Building Your name Is Building Your Online Business

Add To The Value Of Your Name

One of the main reasons so many online businesses fail is from lack of credibility. If no one knows you or anything about you, they are not likely to respond to your ads or buy from you. You need to add to your self value.

One way to add value to your self, or you might say to your image, is through learning new skills. You can spend months, and even years, studying every e-book and course you can get your hard drive around and eventually you will get there. During the process you may even get lucky and stumble upon a system that works so well you wonder why more people are not doing it. To be honest, those few that make it through this cyber school of hard knocks deserve every bit of their self value. People pay attention when they hear the names of the big players.

Another way is to partner with one of those big players. If one of them endorse you, your product or your service, you have gained instant value. Where would Dr. Phil be without Oprah. I am sure he would be doing fine, though I doubt he would be the household name he has become. Here is a suggestion; send e-mails to 5 big names on your list (incoming) and offer your services to them. If what you are doing is not working then why keep doing it?

Thomas Henry 9/30/2011


Do you know what the fastest way to make a ton of
money online is?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s the same strategy that
almost all the Internet marketing gurus use. In fact,
you see it happening right in front of your eyes every
single week. Maybe you see other people doing it, but
you never thought you could do it too.

Well I’m about to show you how you can use this proven
strategy for yourself. The best part? You can learn
everything you need to know for free.

What is this amazing method for generating a huge
amount of cash in record time? I can sum it up in two
Joint Ventures.


Imagine that you wrote an eBook, and you want to get
the word out. You could try to promote it all by
yourself, OR you could have 25 joint venture partners
who each have a list of over 10,000 readers. Would
that make a difference in your sales? I think so!


Joint ventures are simply incredible. The problem is
that most people don’t know how to do them. It seems
like a mysterious art that you either know how to do
or you don’t. That’s only because nobody has been able
to teach you the real secrets behind creating powerful
joint ventures.


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