Because even the food was emilio pucci pants in fashion

C is for CRC, the lubricant that had to be employed on the very squeaky door at “The Tent”. Obviously for glamping, not camping.

D is for don’t try this at home. Runway make-up is not regular make-up. Nowhere was emilio pucci dress that more evident than the Annah Stretton “Mirror Mirror” show where side-bun styled models had their hair and face coated in what looked like white paint. The flip side of her collection: Multi-coloured Geisha-esque hair-pieces. (That said, beauty industry experts said that, across the three days, make-up looks were the most flawless they’d seen yet).

F is for flowers. Andrea Moore did an iris, Hailwood had a chrysanthemum and Kate Sylvester put a floral jacquard over paisley embroidery. Lucilla Gray went a step further with an off-site show behind a roller door in the suburbs that opened to reveal a faux-garden planted with models wearing blues, yellow and a stylised daisy print.

G is for gluten-free sliders. Because even the food was emilio pucci pants in fashion.
E is for etiquette. Fashion Week has rules. Don’t look in the goodie bag until after the show. Never, ever walk on the runway. Kisses should only connect if you’re a real life friend. Chewing gum is, apparently, ok. A gum company was a key sponsor and masticating front-rowers were a common sight. E is also for ethics. In a world of fast fashion and dubious manufacturing practices, the event’s partnership with the newly launched kiwi-led Child Labour Free global accreditation system was a very good thing.

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