.
I feel it is better to give people an idea of what they are getting into, before they join, to eliminate the “tire kickers”.

3> People want fast, simple and easy.
Most people who are searching for ways to make money, need fast money to get out of a bind. Desperate people are easy prey for scam artists, who know all the right things to say, and how to get away with it.

Never join any program, or do anything online, blindly.
Ask questions, then double check, to see if you are getting correct information.
Does what you are being told make sense?
If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

I fell victim to several scams during my early days online.
If you ever have a question, about any program or person,
feel free to post it here.
I will answer ASAP.

Check out the programs that I use to make easy money every day,
just click here.

May all your endeavors be prosperous.

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How Would You Like To Have A MoneyLine?

The World Can Be Your MoneyLine!
Join FREE today
you could have over a thousand people
in your MoneyLine tomorrow!

MoneyLine provides an opportunity for you to earn
while helping your downlines grow their business.
More people join this program in 1 day,
than most get in a month.
In fact: many wish they could get this
many new members in 6 months.

I am talking about a true traffic monster!

If you are not in yet,
why are you waiting?

Everyone who joins after you, is under you!

Chances are good

you already have this.

If not, you want it.

It is free, so there is
no reason not to get it.


If you do not,
you are really missing out.

May all your endeavors be prosperous,

Thomas H. Keoppel

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Get Premium Traffic At Budget Prices!

Want to reach as many people as possible with as many types of ads as you can and get traffic to your offers NOW?

Check out the newly launched Website Traffic Bonanza. They offer several types of premium network advertising that goes out to up to 118 different sites in their network!

For a limited time get a free network banner just for trying them out. No promo code need it’s added to your account automatically after you confirm your email.

Check it out now!

This is also a great, reliable traffic network

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What if banks operated like Paypal?

Let me paint a picture for you:

Imagine you want to open a business account at a bank.

You are not asking to borrow money, you just need an account to handle your money.

The bank will first want to review your business plan anyway.

That being done, they approve your account.

After a about a month, the bank notices you are doing some pretty large transactions, so they decide to review your business plan again.

Still good.

A few months pass, and your business has been having phenomenal growth.
The bank takes another look and decides because you are doing so well, to give you a special account with lower fees.

A couple more months pass, another review, even though there has been no change on the part of your business other than constant growth, the bank wants you to increase your reserve funds.

Just to make the bank comfortable, so you do.

Then a couple weeks later, out of the blue, the bank calls to invite you to come in for a meeting.

They tell you they have changed their policy, and you will need to change the way you do business in order to comply with these changes.

After about a month of trying to negotiate an agreement, acceptable terms can not be reached between the two parties.

So the bank freezes your account, you will not be able to touch any of your money for 180 days!

How convenient that you just made a rather large deposit at the banks request.

This may sound like a nightmare fiction story, but Paypal did just this,

minus the initial review.

They would rather let people use their service, and then decide at some later point in time, if that business meets their terms.

If it does not, that account gets frozen.

This practice has caused thousands upon thousands of people like me to lose untold amounts of money, because most business are forced to fold. And who knows how much time has been wasted in the building of those businesses.

I am no expert, but I doubt a bank in this country could get away with this.

Who would do business with a financial institution like that?

It has become quite clear to me; Paypal is no friend

to affiliate marketers or internet marketing programs.

Aside from all that drama, the simple fact is:

Having more ways to pay and be paid is just smart business.

I am not going to try to pitch/sell these programs,

But I highly recommend joining them,

and USING them INSTEAD of Paypal whenever possible!!

I am afraid to put my name on this because Paypal may find a reason to freeze my account, but what the hell.

Best wishes for success,

Thomas H. Keoppel

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Fire-Sale/Dime-Sale Happening At RichyRich Mailer!

For a limited time during the Re-Launch of RichyRichMailer,
we are running a Fire-Sale/Dime-Sale starting at $37 One-Time,
going up $0.10 (10 cents) after each sale:

Lock in Our Best Membership at a very discounted price.

Here is what you get with a VIP Membership Upgrade:

Send your ads 3 times a day
Mail to all membership levels
30,000 Signup Credits
30,000 Credits Per Month
Earn 50%  commissions on ALL purchases
2 Contact  Solo Ads Per Month
2 HP Contact Solo Ads Per Month
5 Banners with 500 Views Per Month
5 Button Banners with 250 Views Per Month
5 Text Links with 100 Views Per Month
Earn 50 Credits for every email read
Earn 50%  commissions on ALL purchases
Many Other Membership Benefits!

Plus when you act now,
You will receive
This Huge Advertising Package:

30 Contact Solo Ads

30  HP Contact Solo Ads

30 Banners with 1000 Views

30 Button Banners with 500 Views

30 Text Links with 100 Views

30 Sponsor Ads with 100 Views


5 EQ Super Solos reaching 69,643+ members – retail $4.95 each

5 Speedy Super Solos reaching 51,436+ members – retail $4.99 each

5 Top Apex Super Solos reaching 37,242+ members – retail $3.99 each

That’s a $69.65 retail value in Super Solo BONUSES!!!

This is a One Time Offer and you may NEVER be offered
this package again at this extremely low price!

If you want to take advantage of these savings, you will need
to take action now


May all your endeavors be prosperous,
Thomas H. Keoppel

P.S. Richard is an owner you can trust.
He cares about his members.

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This Is How To Get Results…

Focus on change to get results, not the other way around.

Find people who are getting the results you seek, follow them, and do what they do.

Be upfront and honest in all your engagements.

What is your plan?
Create a plan of action.
Start with the end in mind.
Set a long term goal.
Then set a goal for every day, that will take you 1 step closer to your main goal. ( do this first thing in the morning, or just before bed time)
Stay focused on your main goal.
Write it down in a way as if it has already happened, and put it where you will see it often, and say it out loud as you pass by it.
( People may think you are crazy, but who cares)

Failing to plan equals planning to fail!

Don’t rush it either. That is usually how I screw things up.

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A Little Inspiration

 Sun Gazing’s photo.
February 16 at 5:18am ·

Image may contain: text
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Revshare Rankings on Feb.13th

Online advertising revenue sharing programs as per the Alexa Global ranking Global traffic rank is a measure of how a website is doing relative to other sites on the web over the past 3 months
1) MyPayingAds
2) MyPayingCryptoAds
3) Futureadpro
4) My24hourincome
5) TheAdsTeam
6) Myadvertisingpays
7) AdPackPro
9) Likesxl
10) 10adspay
11) ClickIntensity
12) Myadstory
13) Zfshare
14) TheTrafficincome
15) Welikefund
Proof of earnings shown is not a prediction of future earnings.
Find my top recommendations HERE
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