Titans Of Traffic Stand The Test Of Time.

If I have not told you this before, let me tell you now:
Every business, online or off, must have traffic.
Traffic means people visiting your site.
What happens after they get there depends on many things.

Over the past 6 years, I have seen many traffic programs
come and go, for a variety of reasons.
I have never wanted to start my own mailer or traffic exchange,
mainly because I do not want to play babysitter, or have
to deal with cheaters and scam artists, on a constant basis.

That is just part of what it takes to keep these programs going.

Here are programs from owners who have been around
this part of the internet marketing world longer than I have.

From Greg Chadwick

From Doug and Louise at Land Marketing

recently added

From Marty and the Hedgehogs


From Maryanne Myers

From Darren Olander
Profitable Email Marketing
Unstoppable Flood of Viral Traffic!
Explode My List!

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