Interested In A Private Prelaunch Invite?

This could be your lucky day!
Read on to see how you can get an early bird private invite code.
I’ve just joined the VERY Private, Pre-Launch of an innovative Advertising/Income project.

I am Only Allowed to Invite FIVE People at this stage of the Pre-Launch.

The reason I am excited is that we are on the GROUND Floor of what could be a Million+ Member, Worldwide Community that could very well redefine the entire Advertising/Income Industry.

This project, InfinityPUSH, will be in Private, Pre-Launch until mid-January,2017 when the full public pre-launch will occur with the full launch ocuring just a few weeks later after final checks and tweaks have been completed.

But, the incredible news,
is that you can join and get positioned NOW in not one, not two, but THREE integrated compensation plans ahead of the general public.

And, that could be VERY valuable to you and your family in the years ahead.

Check this out: The Core Compensation Plan is a 2×10 Forced Matrix and there are still positions available in the upper levels.

The PUSH Portion of the System is the Infinity Depth “PUSH Team” system that allows you to earn to, um, yes INFINITY Depth, and, better yet,provides you with the potential for unlimited re-entries in the 2×10 “Group Team” Matrix.


And both are fed by a company managed advertising co-op where you can earn and/or purchase shares.

The owners of InfinityPUSH are anxious to place leaders and builders like us at the very upper levels of the 2×10 and the PushTeam (binary).

Be Aware, too, that the program owners are experienced with design, implementation AND operation of large membership sites.

Further, their focus on VALUE is a key element to the long term success in addition to an astounding array of additional features and benefits for members including an Admin Funded Advertising CO-op.

So……. if you are interested in more details and, if you like what you see, would be willing to take action, please contact me now and I can send you more details.

Remember, I can only INVITE five people at this early stage so if this doesn’t sound like something for you, please let me know and I can alert you at a more public stage when there are no restrictions on participation invites.

Thanks in advance for your time and I do look forward to hearing back from you.

Thomas H. Keoppel
Serious inquires only please reply to:

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