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Solavei Mobile releases Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Cellphones Service Plan for only $49/month

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Solavei Mobile Wireless Cellular Smart Phones Services presents Unlimited Voice, Text and Web Cell Phone Service Plan with NO CREDIT CHECK, NO CONTRACT, NO ROAMING CHARGES and NO EARLY TERMINATION FEES for just $49 monthly. Solavei is simply the BEST VALUE in Prepaid Unlimited Cellphone Plans!



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Larry Marbury
256-307- 3463

Make Money with Solavei Mobile Cellphones Work from Home Based Business Opportunity

Solavei Mobile Work at Home Cell Phones Home Based Business Income Opportunity

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Make Money the Smart Way, not the Hard Way … Work at Home with Solavei Mobile Cell Phones, 4G Nationwide Unlimited Talk, Text & Data (Web) Prepaid Cell Phone Services Plans and Cellphones Home Based Business Income Opportunity!Make Money in Wireless Phones industry with Solavei

4G Nationwide Prepaid Unlimitd Talk, Text and Data Cellphone Service Plan

Guaranteed Approval … Everyone Qualifies for  Solavei Mobile Cellphone Services Plan … only $49/month!





We are looking for Cellphone Agents throughout the USA!

 Solavei Mobile Cell Phone Business Opportunity

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Solavei Mobile Phones Work from Home Business Income Opportunity

Solavei Mobile Cellular Phones, Wireless Phone Service Plans and Cellphones Work from Home Based Business Income Opportunity … Make Money Online and Offline with Solavei Smartphones MLM Affiliates Program … Earn Unlimited Passive Monthly Residual Income!

Saturday, September 19th, 2009


Make Money representing one of the Top 4 Major Cell Phone Carriers and Providers with 4G Nationwide GSM Prepaid Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Cellphone Service Plans with NO CONTRACTS, NO CREDIT CHECKS, NO ROAMING CHARGES and NO EARLY TERMINATION FEES!

* Port your current cellphone number
* Keep your current mobile phone (if compatible on T-Mobile Network)

Solavei Cell Phones, Cellphone Services Plan and Cellphones Affiliates Program

$49 Unlimited Voice, Text and Data Cell Phones Service Plan

Solavei Service Plans as low as $24

Solavei Wireless Phones Money Making Home Based Business Opportunity

Solavei presents T-Mobile Prepaid Unlimited Cellphone Service Plans

Solavei Cellular Phones Service Plans

Solavei Smartphones Home Business Opportunity

Solavei Wireless Phones Income Opportunity

Does Your Cellphone Pay You?

*** Solavei Cellphones Business Opportunity Compensation Plan is Very Profitable ***

Solavei Mobile Cell Phones Business Lucrative PAY PLAN

1. Unlimited Everything : Unlimited Talk Time, Unlimited Texting, Unlimited Data Services (Unlimited High Speed Internet) for only $49 monthly!!!

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Smartphones Work from Home Based Business Income Opportunity Makes Money Online & Offline

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Working from Home and Being Your Own Boss has been an aspiration for many americans over past couple of decades. With the economy being on the downturn, jobs being lost and companies going out of business, having a home based business has become more of a necessity than a desire.

However, choosing which home based business is no easy task, as many income opportunities are not necessarily user friendly or a lucrative venture.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to a few select companies that we highly recommend for your review. Several criteria has been instituted in order to bring you the best of the best home business opportunities, such as these listed below:

* No Cost or Low Cost to Get Involved
* Your Own Personal Website(s)
* Back Office for Tracking Your Sales and Commissions
* Easy to Use System
* Sizzle Product(s)/Service(s)
* Substantial Compensation with Monthly Residual Income

With all of the above requirements, this leads us to the Wireless Cellular Phones Industry because it meets and passes all the tests with flying colors!

Our #1 recommendation is Solavei Mobile
Solavei Mobile Wireless Mobile Phone Services offers the Competive Prices on the GSM Network for Cell Phones and Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Prepaid Cell Phone Service Plans!

Not only will everyone be able to save tremendous amounts of money on their cellphone bills each month, there are NO CREDIT CHECKS and NO CONTRACTS … Everyone Is Approved!

Furthermore, in addition to the low, low prices that you are quoted, there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES!

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Solavei Smartphones Work from Home Based Business Income Opportunity